About Me

A cage went in search for a bird.

Chris (n.) / A girl who is struggling with thousands of first world problems including multitasking, trying to stop procrastinating, not caring enough, and college

Also a girl who likes to write, but has too many ideas swarming in her head to write them all.

She has issues with applying to too many applyfics at the same time and not being able to develop her characters as much as she wants to. She also wants to finish her own applyfics but, y'know, god disagrees and makes her really busy all of a sudden.

Entering university changed her life and now everyday she spends long nights sobbing over very long essays and studying for exams she should've studied for 3 weeks before. So excuse her if she disappears for long periods of times and comes back half-alive and wishing for stress relief.

Pls be friends with her.