Love and Fall
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“You shouldn’t spent all your money on her, man, now look at you, we have game in three weeks and you can’t even pay the club fee.” Hanbin threw himself on the locker room bench.

“She need it…” Bobby murmuring.

“Now am I gonna do without you on our team?” Hanbin sighed.

“I will find away so I could pay the fee and get included in the match.” He’s been delayed his dues to pay the basketball club he’s joining, and he’s been warned that he’ll not included in the match.the match itself is very important because many talent scout from the national team will be watching.

“The basketball team from S area is no joke, man, and you know you’re better in term of shooting than their shooting guard.” Hanbin is the point guard or the team leader. “Besides, being scouted to the national team means that you will be under KBL, the chance to be NBA starts will be bigger.”

“I know man, I know…” Bobby took his belonging from the locker, “but $750 is not a small amount.” Again, he mumbling.

“Well, then, good luck, Kimbab!” Hanbin raises and walking away.

Bobby sighed, he wants to be at the national team too, of course, he wants to make his family proud and finally realize that his decision to postpone study to be professinal basketball player was right.

“Maybe I should call mom.” He took his cellphone. “Hello…” he said when the other line answering, “How are you, mom?”

Boby walked out the club area while still talking on the phone, “So, grandma is still unhealthy? Hmm… yeah I know, dialysis is expensive… don’t worry mom, I’m good here… no, no, I have money mom, i—uh, I have part time job, remember?” He chuckles. “Joy? She’s healthy mom, but she has to do something else other than asking money from me.” Bobby smiles. “Yes, tell that girl she shouldn’t be so spoil, she’s your daughter, anyway!... I know I know she’s my sister. Okay mom, my bus’s here, call you later, say hi to Dad… bye.”


Bobby entered his workplace, a coffeeshop in the high end area of Seoul. He nodded to DK, owner-slash-manager who also a popular barista in this coffeeshop.

“I’m ready to meet the ladieess…” June came from behind Bobby with his confident voice.

“Yeah, girls are ready to meet you and Bobby too, this coffeeshop is having more customer since I got you two as my servers.” DK smiles.

“Who doesn’t like good looking guys working at the coffeeshop, huh?” Hayi, the only female barista in the coffeeshop said while giving them a newspaper with a small news about the coffeeshop.

“DKoffee, famous for their handsome baristas and good coffee.” DK read the article. “I always know that handsome boys is profitable… But boys came here to see Hayi nuna…” he continued.

“Bobby, you okay? Looking a little blank.” Hayi said.

“Ah, yeah, well…” he couldn’t explained, just smiling.

June throw an apron to Bobby, “What’s up, man?”

“Just… uh you know, basketball thingies.” Bobby shrugged.

“I think I have to play basketball too to have this kind of arm…” June said.

Bobby chuckles, “You can’t be too perfect, man.”


The bell tingling when the door’s open, and there they saw Joy, Bobby’s sister with some of her friends.

“Oppa!” Joy waves to Bobby.

“Joy, come here.” Bobby said.

“What oppa?”

“I thought yesterday you asked money for school, but look at you, hanging out in this expensive coffeeshop? And new bag? New shoes?” Bobby sighed.

“I need to make friends in school,” she pouted, Joy just entered high school. “And by that I mean I need to go out shopping with them, hanging out—“

“Joy! We’re not rich—“

“But we’re not poor!”

“I know, but mom and dad now has to pay for grandma hemodialysis process once every week! and do you know how expensive it is?”

Hemodialysis is a process of purifying the blood of a person whose kidneys are not working normally.

Joy grunts.

“You know what, because I spent all my money on you, which I thought you need it for books and school stuffs, now I can’t even join the match that will probably bring me to become a national player!”

Joy gulp, “I—I don’t know that oppa…”

Bobby exhaled, “now you know my position, ok?”

Joy nodded.

“Don’t be clumsy and lavish.”

She nodded again.

Bobby patted her hair, “Now go, tell your friend to order a lot. your drink will be on me and it'll just soda.”




“Ahh.. tired!” Hayi sat on a high chair in bar area. “Its good to fnish my shift early.”

DK smiles, “You’re taking overtime this morning because of the suppliers, you deserves early break.” He’s looking at the clock, still two hours before they’re close. June is washing some cups while Bobby cleaning up the coffee machine, some tables are still occupied with guests.

Suddenly the door’s open and a girl coming in a rush. Some guests gasping for her beautiful familiar face. She approached Hayi whose sitting alone.

“Please pretend to be my friend, a guy been following me.” She said.

Hayi confused a second but then she saw a guy standing outside the coffeeshop.

“Please!” that girl say again.

Hayi immediately hug her warmly, act as friend.

Don’t need a long time before the guy finally left, but the coffeeshop’s guests now are going crazy as they reali

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