Monsters in the Dark (Prologue Part 2)

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Since this isn't A03, I forgot that adding notes wasn't a thing on this website so I completely forgot to mention the ages! So sorry, here you go 


Minhyun - 11 

Seongwoo - 8

Jaehwan - 7

Hyunbin - 5

Daehwi - 4

Seonho - WAS  3 Months old ;), Is now 6 months old in this chapter 


`Thank you and go ahead and enjoy <3



In spite of the cafe's sudden rise in popularity, Tiffany and Nichkhun decided against extending their original hours. It would be a hindrance to their relationship with their children since they wouldn't be able to properly go out and spend time as a family. The customers can wait anyways, money wasn't a big deal to them. It also never occurred to Tiffany that she never wrote the open times for the cafe. After telling hundreds of customers over the last 2 months that they were closed, she finally noticed the lack of a sign outside. 



"Umma what are you writing?" Daehwi plopped his head onto the corner of the chalkboard sign his mom was writing on. Today was Saturday where they closed the cafe early so she took the free time to finally write out the open times of the cafe.


"Just the hours for the cafe."




"How long we'll leave it open for people to come in." Tiffany took a step back and admired the sign. She gave herself a nod of satisfaction and brought the sign outside. She laughed as a warm summer breeze tickled her nose.  


Monday - Friday : 8am  - 7pm

Saturday : 8am - 1pm
Sunday and Holidays : Closed


"Don't you want to leave the cafe open longer to accommodate all your customers?" Tiffany spun around to see Baekhyun walking up to her.


"I care more about the boys then how much money I can make in a day."


"But then I also won't be able to see your face so much." Baekhyun pouted at the idea.



"You can always knock on the door, I don't mind you visiting."



"So admirable, if only my wife had the same mindset as you. You'd make a better wife for me." Baekhyun took a couple of steps and whispered into Tiffany's ear. "You like that idea don't you?" Tiffany was thrown off by the question and looked at him blankly for seconds before a voice cut through the thick silence. 



"Can you stop running off while we're busy." Taeyeon was standing a good 5 meters away and tapping her foot impatiently. "Sorry Tiffany, but we have to go." Taeyeon grabbed Baekhyun's collar and stormed off with him. Tiffany laughed at how childish Baekhyun looked while being dragged and walked back into her cafe.


"Umma why does that weird man appear a lot?" Daehwi looked back at the retreating couple disappearing in the distance.



"What did we say about calling him that Daehwi? He's just outgoing and wants to be friends with Umma."


"Hmph." Daehwi folded his arms in frustration, his mom always said the same thing!


"Now let's go eat lunch, we haven't eaten yet." Tiffany held Daehwi's hand and they walked up the stairs together.




It was nearing the end of August and that meant the beginning of fall was near. Which meant it was time to decorate the cafe with autumn decorations that Tiffany collected in various stores over the last few weeks. Nichkhun had taken most of the boys out for grocery shopping, even their 6-month-old Seonho was taken out in spite of his constant napping. It was just her and Minhyun in the cafe. It was a rare day where it wasn't busy during the Saturday morning so she decided to close the cafe at 11 and send her workers home early, promising their full pay nonetheless.


Tiffany was focussed on the little trees she planned on placing on every tabletop, she was delicately painting its frail green leaves into various fall colors. 



"How does this look umma?" Tiffany looked over to Minhyun who was cloaking the wall with fake autumn leaves. 


"That looks really nice Minhyunnie." Tiffany placed a kiss onto Minhyun's head, he took the wrapper off the chocolate and put it into instead of his. 


"That was sweet." Tiffany smiled at her son, sticking her chocolate covered tongue at him. 


"You always say it's bad to have sweets before a meal, and we haven't eaten lunch yet."


"Are you hungry? It's never too early or late to have a meal." Minhyun nodded at her.


"Sure we can eat, there are leftovers from last night, can you go heat those up? I really want to finish these little trees."


"Okay umma." Tiffany turned back to her trees and hummed a nameless song after Minhyun's footsteps could be heard no more.


"Lovely voice as always." She turned around quickly, Baekhyun was standing at the entrance.



"Thanks but the cafe's actually closed."


"But you left the door unlocked so I'll take it as my invitation to come in." Baekhyun took gentle steps towards her. "Are you alone?" Tiffany let herself paint a few more leaves before replying.


"No, Minhyun is upstairs." 



"Shhhhh, it's okay to make excuses but I know you've been playing hard to get."


"Hard to get?" 


"Tsk tsk, let's just cut to the chase shall we?" Tiffany shifted uncomfortably under the dark fire of Baekhyun's gaze.


