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Love and Fall
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Bobby went to the vending machine to buy coffee, Hanbin already go home, Lisa too. Bo manager was here but he said it’s better for him not to spotted in public space especially hospitals because it will only create speculations since people knew he’s Jennie’s personal manager, so he’s going to leave but he’ll bring jennie’s car and left another car with driver for Jennie and Bobby.

“You should go home too.” Bo manager said.

“Then no one will watch her.”

“I can call another manager.” Bo manager said.

“Is that how she lives? From one manager to another manager? How about her family? Her friends? Where are they?” Bobby asked.

“Blackpink and YG is her family, but they’re all busy right now.”

“What? I don’t think so… what about her mom? Dad?” Bobby asked again.

“They’re too far just to come here and she’s fine, anyway.” Bo manager said.

Bobby paused.

“Bobby-ssi, listen, this is the life she choose, and she’s been doing since she was 9 years old… so…”

“Gosh…” Bobby took a deep breath.


Bobby get into the ER after sitting for few minutes alone in the hallway chair, thinking about how lonely Jennie could be. He saw Jennie’s already sat on her bed.

“Hey, you’re ready to go?” he asked.

“Yup, I’m waiting for the nurse to come and pull it off.” Jennie said.

“Excuse me.” the nurse came a with a box filled with cotton and plesters. “You’re feeling better, Miss Jennie?”

Jennie nodded, she smiles in her celebrity smile. “Thank you for taking care of me.”

“My pleasure.” The nurse peel off the plester around the needle.

Bobby gasps and it makes Jennie turned her head to him.

Bobby clears his throat and look away.

“Oppa, you’re afraid of needle?” Jennie asked.


“Then why you look away?”

“I’m just—uh—bored.” He said.

Jennie chuckles, “oppa, look here!”

Bobby still looking away, pretending that the curtain is much more interesting.


“Are you done?” Bobby asked.

“Not yet.” The nurse smiles.

“Oppa… I want you to hold my hand… this is scary~” Jennie mocking him.

“Don’t do it Jen.”


“Jen, come on… you’re—“

“Oppa… your haaand.” Jennie talk in aegyo that made his heart weak.

Bobby reach her hand and hold it.

“Ouch!” she shriek a bit when the nurse pulled out the needle.

Bobby hold his breath while squeezing her hand.

“Hold this cotton, please, miss Jennie.” The nurse cover the wound with small alcohol cotton to stop the bleed.

“Oppa, hold it for me.”

“You can do it by yourself, Jen…”

“I can’t my other hand is busy holding yours” she grins.

Bobby use his other free hand to hold the cotton.

“I think it’s bleeding a lot.” Jennie said, slightly look up since she sat on the edge of the bed and Bobby standing right infront of her.

“Stop it, Jen.” Bobby look straight above Jennie’s head, both his hands holding Jennie’s hand.

“You hate the needle or the blood?” she asked.


Jennie laughs, “But look at you! Big baby!! You should feel bad for your muscles!”

“Shut it, Kim jennie.”

Jennie continue laughing.

“Hey, I think it’s fine now.” Jennie release her hand from him and slowly open the cotton, only a small red dots on it, “see? I’m good!”

Bobby look down to check her hand, “Yeah, seems like you’re good to go.”

They both paused for a while when slowly Jennie slips her hands on his waist and wrap it around.

Bobby startled but the he wraps his hand around her shoulder, bring her head drown on his chest.

“Thank you.” She said. “for being here.”

Bobby suddenly thinking about conversation with Bo manager, about how she has no one close to her.



“Run to me whenever you feel lonely.” He said, “I’ll be there.”




“Jennie, don’t forget the party at Jeju this weekend.” A guy patted her shoulder whe they passing each other in the hallway of YG company studios.

“Yes, sunbae.” She bowed.

Bo manager also bowed.

“Can Bobby come?” Jennie asked.

“I need to ask him first.”

“Do it now.” Then she walks away.

“Jen, you know, the agreement was he doesn’t have to be with you all the time.” Bo manager said.

“Yeah, but so what if I wanted him to be there? He got paid for that.” She murmured.

“Ah, right, I have to go to cheongdam to give him the paycheck. You’re okay without me?” Bo manager asked.

“Better than okay.”

Jennie sigh right after Bo manager left. “What was I thinking?”




“Honestly, I still don’t understand why she chooses me to be his fake boyfriend, if it’s not because she likes me for real, then… is it really because the idea popped when she saw ke at DKoffee? Nahh… she can’t be that reckless.” Bobby murmured when Bo manager and Jung noona is coming to cheongdam apartement to give him another clothes, he needs to go with Jennie this weekend to Jeju, for a senior colleague’s new restaurant and club opening party.

Bo manager didn’t s

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