Chapter 1

Stockholm Syndrome
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Author’s POV

Yoojung opened her eyes, trying to move her body but she couldn’t. Her hands were tied. She tried to say something, but she realized was covered. Where was she? She looked around and noticed she was in an unfamiliar room. She was sitting on the a couch, she tried to get up, but her legs were also tied. Yoojung was starting to panick. What in the world happened? She was just sleeping and now she woke up to this? Suddenly the door opened. Yoojung was freaking out, wondering who’s gonna walk in. A very tall girl walked in. Dressed in a crop top, long black pants, with a leather jacket over her. She was the definition of an angel. Please let this angel be her savior, Yoojung thought.

“Oh, you’re awake.” The girl smirk.

The smirk didn’t look innocent, dammit. Yoojung tried to talk, but it just came as a muffled. The girl just laughed and came near Yoojung, “Do you want me to take this off of you?”

Yoojung nodded.

The girl pulled down the cloth on Yoojung’s mouth. Yoojung gasped and took in the air.

“Where am I? Who are you? What’s happening?”

“Shut up. You’re asking too many questions.” The girl said.

“Well, people tend to do that when they don’t know where they are!”

“Are you hungry?” The girl completely ignored Yoojung.

“No.” Yoojung said.

“Alright, I am. No time to lose, let’s get moving.”

The girl picked up Yoojung and tossed her over her shoulder making Yoojung yelp.

“Put me down!” Yoojung shouted.

The girl was annoyed so she pinched Yoojung’s thigh to shut up her, which worked. They walked out of the place. Yoojung noticed that it’s a small apartment, and there were many others around it. She wonder if she screams will anyone help her?

“Don’t even think about screaming, no one’s gonna help you.” The girl said as if reading Yoojung’s mind.

The girl opened the driver’s seat to the car and threw Yoojung to the passenger side. Then girl pulled down the seatbelt for Yoojung, “safety first, right?” She laughed.

Then she sat down and started the car, “oh wait.” She said, then she pulled out a hat and put it on Yoojung. Then they started to drive.

“Where are we going?”

“To get food.”

Yoojung just stared at the girl, “I know you.”

“Oh really?”

“Kim Doyeon.”

The girl just smiled.

Yoojung started panicking. Doyeon is a wanted criminal.

“You’re a serial killer!”

Doyeon groaned, “why does everyone think that?! I haven’t killed anyone yet. I just steal, okay? And also occasionally kidnapping for the right price.”

“Why me?”

“You don’t know?”

Yoojung shook her head.

“You have a lot of enemies. One of them paid me to kidnap you and bring you to them.” Yoojung was surprised she just told her straight out.


 Doyeon just nodded her head.

 “I can pay you more, to bring me back.” Yoojung said.

“No can do, sweetie. They have something I need.”

“What is it? I can give it to you.”

“No you can’t.”

Yoojung just stayed quiet, not knowing what to do. They pulled into a restaurant parking lot. Doyeon turned to look at Yoojung, “now I’m gonna untie you. If there’s any funny business or you try to run away, trust me, you won’t get far.” Doyeon threatened.

Yoojung was so scared she just nodded her head.  

Doyeon untie Yoojung’s hands and unbuckle the seatbelt. Then Doyeon got out of the car and went to help Yoojung get down. Then they both walked in and headed towards the counter to order.

“I’ll get combo #3,” Doyeon said then turned to Yoojung, “do you want anything?”

Yoojung shook her head.

“I’ll also get #6.” Doyeon said, then she handed some money.

The worker handed our receipt and then we walked to a nearby table.

“So tell me about yourself, sweetiepie.” Doyeon said.

“I’m not gonna talk to my kidnapper.”

“Alright then we’ll just sit quietly.” Doyeon smiled.

Yoojung couldn’t help but admire her features. If Doyeon wasn’t a criminal, she can be a model, or an idol. Doyeon’s hair is perfectly wavy too, which is maddening. Why is such a bad person like her have the perfect look.

“Why don’t you tell me about yourself?” Yoojung asked.

“You already know me though.”

“No I don’t.”

“I’m Kim Doyeon. I’m a criminal. That’s all you need to know.” She shrugged.

The food was brought over by a waitress, Doyeon thanked them and winked at them. The waitress giggled and walked off. 

“Disgusting.” Yoojung rolled her eyes.

“Eat up.”

Yoojung was feeling a bit hungry, so she started eating. They ate in silence. Doyeon just stared at Yoojung from time to time. Yoojung was feeling nervous and afraid at the same time.

“Why? Why are you doing this?” Yoojung asked, gathering her courage.

“I told you, I need something from your enemy.” Doyeon shrug.

“And what is that?”

“Just something. You should really leave your windows locked. You know, for a rich kid, you got some bad security.”

Yoojung rolled her eyes, but she made a mental note.

“Yah stop picking out the vegetable, they’re good for you.” Doyeon said sounding like a mom.

Yoojung has never been a fan of vegetable, so she was pulling out the lettuce and the tomato.

“I don’t like them. Meat is better.”

“They’re good for you.”

“So? I’ve ate a lot as a kid and I’m still this short, so no thank you.”

Doyeon laughed, then she took the lettuce and tomato off of Yoojung’s tray. Then she gave some pieces of her meat to Yoojung. Yoojung was surprised, Doyeon is nice-ish.

They just continued eating in silence not really wanting to make conversation.

“Alright, time to go.”

Doyeon gathered up the trash and threw it away. She left Yoojung alone. Yoojung was contemplating on running away or not. Yoojung remembered the words Doyeon said earlier. Then again this might be her only chance to run away. Someone was flirting with Doyeon, so Yoojung took this as her chance. She q

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