"Look, I have to go now and so should you-"


"Stay right here babe." Bsekhyun grabbed Tiffany's arm and pinned her against the wall and a smirk played on his lips. One of the leaves on the wall fell from the impact and fell to the floor. 


"Ugh, get off of me!" Tiffany struggled to free herself but her arms were restrained and her legs were immobilized by his knees. 


"It's okay babe, it'll be over before you know it." A tear rolled down Tiffany's cheek as her yelps were quickly covered by Baekhyun's lips, one of his hands moved dangerously across her waistband when Minhyun came down.



"Umma are you okay, I heard a crash GET OFF OF HER!" Minhyun's worried question turned into an aggressive statement as he turned the corner and saw Baekhyun forcing himself onto his mother. He did the only logical thing, push the man away hard enough to give him enough space to place a kick where it really hurts. 


"Ow ! You son of a ! This should stop you!" Baekhyun recovered instantly and shoved Minhyun to the ground and withdrew a gun from his back pocket. Pointing it towards Minhyun, Tiffany could only look helplessly, still traumatized.


"Now we can finish what we started babe." Baekhyun kept the gun pointed threateningly at Minhyun as he walked back to Tiffany.


"Don't cry, don't you know how much I love you?"


"STOP!" Nichkhun sprinted through the cafe door and tackled Baekhyun before he could react. His gun flew from his hand and slid across the floor. Nichkhun straddled Baekhyun.



"This one's for touching my wife!" A swift punch was smacked across Baekhyun's face.


"And this one's for threatening my family!" Another blow caused drops of blood to splat on the floor.


"You !" Baekhyun held his bloody nose.


"Get out!" Nichkhun harshly pulled Baekhyun up and brought him to the entrance. "I won't call the police this time but come in here one more time or anywhere near my family and I won't hesitate!"



Nichkhun shoved Baekhyun out of the cafe, turning away from his limping figure and running back to the van to retrieve his sons. Still confused to see their dad running out of the car and into the cafe so suddenly.


"Umma?" Daehwi was the first one at the door and panicked seeing his mother on the floor in tears. "What's wrong Umma?" Daehwi tried kissing one of her tears. "You say it's good to kiss the boo boos away right?" Daehwi's lips started to tremble when his mom didn't start to calm down.


"Don't cry Umma.... it makes m-me s-sad." Tears rolled down Daehwi's cheeks but he continued to try and kiss his mom's tears away.



"Is Umma okay?" The rest of the sons crowded around her worriedly, minus Seonho who was held in one of Nichkhun's arms as he also surrounded his wife, wrapping his free arm around her to comfort her.


"She just got scared." The broad answer was used in place of exposing them to topics too easily capable of ruining a child's innocence. 


"Of monsters in the dark? That's silly because monsters come out at night only and it's still bright outside." Seongwoo tried lightening the mood.



"What if a real monster attacked her!!" Hyunbin's eyes widened in worry.


"Monsters aren't real." Jaehwan deadpanned.



"Yes they are, monsters come in all shapes and forms." Minhyun finally spoke up, in a monotonous form from his spot on the ground a few meters away. "And I couldn't protect Umma from one of them." Nichkhun walked over to his son.


"It's okay Hyunnie, you tried your best."


"But I couldn't stop him..." Minhyun stood up and ran upstairs. Head hanging in shame.


"Is hyung okay?" Seongwoo wanted to tease Minhyun for looking so down but he felt that it wasn't a good idea. 



"Let's console him later, let's cheer Umma up for now." So they stayed with her until she begun to calm down.....



Minhyun lay motionless on the bed as he continued to hear the sobs and hushed words of comfort from downstairs. All the possibilities of bad things that would've happened if his dad didn't show up still ran through Minhyun's mind.



"Next time, next time I'll stop the monsters."




She saw it coming.


She wasn't even surprised.


But she was clueless to the extents he would take.


Taeyeon was excited that morning, she ran downstairs looking for her husband as she gripped the positive pregnancy test in her hand. She frowned when she noticed him leaving, but it was too good of a moment to pass up so she quickly hailed a taxi to follow and surprise him. 


But Taeyeon was surprised Baekhyun enter Tiffany's cafe, maybe just a quick visit, she crossed her fingers and hoped, but it wasn't meant to be.


Taeyeon couldn't believe it as she watched Baekhyun force himself onto Tiffany from across the street. She slammed a fist onto the taxi window and hung her head down. The slam was enough to wake up her sleeping taxi driver.


