choco pie

Love and Fall
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[picture] Jennie Kim spotted supporting boyfriend in a basketball match.

[picture] Berlin the day before, Korea the next day just for her man.

[picture] Bobby Kim look dashing in the field.


“Congrats, congrats!” The coach patted Bobby and Hanbin’s back, it’s been a week after the match and the news is coming, Bobby and Hanbin accepted in KBL. “New KBL players are here! So proud!”

“Congrats hyungs!” Chanwoo said.

“Don’t be sad Chanwoo-ya… it’s not because your skill is lacking, it must be because you’re still too young.” The coach said, “Just like these two dudes two years a go.”

“Right! we were joining the tournament but we couldn’t make it into the KBL team because we’re too young.” Bobby said.

“Hey! Wasn’t Blackpink perform for the opening?” Hanbin asked.

Bobby paused, “Were they?” he carefully murmured.

“You should’ve known her that time, right??” Hanbin said again.

“Uh…” Bobby scratch his nape.

“Look, look, I googled it, and yes, Jennie spotted watch the game, followed by other girls. Did she purposely watching you?” Chanwoo asked.

“Should be yes.” Bobby awkwardly chuckles.




“Joy-ah~” Bobby entered his apartment.

“Oppa?” Joy peeked from her room, “Where’s Jennie unnie?”

“Yah! You think I’d be with her all the time? I barely see her in real life, you know.” Bobby opens the fridge, “the heck, Joy you run out of everything!”

“No, I have—“

“Eggs.” Bobby cut her, “Why you only eat eggs and choco pie, Joy-ah…?”

Joy smiled. “Eggs are healthy.”

“I know, but not enough protein and other vitamins! Eat some fruits!”

“Ugh! Stop it, oppa, you’re too healthy.”

Bobby smiles. “Joy, here’s some money for you to buy salads and some clothes.”

“Aww~ thank you oppa!” Joy hugs him, “By the way, speaking of clothes, look at you! You’re clothes are hi-end brands from top to toe!” Joy pointing at his Balenciaga sneakers, Louis Vuitton x Off White training suit, and Alexander Wang x Adidas t-shirt.

“Ah, this are from Jennie’s manager… you know.”

“but still… oh my God… you’re lavish!”

Bobby laughs, “Hey you know I got accepted in KBL, right? I’d be a celebrity by myself and earn more money if I’m doing good.” Bobby grinned.

“Fighting oppa!” she sat beside Bobby.

“How are you, little sister?” he asked.

“Good,” Joy said, “By the way, Jennie came to the game, right?”

Bobby nodded.

“She must be created some buzzes.” Joy said.

“She did, everyone’s talking about it and started to pay more attention to me, that was so much burden on me.” he sighed.

“But you’re doing great, I supposed.”

“I hope I really did well.” Bobby looking at his watch, “Time to go!”

“Where?” Joy pouted, “This apartment is starting to feel boring.”


“Not really, without you I can watch all dramas with high volume.” She grins.

Bobby scoffed, “I’ll get going.”




Jennie is in Japan having fanmeeting, she checks her phone before it started, no calls or texts.

“Ladies, you ready?” Bo manager asks.

Everyone nodded.

“Let’s go!”

She sat between Lisa and Rose and their fans started to line up, some of them bringing gifts, other wrote a heartwarming letter.

“Hey, what’s your name?” Jennie ask the fans.


“Hi Yuri…” Jennie wrote down her name in her poster and sign it.

“Thank you Jennie… I’m a very very big fan your you.”

“That’s sweet.” Jenni esaid, “what song of Blackpink you like the most?”

“Forever young.” Yuri said.

“I like that one too.” Jennie smiles.

“I hope you always be happy, and… your boyfriend is so handsome!”

Jennie paused, “Oh, thank you!” she grins.

Yuri moved and the fan is already waiting.



“Hey Nao…” Jennie wrote her name.

“Unnie… where’s Bobby oppa?” Nao asked.

“he’s busy preparing for tournament.” Jennie smiles.

“You look very happy.”

“Indeed, I am!”

“Fighting, unnie!”

Jennie nodded and smile.

The next fans brought her a medium size canvas.

“What is this?” Jennie asked.

“My drawing…” she opened the wraper and show Jennie a cute drawing of her and Bobby.

“Oh my Gosh…” Jennie gasped.

“I hope you like it, I’m very happy that you got your self a very cool boyfriend.”

“Thank you…” Jennie smiling brightly.


After the fanmeeting jennie sat

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