Love and Fall

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Life of an ordinary guy, Bobby, changed after a halyu star idol, Jennie Kim, suddenly told medias that they're dating.



surprise that i made another ship? well i started this account as Hensun (Henry-Sunny) shipper then i became Skydragon (and will forever be a skydragon shipper) but now i have a new interest~

do i getting bored of skydragon? No, i just feel stuck since there's no news about them at the moment.

why Bobjen? because i think they're quite popular and i like the pair most. my bias in ikon is actually june that's why i choose Bobby because June is for me^^ and i think Bobby and Jennie made a cute couple.

this is just for refreshing, a refreshment to find my sparks to skydragon again. hope you don't mind^^




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