First Meeting Is A Coincidence , Second Meeting Is Fate

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A kinda halloween special! 

This might just be a one shot, or I might just continue the story~ 



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draggehz #1
Chapter 1: You need to continue these, tt.
Gr33nPow3r #2
Chapter 1: Lmao I like how their fake names were jensoo
You should continue this stories you know. :(
Dadison #4
Chapter 1: Please continue updating your stories, inlcuding this!
Chapter 1: huehehe i laugh at lua leaving when irl she really clings to doyeon and kiss her often lol
rhk7130 #6
Chapter 1: I hope have a sequel! And maybe... a double date?(sechung/dodaeng)
Dadison #7
Chapter 1: I hope they meet again ?
luvdodaeng2 #8
Chapter 1: Please write more chapters!! It's so good ??