"Are you okay ma'am?" Taeyeon's knuckles turned white from tightening them so hard.



"What do you think!" Taeyeon angrily barked.


"I don't know..."


"What a ! First, she steals my customers and then my husband!" The taxi driver turned to the cafe at her words, confused when he only saw a man limping away from it and one running in the opposite direction towards a van. "I don't see anything.."


"Just drive back!" The driver was startled by the sudden order but followed it nonetheless.


"Here you go." Taeyeon threw the money at the driver, she also threw her pregnancy test at him. "Go tell your damn wife that you're pregnant."


"But I'm a guy!"


"I don't give a ! Just shove a pillow under your shirt!" Taeyeon stormed out of the taxi, she didn't need the customers to see her like this, she'll just go to the back and take her anger out on something else.


She sat down in her office and her laptop. 


"I guess it's already useless to use these." Taeyeon furiously deleted many articles that she had posted against the Hwang's cafe to ruin their reputation. Ignoring all the defensive comments that she saw on the bottom of every article.  


"God damn, those articles were supposed to ruin them and turn Baekhyun away from her, but I guess more extreme measures need to be taken." She sighed as she flipped through a notebook on the side of her table when she heard a knock. She looked up at whom was at the door and smiled at her son.


"Junmyeonnie! Do you need anything?" 


"He's doing it again...." Her son pointed out the window and she followed the direction, frowning at what she was seeing. 


"Ugh, we have to go over this again?" She got out of her desk and walked outside towards the little boy who had his back turned to her. All she could hear was his playful banter with a cat that he was petting. 


"KIM JONGHYUN!" Her son stood up instantly and faced her. The cat had run away and he avoided her eyes. She noticed him hiding his arms behind his back and pulled them out in front.


"What did I say about feeding the pastries to the stray cats?" 


"But the bakers said they were going to throw it out......"


"I don't care what they say! Don't waste it on stupid animals!" Taeyeon pinched one of her son's chubby cheeks hard. 


"And stop eating the pastries! What did I say about losing weight?" 


"I have to be slim like Hyung...." 


"Yes, at least your brother looks appealing to the customers and listens to me! Let's go back inside.' Taeyeon pulled Jonghyun inside by the arm, he kept his head down in shame even ignoring his brother sticking his tongue out at him when they passed. 


"Now here look, we got a new shipment in today, organize it in the back to cut some of those pounds off."


"Yes Umma....." Taeyeon left her son in the back and went to their house that was connected above the cafe. Maybe she just needed a good nap.




Taeyeon awoke to the soft sounds of talking from far away. She slowly opened her eyes and saw Baekhyun standing at the doorway, he was crouched by Jonghyun and talking him. She was about to confront him before she realized that she had to conceal her feelings. She couldn't let him realize what she was doing. 


"Where did you go Baekkie?" Her husband turned around at her and she faked a gasp at his bruised cheek and bandaged nose. "What happened!?!" She exclaimed as she reached out to his face. 


"Just fell a couple of stairs, it's a miracle I was in one piece." 


"Lia- I mean, didn't we talk about being less clumsy?" 


"Haha, I'll work on it, honey." Taeyeon frowned at Jonghyun hiding behind and hugging Baekhyun's leg, he was always a daddy's boy. 


"Are you taking him somewhere?" Taeyeon suspiciously eyed the car keys in Baekhyun's hand. 


"He was hungry so I'm taking him to a nearby fried chicken place that we've never visited before. 


"But what about him losing weight." 


"It's just a little treat tonight honey." Taeyeon sighed, she was going to lose this argument eventually so might as well forfeit now.


"If you say so.." 


"Have you seen Junmyeon anyways? I'll bring him too if he wants." 


"He's probably helping in the cafe like a good son." Taeyeon could see Jonghyun cower slightly at that statement. "But go ahead and take him if he wants, I'll stay back tonight I have to do a few things." 


"You're always busy honey, don't you want to take a break from the business for just a night?"


"One night can be a waste of hundreds of dollars, just take the boys and head out by yourselves."


"Suit yourself, bye~~" Baekhyun called out as he walked down the staircase with Jonghyun. Taeyeon pulled out her phone when she made sure they were both gone. 


"Good for nothing pair, at least I have time now to do this call." She tapped the corresponding numbers on her phone and held it up to her ear, waiting for someone to pick up. 


"Ahhh hello?................... I have a job I'd like you to do............. Oh don't worry, I'll pay handsomely."

























Next time on Coffee for Two (But what matters more is you) :



"Isn't the silence nice?" 


"It soothes away all of my fears-" 








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