Is blood thicker than good Boba?
Welcome to Young Nation, where you will be joining the adventures of the Young siblings as they try not to kill each other on their summer adventure through the small town of Nasan. 

Luxury was something more than half of the Young siblings were accustomed to, but when the eldest catches news of the ancestral family restaurant located in the little town of Nasan is being shut down, they took it upon themselves to resurrect their original roots. Of course, a task like that does not come easy for one person so the eldest has resorted to blackmailing, threatening, bribing, doing whatever they could to drag their other siblings along to help.
started: july 21, 2020
ended: tbd
status: ongoing
INSPO: Schitts creek, bridgerton, hometown cha cha cha


YN // i'm back so welcome back to young nation!


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Chapter 9: ah welcome back! i'm super excited for the return of young nation!

i love seeing the difference between the three siblings. i can relate to saemi's difficulties with her luggage and it arriving late. always worrisome when luggage doesn't show up or is super late to arrive. jeongyeon's eagerness to learn more about insoo is adorable but her bonding with the taxi driver was also so precious! i am also loving the way you're writing soyi! i can't wait for all the youngs to be together!

i am definitely still around. i've added my faceclaim's updated instagram handle, but you can still find lots of photos with her old ig handle too. :)
Chapter 9: welcome back! i am so, SO excited for the continuation of this story, and i might take you up on making a few tweaks to jinsol's app when i have time (i'll be sure to let you know!).

oh man it'll be really fun to see how roommates work out too haha i just cant wait to see more interactions between all the siblings!!
Chapter 9: i was very excited to see the new chapter. welcome back!

i love seeing the contrast between the three siblings arriving to their destination. hyein clearly had difficult time, from the luggage to the taxi ride. jeongyeon's funny conversation with the taxi driver about insoo. also soyi just nonchalantly taking a ride on a truck.

i'm exicted to see the roommates and the chaos to come. i wonder if chulsoo would be able to avoid rooming with shiwoo.

i absolutely love reading about all the siblings and their interactions! hyein certainly had me laughing lmao poor girly had a rough trip! but it's nice to see how excited all the youngs are when they're greeting her <3 jeongyeon getting defensive real fast over insoo the moment she heard 'brat' :') also, love how the driver gave us a picture as to how popular insoo was! "almost held a funeral for him moving" ok that part had me rolling- AND girl crush SOYI :D we stan a girl boss who leaps into cargo area of a truck and pays the driver handsomely by force whew ugh, i cant wait to see her interactions with the other youngs!

looking forward to how everyone's getting divided up as roomies and the shenanigans that will follow!

i;m hella down bro just hit me with anything >:)

also soyi's passage reminded me of the first episode of ipartment where the MCs were on the run from one of their parents' bodyguards (long story) and ended up taking a tractor to the destination LMAO

so nice to meet the other siblings omg. and can i say i'm loving how saemi is being written so far. overdramatic over some chips pls that's so saemi lOL and hyein feeling like santa claus with the long line of siblings i actually laughed at that omg. hopefully she grows to love nasan, or insoo's boutta hear a whole ton of complaining for.. who knows how long LOL

and not jeongyeon getting some juicy tea about insoo from a cab driver xD i bet she's going straight to her siblings to tell them the crazy stories of what she's heard from the eldest LOL and i love soyi already. devil's incarnate on the outside but a free spirit and generous on the inside oh my i can't wait to see what's in store for her!!

i'm dying to read about when they all get put with roommates and all the siblings are together once again (definitely going to be some chaos).

i also made a few changes to my app! i changed the face claim to arin from oh my girl and the love interest to omega x's jehyun if that's alright (i'm sorry i'm obsessed rn and i had to do it). i also added a little more to the love interest section too! so glad to see this story hfs i'm excited for what's to come
Chapter 9: Welcome back!!!!
Can’t wait for further updates so I’ll definitely be sticking around still!! :D
Chapter 8: 100% still down for this
Chapter 8: omg yes another bridgerton fan

and i'm 100% still interested in the story!! super excited to see how it
Chapter 8: definitely still active and interested in this story! :)