Chapter 3

Stockholm Syndrome
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Doyeon woke up feeling a bit dizzy. She sat up and groaned from the pain. She looked down and noticed the bandage. Then she inspected her wounds and saw all the bandages. She looked to the side and saw Yoojung sleeping soundly. Doyeon was surprised that Yoojung didn’t run off. She could have ran off, but she’s here sleeping soundly.

Doyeon thought back to Yoojung helping her clean her wounds. Yoojung was so gentle. Doyeon never had anyone care for her like that. Yoojung could have left her, but Yoojung didn’t. Why didn’t she?

Doyeon placed her hand gently on Yoojung’s cheeks and gently caress it. Then she felt like that was wrong, so she retracted her hand. She was bored so she took the remote and the TV. The volume on the TV was on high so once it was on the sound blasted scaring the crap out of Doyeon. The sound must have woke up and scared Yoojung too.

Yoojung looked around then got up and sat up, “how are you feeling?”

“I’m fine.” Doyeon said.


“For what?” Doyeon asked.

“For saving me. You saved my life twice.”

“Thanks for helping me too.” Doyeon said, not used to say thanks to anyone.

“Why did you save me?” Yoojung asked.

“I don’t know. Instinct? I rather be the one hurt instead of you.” Doyeon said.

Doyeon is a criminal, but that doesn’t make her a bad person. Strange, yes. She’s always helping people in need. Kidnapping people doesn’t count because it's part of her job that she needs in order to survive. Truthfully she has only kidnapped 3 people so far, counting Yoojung. She always made sure that the captives were not harmed after getting into the other people's hands. She really was a good person. For example if she were to walk by a homeless person she would always buy them a meal. She breaks the law to fend for herself and also for others who are in the same position as her.

“Oh…” Yoojung tried not to let her blush show.

“And plus also cause I’m stronger you know.” Doyeon quickly added, in case the last remark was awkward.

Yoojung just gave a shy smile. There was a silence a bit.

“I’m hungry. Can you get me something to eat?” Yoojung asked, wanting to break the silence.

Doyeon just glared at her.

“What? Do you want me, your captive, to go out freely and get food?” Yoojung asked.

Doyeon groaned, stupid Yoojung had a point. Then she tried to get up, but Yoojung stopped her.

“I’m just kidding!” Yoojung laughed.

Yoojung felt touch that Doyeon would actually get up to get her food even tho she’s injured.

“We can just call pizza.” Yoojung said, getting off the bed.

“Can you get me water please?” Doyeon asked.

“No.” Yoojung answered.

“Pleaseeee.” Doyeon said with her puppy dog eyes.

Yoojung melted at that. Doyeon looked like a cute kid with that. Yoojung reached into the mini fridge and got some water. Then she walked over and handed it to Doyeon.

“Thanks beautiful!” Doyeon winked.

“Gross.” Yoojung rolled her eyes.

Yoojung climbed onto the bed and sat beside Doyeon.

“Does it still hurt?” Yoojung asked.

“No it’s fine.” Doyeon said.

“Can I touch it?” Yoojung asked excitedly.

“No are you stupid?”

“You’re mean.” Yoojung pouted.

“Why are you still here?” Doyeon asked.

Yoojung just stared at Doyeon weirdly.

“I could have ran away or call someone.” Doyeon said.

“I didn’t want to leave you injured.”

Doyeon was touched. Dammit. She shouldn’t be touch.


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