Goodbye (Prologue Part 7)

I love you a Latte (One day I'm going to hurt you) HIATUS UNTIL NOVEMBER SORRY GUYS

"You look tired Auntie Sica." Jaehwan gave her a worried look as she stepped out of her room. No foundation could ever conceal the tiredness in her eyes. 


"It's nothing Hwannie. I've just been busy lately" She gave him a wide smile. "Don't you want to go play with one of your brothers?" 


"Oh yeah, I want to go bother Seongwoo hyung." Jaehwan disappeared into his room with Seongwoo and Daehwi, chaos ensued.



Jessica lowered herself to the floor slowly, she felt the strength leave her legs.


"Auntie Sica okay?" Hyunbin crouched down beside her. 


"I just wanted to stretch my legs on the floor, do you want to try it?" Hyunbin sat beside his aunt on the floor and spread his legs out.


"It feels nice!" Hyunbin's lopsided smile was contagious.


"That's good!" Jessica returned the smile. "Now you have more energy to play with Daehwi." Hyunbin had forgetten he was playing hide and seek.


"Daehwi I'm coming!" He disappeared around the corner.




Seonho pouted at her as she placed him in one of her friends' arms. 


"Do't leab Antie Ca." Tears welled in Seonho's eyes.


"I'll be back in a few hours Seonho, don't worry." Jessica gave a short peck on his forehead and left. She hated leaving Seonho with someone else but the boys were at school and she had another meeting with Jinki. 






Jessica pat her chest to try and stop the coughing while she was cooking. 


"Auntie are you sick? Don't you want to rest?" Minhyun shot her a concerned look from the side. 


"I'm *cough**cough* fine Minhyun *cough**cough*cough*cough*."


"I can cook if you want."


"No *cough* it's *cough* okay *cough*. I just *cough**cough* got pepper in *cough* my *cough**cough* throat *cough*."


"If you say so." Minhyun had a slight cold himself and didn't feel like arguing. But he distracted his brothers away from the kitchen so that they wouldn't hear her continuous coughs.


Something felt off about her, but Minhyun couldn't put his finger on it.





Jessica should've known it was happening today. 


It was the 3 month mark since her unfortunate meeting with the doctor.


Maybe she felt too energetic in the morning, too much of a skip in her step when she walked to the kitchen, too much dancing as she enjoyed the music streaming from the radio, and maybe her farewell to her nephews leaving to school was too loud, because all her energy left her at lunch time. 


She thought it was going to be a good day so Seonho was at home with her. 


She didn't see it coming, but before she knew it, all her strength left her and she was on the floor. Seonho was already crying as he looked at his pained aunt. Or maybe it was because her wig had fallen off from the fall and he was scared of her bald head. 


She silently prayed that her strength would return after a few minutes like it always did. But after hearing Seonho wailing and trying to pull her up for 10 minutes, she started feeling her lungs tighten and the urge to close her eyes was unbearable.. 


It was the end. 


"S-s-seonho." Speaking was becoming a difficult task, but she hoped he would understand her hand motioning towards her cellphone. Luckily he did and pushed it towards her hand. 


Mustering all the energy she could, she got her finger to turn on her phone and activate the emergency number she had kept on the lock screen in case it happened. Her finger also managed to hit the speaker button. 


"Hello this is 119, please state your emergency." 


"h-h--h-h-h-he-e-e-el.-l-l--p-p-p." The plea was long and drawn out but the operator seemed to grasp the situation, Seonho's accompanying cries was probably a contributing cause.


"An ambulance has been notified of your location and is on it's way."


Seonho was leaning over his aunt's face and wailing. His tears landed on her cheek, combining with her own tears of surrender. She'll try to stay awake, just to see the boys one last time.




"May Hwang Seongwoo, Hwang Jaehwan, Hwang Hyunbin, and Hwang Daehwi please come to the office. Please bring your belongings. Thank you."


They were all gathered in front of the office with their bags five minutes later.


"Is school over already?" Jaehwan peered at the school clock.


"I don't think so."


"Is Auntie Sica coming?" Daehwi clasped his hands in excitement.


"Maybe she wants to take us to the amusement park!"


"Maybe not Hyunbin, she's been busy recently." They watched a police officer enter with Minhyun beside him.


"Hyung!" Daehwi hugged his brother.


"Who are you?" Seongwoo gave the officer a suspicious look.


"I'm here to take you somewhere."




"Hyung do you know where?" They looked at Minhyun expectantly.


"I...I think it's best if you know when we get there. Let's go." His suspicions becoming clearer then ever, Minhyun hung his head dejectedly and led his brothers out of the school with the officer.




"Isn't that baby adorable!" Seongwoo pointed at a baby being carried by what appeared to be his brother walking into the hospital.


"So cute! Wait, why are we at the hospital?" The officer parked his car.


"I hate to be the bringer of bad news. But you'll see it when we go in." Still confused, they followed him inside the building


They were led down a corridor on the second floor.


"Wait do you hear that?" They stopped for a second to listen to the faint sobs.


"It sounds like Seonho."


"Here it is, I'll leave you guys alone." The officer left them at the doorway after opening it.


"Auntie Sica!" Jessica was lying in the hospital bed looking sickly. Her breaths were slow and her eyes looked at them sadly. Seonho was crying but ran to his hyungs upon seeing them.


