Mountain too high to climb

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A story about Oh Sehun, the maknae of EXO, who didnt look for love, didnt want love and didnt believe in love.

Sumin, an undergraduate from Busan studying in Seoul University on scholarship, working part time at the bubble tea shop near SM entertainment, the shop Sehun often patronize. She is focussed on getting her degree and a good career, and has no interest in the idol world.

Could Sumin change Sehun's outlook about love and could Sehun open up Sumin's heart?

Two persons disinterested in love, could Cupid still work its magic?



This is my second attempt at writing a fanfic. I stumbled upon an Oh Sehun FanFiction that was featured and it was a good story. It got me curious about him, though I don't follow the Idol world. Its been playing in my mind since, so I thought I'll give it a shot. The storyline is pretty developed in my mind, but I need to finish my first fanfic before starting on this. I hope this will get some love too.


Thank you @alexajjang, @Ode2kdrama and dks-dks-dks for the upvote.
I'm happy to see more subscribers and thank you for the wonderful comments. Its very motivating. I hope all of you continued to enjoy the story.

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LadyW1 #1
Oohh.. Thank you! Love the comments.
@alexajjang, do you really think Sehun is like this in real life? I'm a recent fan so I'm not sure, but this is how I wish he is. hehehehe
irahhaz #2
Chapter 20: Awesome ?
ikran12 #3
Chapter 20: Awwwwwww I really ship them and Iam happ v backed out I love this story
LadyW1 #4
@ishmuzh... hehehehhe.. patience chingu.. Its coming sooon...
Chapter 20: I really thought that this update will be the singapore part...hhahaahahaha (-.^)...
LadyW1 #6
Chapter 19: @alexajjang, thank you for your comments. It means a lot to me when I read my readers' comments. It makes me feel that they get my writing.
It is about time that Sumin stop being shy right? As you say, Sehun is so hot.. how do you resist? On doing IT, I thought about it and I think its a natural progression in their relationship. Not advocating or anything, just wanted to make it real.. if you get what I mean. I hope it is not offensive to some people tho.

Anyway, I have started thinking of the point to end the story. So I hope you and the others stay on till then.
Thank you once again
Chapter 19: I really loooooove this chapter! ❤ I love how Sumin isn't afraid/shy anymore when it comes to have skinship with Sehun. They even are planning to do it!!!! Idk how she is able to resist the tempation when he's that hot xD
Chapter 18: This chapter was so beautiful! How can you write like this? I felt like crying when Sehun was so desperate trying everything to not make her suffer due his idol work. She need to be honest with him.. that's how a couple works out their problems

There's a moment that I loved so much!! When Sehun let her touch his body OMG I was freaking out! I wish I could be her. Just imagine yourself touching Sehun's strong chest! *cries*