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then & now

2012 : Jeguk High is one of Seoul's most prestigious high schools but with the school's #1 rule to never be less than number one, the principal is taking drastic measures to bring Jeguk to the top. By involving the two clubs, Baekho Club and Star Club. Baekho Club consists of the top five percent in Jeguk and Star Club includes members that seemed to only excel in dragging down Jeguk High's national average. Tied together because of their principal's greed for recognition, the two clubs learn what high school was supposed to teach them, together, through each other.


2022 : Ten years have passed since their glorious days at Jeguk High. When the lot of the 2012-2014 graduates meet each again at the principle's retirement part, would bygones be bygones? Or would they give their unfinished romances a second chance?

Would you?


    Ji Taehee

  Kae Inyoung

  Park Minhi

   Lee Jaejoon

   Kim Soojin


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Chapter 19: i'm still around but not as often as before sobS
Chapter 19: Yeah! I'm so sad how AFF seems so dead... especially the stories I am subscribed to...
Chapter 19: I'm still around somehow--
Chapter 19: I'm always here x3
updated september o boi
Chapter 17: i don't know if i should pity those eight for being the lab rats of kwangsoo or laughing at their misery haha
it's a good thing that some of them still have common sense to act civil though
and soojin and joohyuk! i hope they will be fine, but that would be unlikely with kangjoon around, yes?
gosh, like usual, your writing is always worth to wait :D
ooh- and sorry it took some time for me to comment. school is killing me >.<
Chapter 17: highkey went on a hiatus buT YO GRE AT STORY (i love this applyfic so much???? i can't)
Chapter 17: "And they had a feeling if they told Kwangsoo they all forgot who their partners were, it'd be the key to opening the gates to satan." This line made me chuckle so much. He's the funniest teacher ever. I can't believe he pretend to wipe a tear. Go Minhi for hitting Sehun for not responding back during Jaejoon's introduction! I would feel so incredibly awkward if somebody didn't respond to me like that AND I knew they were listening to me. I can't deal. Shrinking into fetus postion rn. I really like how they briefly talk about how maybe the clubs can co-exist. A little hint at the future? Yes no maybe? Haha! It's crazy how many characters are in the story since they all have their own plots in a way. But again you're doing a great job with keeping it rolling and telling their stories ; ; Can't wait for a jump in the future. I hope school isn't hurting you too bad!
Chapter 17: imaginary tear gOD DAMN IT KWANGSOO GOT ME AGAIN.
i really love minhi's character ;;
i think it's so cute how she didn't seem to trust soojin lMAO BRO YOUR FEELINGS ARE SHOWING
oh my god i'm a big fan of kangjoon too *wipes imaginary tear* I'M LIKE SO IN LOVE WITH HIM and i'm happy knowing that there will be more interactions of soojin and kangjoon Yis Oh My God, soojin don't worry pretty lad just leave nam joohyuk to me LMAO.
anyways, this is an awesome chapter and i'm looking forward to the next chapter like always xD
Chapter 17: First, I think if Soojin and Minhi ever join forces, Sehun's life will be hell muahahahaha -run-
SEHUN DON'T BE MEAN TO MY BABY DUCK JUST BECAUSE YOU'RE JELLY! -run- Soojin, thank you soo much for actually helping Joon! xD hahaha
I have a feeling that Taehee and Inyoung will get along well. Like, leaders of the this weird gang. xD lol
Ian of course would came to Minhi's rescue <3 -sighs dreamily- MYGOSH GIRL MY IANMI FEELINGS! -run- And of course Minhi would introduce him to Jaejoon xD The way you put things, I think Jae could actually get closer to Ian than with Sehun lol (Sehun will be forever jelly that Minhi takes care of Jaejoon lol)
Oooooohhhhh!! Kangjoon already found out about Soojin's crush?! Someone help this girl because I feel like this will be a hard ride! lol
And that spontaneous shopping spree tho!! xD hahaha It shows that being a little weird runs in the blood lol sorry! -run- But I like how the cousins are close. x3
I do hope everyone can be friends! Specially because some of their future professions can relate in some way to one another (like Taehee being an actress, Jaejoon being a model and Soojin being a make-up artist xD)