"Hyuns!" Seonho was picked up by Minhyun and he patted his back. "What happened Seonho?"


"N-nurse s-say Antie C-ca will d-die!"


"Die?!?" They were still trying to grasp the situation.


"I knew it." Minhyun walked up to her, "I knew something was wrong, why didn't you tell us!"


Jessica could only look at him sadly it seemed all her energy was disappearing. She lightly pointed a finger towards her chest. 


" cancer?" Her head moved slightly but Minhyun knew it was a nod. "J-just why?" Minhyun didn't like the feeling of the tears prickling in his eyes, and the sound of his brothers mourning behind him brought back painful memories that he should've left behind two years ago. 


"S............orry......" Jessica took a deep breath, Minhyun watched her struggle, but he could tell she was gathering every ounce of energy she could for her final goodbye. 


"Daehwi." He came up to her at the call of his name. She wrapped her frail arms around him, whispering I love you into his ear before calling up the next one. She left out Minhyun.


After they were all done through they all held onto her desperately. But a person can only hug so much at a time, so Minhyun stood on the outside as he watched his aunt embrace his brothers. It seemed like it was going to be her final minute. 


She was slipping, Minhyun could feel it. 


But she took one more deep breathe.


"Minhyun....." All his brothers made way for him. She brought him close and managed to whisper perfectly. "Tell them to go out for a minute."


"Can you guys leave for a minute?" He didn't want to see his brothers' crying worsen over the command but it was requested so it had to be done. He ushered them out with a promise that it'll be quick. He tried to ignore the sobs from outside the door and walked back to his aunt. 


"I wish... I wish I talked to your... mother." She was using all her power to form sentences. 


"I.... would've met these..... great nephews earlier........" She held onto his hands.


"Minhyun..." She looked up at him. 


"I'm ............sorry..... I can't stay........... forever." She brought him into an embrace.


"But I ....... hope...... what I left ............ will"


"What did you leave?"


"Promise......... me...................." Minhyun could tell her final reserve of energy was almost depleted.


"You'll..................keep..................them..................happy..........." Her eyes were slowly closing.


"Auntie Sica!" He prayed she would last just a little bit longer.


"Minhyun................... I..................................................." the words Love you died on her tongue as she went limp in Minhyun's arms. 


"I.. promise to keep them happy..." They don't deserve this. He slowly detached himself out of her hold. And opened the door for his brothers. He didn't want them to see him like this. 


So he ran out.


He didn't make it far before he accidentally crashed into a nurse. 


"Are you okay sweetie?" The nurse tried to help Minhyun off the ground. She looked at his tearful face, she casted a knowing glance at the open door at the end of the hallway, and with a sympathetic face, she called down the awaiting doctor. 


"I'm sorry." Minhyun said when he came back into the room, holding his brothers tight in his arms. 


"It isn't your fault." Seongwoo tried comforting him. 


"But you guys don't deserve this." 


"It was for the better. Remember what Umma always said?" 


"Everything happens for a reason?" 


"Yeah, that." Minhyun tried letting that phrase sink in.


"Is she really dead?" Hyunbin looked up at Minhyun, hoping to see any glimpse of hope in his brother's eyes. Just something, any chance he could hold onto. But he was met with nothing, so he continued to cry into Seongwoo's chest. 


"Hyunbin." Minhyun his hair. He opened his mouth to say anything. But the words seemed to be caught up in his throat. He caught himself off guard when a sob escaped his own lips. He looked over at Seongwoo who had tears trickling down his face.


"Sorry to intrude." A middle aged man holding a briefcase looked sorry interrupting them at the door. "You might be Minhyun?" He automatically locked eyes with the eldest. 


"Hello, My name is Mr. Lee, or you can call me Jinki. Can you follow me for a moment." Hesitantly, Minhyun left with the stranger, assuring his sorrowful brothers of a quick return. He was lead into an empty room.


"I'm sorry about what happened." Jinki motioned for Minhyun to sit at the table that was in the room. "Your aunt had been meeting with me a-lot."


"So it was you?" Minhyun always remembers Seonho's stories of him being left with someone else because Jessica had to go somewhere. 


"Whatever you've heard, you are correct." Jinki pulled out a tablet from the briefcase he was holding. "Your aunt knew what was coming...... and she was well prepared."


"What do you mean?" 


"She left behind a will for you."


"Only for me?" 


"I'd assume it would be for all your brothers, but she decided to leave everything under your name." 


"What did she leave?'


"Here, she wanted to leave a video for you." Jinki set up the tablet and positioned it in front of Minhyun. "And this is also for you." He placed a manila folder beside the tablet. "Open it only when instructed in the video." Jinki headed to the door.


"I'll leave you alone for it, wouldn't want to ruin your privacy. I'll be back in a bit." Jinki left the room.


Minhyun studied the manila folder, it felt quite bulky but he wouldn't dare open it. However the play button on the tablet was taunting Minhyun, daring him to press it. So he did.


"Hi Minhyun!" Jessica's face appeared on the screen, a happy expression that Minhyun already missed.



Next Time on I Love you a Latter (One day i'm going to hurt you):


"Honestly it was very difficult to make this work, due to the fact that you're only 13, but you have no other relatives and I didn't want you guys to become separated."


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