Chapter 5

Stockholm Syndrome
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Yoojung was waiting outside the police station. She was feeling excited and nervous also. Today was the day Doyeon was getting released. The perks of her dad being a powerful person. After just a couple of calls, Doyeon’s record was clean and cleared.

Doyeon walked out the door carrying a small backpack. She looked great, Yoojung's heart was pounding fast. 

“Doyeon!” Yoojung shouted and waving her hand.

Doyeon looked up and saw Yoojung waving happily. Doyeon couldn’t help but smile. Then she stopped smiling and turned the other way.

Yoojung was confused.

“KIM DOYEON!” Yoojung shouted.

Doyeon continued walking a little faster.

“Yah!” Yoojung ran after Doyeon.

Yoojung caught up with Doyeon and grabbed her wrist.

“Why are you running away from me?” Yoojung asked.

“Why are you here? I'm free now, you don't have to come visit.”

“To see you.”

“Why?! I’m your kidnapper Yoojung-ah.”

“I'm crazy that's why.” Yoojung said, "you are not allowed to say that from now on by the way!"

“You are.”

“So where are you gonna go now?” Yoojung asked.

Doyeon shrugged, “wherever my feet can take me.”

“Then can your feet take you to my car?” Yoojung asked hopefully.


“Well...I know how you might be lonely and jobless and have no one-”

“Get to the point, angelface.” Doyeon rolled her eyes.

“Come home with me.”

“Uhhhh no thank you.” Doyeon said.

“Why not?”

“Let me say this one more time. I kidnapped-”

“Don’t.” Yoojung covered Doyeon’s mouth.

Doyeon said something, but it just came out as a muffled.

“I already talked to my parents. They’re fine with it.”

“Really?” Doyeon gave a ‘I don’t believe you face’


Doyeon continued looking at Yoojung.

“Okay they’re not, but at least they agreed to it though!”


“I don’t want to hear it. Just come stay with me for a bit, please? Think of it as a repayment for saving my life” Yoojung gave her best puppy dog eyes.

“I don’t know…”

“Okay great!” Yoojung grabbed Doyeon’s hand and lead her to the car.

Yoojung went into the driver's seat while Doyeon sat in the passenger. Yoojung pulled the seatbelt down for Doyeon, “safety’s first, right?” Yoojung stuck her tongue out.

Doyeon just smile and lightly tap Yoojung on the head.

“Mind if I turn on some music?” Yoojung asked.

Doyeon couldn’t help but roll her eyes and laugh. This girl. Doyeon didn’t expect Yoojung to come get her. She only learned about Yoojung’s dad helping her clean her records this morning. Which she doesn’t understand why he did it. Doyeon is never gonna let go the fact that she kidnapped Yoojung. It was wrong, yet Yoojung is just waving it off as if it’s nothing.

Yoojung started driving back home, while Doyeon was looking out the window enjoying the sceneries.

“Are you hungry? Did you eat yet?” Yoojung asked.

“I’m good.”

“Well I’m hungry.” Yoojung said then she pulled into a restaurant parking. She pulled up to the valet and had them park the car. Doyeon just stared in astonishment. She seen rich people doing it, but it’s weird experiencing it herself.  

“Let’s go!” Yoojung said excitedly.

When they walked in, the hostess greeted them very kindly. Yoojung just smiled back at them. Doyeon was feeling a bit weird, she felt like she’s out of place.

“What do you want to eat?” Yoojung asked.

“Uhh I don’t know. This is all too fancy for me.” Doyeon said, looking at the menu.

“I’ll order for you then.”

Yoojung called over the waitress and she told them what food they wanted.

“So now will you tell me about yourself?” Yoojung asked.

“I don’t have much to say.” Doyeon said.

“Well...My name is Choi Yoojung. As you know I’m the heir to my parents company. I like the color blue and I like being around water.” Yoojung said.

“This feels like we’re on a date.”

“Can it be?” Yoojung asked.

Doyeon was stunned. It’s not like Doyeon haven’t thought that way about Yoojung. How did it turn like this? First it was just to kidnap Yoojung. Then it turns out Yoojung was pretty cute so Doyeon just wanted to play with her a bit. Then it turns out Yoojung is easy to talk to and wasn’t scared of Doyeon. When Doyeon was in jail all she could think of was Yoojung, but she knew it was wrong. Now this? Yoojung actually wants to date her?

“You, Choi Yoojung, wants to date me?” Doyeon asked, not believing the situation.

Yoojung nodded her head shyly.


“You’re different. Strangely even when you first kidnapped me, I felt like I wasn’t scared of you. I mean I was terrified of the situation, but not at you.” Yoojung explained.

“You’re a strange girl, you know that?”

“So is that a rejection?” Yoojung asked.

Doyeon shook her head, “I never dated anyone.”

“Good! Then I’ll be your first!” Yoojung smiled brightly.

“Have you dated someone?”

“Not willingly.” Yoojung answered.

“What does that mean?”

“My parents always set me up on blind dates, but I was never attracted to any of them.”

They continued eating and just telling each other about everything.

Then after they finished eating they drove back to Yoojung’s house. Doyeon was feeling nervous. Yoojung was nervous too. Doyeon was afraid of Yoojung’s parent.

Yoojung was amazed at how big Yoojung’s house was. There were people greeting her as she parked the car. It’s a bit overwhelming for Doyeon.

“Don’t be nervous.” Yoojung gave a squeeze on Doyeon’s hand.

“Hard not to be.”

Then they walked in and Yoojung’s parents were sitting on the couch. They didn’t look too please with Doyeon. Yoojung’s mom was letting it go a bit though, seeing how beautiful Doyeon was. Maybe she can turn Doyeon into a model or something.

“Mom, Dad. This is Doyeon.” Yoojung said gesturing to Doyeon.

Doyeon took a deep breath then she kneeled on her knees with her hands on her lap.

“W-what are you doing?” Yoojung asked wide eyes.

“I’m sorry Mr. and Mrs. Choi for kidnapping your daughter. I know I put her in danger and I am really grateful for you helping bail me out.” Doyeon said meaning every word.

This was killing her a bit though. She was letting her pride go and was actually on her knees apologizing. This is something Doyeon would never do, but this time she felt the need to.

Seeing Doyeon down on her knees like that made Yoojung’s parents faltered a bit.

“Even though it was your fault in the first place, thank you for saving Yoojung’s life.” Yoojung’s mom said.

“While we’re on that and since you’re here, we should just get straight to the point.”

Doyeon was still kneeling and looking up to Yoojung’s parents as they were talking.

“How do you feel about joining our security team and being Yoojung’s bodyguard?” Yoojung’s dad asked.

“What?!” Doyeon and Yoojung asked in unison. Both their jaws dropping.

“Get up please, I hate seeing you down there.” Yoojung’s mom said and helped Doyeo

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