It's Not True

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I'm bad at titles and bear with me please.

This story is about 2Eun! ^______^  

Son Naeun is the new girl. Due to her cold looks, everyone was scared of her except for Jung Eunji. Eunji, with the help of her two best friends Bomi and Chorong, tries their best to bring Naeun out of her shell. When Naeun was starting to come out of her shell, troubles from her old school followed her.


I never know waht to put for here's a pretty picture of 2Eun and my favorite gif of them :3


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Chapter 18: Awww here we are at the end~ this was a great story once it got into it, and the cute moments really are cute, with jealousies in between but I enjoyed the way those things were solved~ I have to say some of my favourites were the little part when Bomi was distracted by her phone until she got scared and started paying a lot more attention to Rong, and also their actual 1st break-up moment, but which ended in their heartfelt feelings coming out when Bomi realised her error and understood that feeling of jealousy herself *^* uuu~ the balance between the couples was great and I loved seeing their friendship and them helping each other in difficult times, thank you for writing~
Chapter 18: authornim :(
Chapter 18: This is honestly one of the best fanfics I have read!
Your writing is detailed and develops the characters and plot very well.. every word was a pleasure to read..
It'll be great if you can complete this one with a final chapter!

Looking forward to other works from you! =)
Chapter 18: Please update this story author, theyre just too cute
bknight2k #5
Chapter 18: I really hope you can finish this story.
I would be a shame to leave this fantastic story unfinished
pinkpanda03 #6
Chapter 18: eeyyy.. authornim you should keep the story continue.. not give us a cliffhanger like this.. ;(
parkjaenin #7
Chapter 18: Just write anything would be finee for us as long as you update author
bknight2k #8
Chapter 18: Hope you can update this story soon.
moricaraymon #9
Chapter 18: i thoght it was an update *sigh*
Chapter 18: oh just skip that wedding thing and make a sweet epilogue. sometimes wedding scene not so important so just write epilogue rather than that wedding part :v