you may kiss the bride
wedding bells
Marriage is a rollercoaster ride these five couples at Eden Hall believe they have the love to conquer. As long as someone doesn't forget the 231st day of their marriage anniversary, or get caught pawning the wedding ring for a slice of pizza again.
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Author's Note
I just wanna write cute couples comically surviving marriage and this is what happened. Restarting this story bc it's still my baby lmao. I still like the layout so I'm going to keep it as is.

WARNINGS : Crude language, ual innuendos, profanities, huge exaggerations. This story is meant to be crackfic for fun so please do not take things seriously past this point.
slice of life
april 4, 2020
mM day year
MAy 17, 2020
Layout by Nydia From Finire - Hanami, 2018
YMKTB // chapter 2 now released! Enjoy :)


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Chapter 18: ahhh i'm super late to comment, but i'm here now!
i adore chapter two and the inside look on all the couple's morning.
moyeon and kiseok with hyemin are exactly what i imagined as i wrote out their morning routine. they're such a cute family.
wooseok is super energetic after waking up which is a nice change! though reading it, i was groaning in slight annoyance that one can have /that/ much energy in the morning, huge props to hyerin, but their hallway shenanigans is adorable!
kijoon surprising ryuwon like that made my heart melt! i nearly wanted to cry a bit too because that's just so romantic too. ;o;
ahh glad to hear that soojin and yoonjae's baby was born totally okay! curious as to what they'll name their baby boy if all they thought about were girl names. ouo
maisie and sehun are adorable. especially sehun's cheekiness that maisie is handling so very well.
Chapter 18: ahhh sorry for going mia suddenly :( but im back now! thank you so much for updating!
hyemin is such a cutie! maybe it's bc I love kids but I went all mushy whenever she appeared hehe. I'm so happy that she's not the only kid in the hall, even though soojin and yoonjae's baby is literally still an infant and is too small to play with lol. I can see her treating her like a younger bro already. idk how to explain it but hyerin and wooseok are so like a newly wed couple. it's so cute how close they are as if they were just best friends living together. and aww my ryuwon missing kijoon. im glad kijoon's home!! and he appeared in the most kijoon way haha. sehun is sooooo cheeky pls asjdaosd he's making me wanna get married lol
Chapter 18: ooooo welcome back! i missed u and this story so im glad its backlogged! hyerin and wooseok are still as chaotic as always i see LOL. lowkey, i think it'd depend LMAO am i involved and a party in this relationship or am i a third party dealing with the shenanigans of these couples' relationship first thing in the morning?? as a third party, watching hyerin and wooseok would be most interesting bc there's so much going on LOOOL but idt i could keep up energy-wise as a participant. moyeon and kiseok are super cute domestic-wise so mayb....that is the type of rs i belong in uwu
iisMoMo #4
Chapter 18: <span class='smalltext text--lighter'>Comment on <a href='/story/view/1345399/18'>chapter two</a></span>
welcome back!!! I almost yelped when I saw an update for this! this was such a cute and fun update! the Jung family is truly too cute with they daughter! I felt so sad reading that Ryuwon wakes up alone at times and her seeing the love must be hard but they got to see each other! yea! and you wrote Soojin and Yoonjae so perfectly! AHHH! they had a boy!! hehehe I'm so happy for them! and them not forgetting to find a boys name oh gosh they would haha.... I just love how erted and silly Maisie is while Sehun is just like plz get away from me but not to far cause I love u wu
iisMoMo #5
Chapter 17: omg hahaha i laughed so hard reading this chapter! thank you for choosing soojin and yoonjae! i love how close every appears to be and how they are all super excited for sj & yj's child!
congrats to all the cuties who got chosen!! i'm so excited for this story still!! wish you the good luck with the fic and all the applicants! can't wait for their interactions! <3
Chapter 17: o wowowow !! thanks so much for choosing hyerin and wooseok !! i was v v happy to come on and see my children interacting with everyone else so chaotically--and also you're crazy for publishing everything at 4am LOL
ngl wooseok and maisie's reactions are crazy LMAO i'm in love w their friendship already. your writing style rly fits this so well, i laughed out loud like 3 times lolol.
anyway i shall add their habits and when they moved into eden hall asap ! i'll lyk once i do :)
Chapter 17: thank you so much for choosing moyeon and kiseok! <3
i will add in the habits and when they moved into eden hall as soon as i can

the first chapter is so adorable!
seeing how everyone is so supportive and willing to be there for soojin as she went into labor is so heart warming
even if they're just being nosy neighbors, showing up alone is cute and heart warming to m lol
wooseok and maise's interactions are super cute and funny XD
i'm excited for the arrival of the baby and am very looking forward to seeing more of the relationships all the tenants have together
along with the relationships between the couples themselves
will also probably read through the apps of all the other chosen applicants just to get an even better feel for them xD
Chapter 1: congratulations to all the love birds chosen!
Chapter 17: yay the first chapter!! (。・ω・。)