Bottom!Jongin Drabbles and One Shots



 Sehun knows that his boyfriend has the world’s iest body; did he mention especially his ? And that he looks good in that tight shirt and those short shorts?



My other oneshots that I've written separately -

       Prince Charming - (girl!Jongin) 

Black Is Beautiful

Most of the stories are completely unedited. 

A different collection consisting of chankaihun only- The Course of Love

Read on ao3.


i might as well write a lukai chaptered fic based off that prompt. huh?


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mackJ1416 #1
Chapter 25: Yay that's great I'm glad
sejonglove 497 streak #2
Chapter 25: thank god
sejonglove 497 streak #3
Chapter 25: thank god
67 streak #4
Chapter 25: I'm so glad that whoever person is already taking down the stories...... Just...her/his attitude is not ethical at all..

Hope for your new story soon.... Hwaiting hun....!!!!
inkanara #5
Chapter 25: Thank God!! I'm so happy for you author-nim. I can't wait for the next update
sejonglove 497 streak #6
Chapter 25: thank god
13 streak #7
Chapter 25: Ohhh glad its solved
Will wait for ur update
ellie321 #8
Chapter 25: Im glad ur misery is resolved huhu i happy for u
Zaynablafriki #10
Chapter 25: oh my god i thought the author(thief) was you since the shots are the same i'm so sorry cuz i was commenting on her book with the thought that you are the same in my mind..... i'm so sorry i hope you could solve that probleme as soon as possible....