Chapter 1 (Peaches and Oranges)

I love you a Latte (One day I'm going to hurt you) HIATUS UNTIL NOVEMBER SORRY GUYS

Jonghyun wiped a tear from the little boy's cheek, ripped off the wrapper of the band-aid and gingerly placed it on his knee. 


"There look it's almost fixed, but it needs one more thing."


"One more thing?"


"A healing kiss." Jonghyun pressed his lips to the little kid's knee.


"Muah! How do you feel?" Jonghyun nuzzled his nose against the boy's thigh to make him laugh.


"You healed me hyung!" The little kid happily hugged Jonghyun. 


"No problem Jeup, but be a little more careful next time. Hyung's kisses can only heal so much!" 


"Okay!" The little boy ran off again to play with his friends by the treehouse. Jonghyun let out a satisfied sigh. The kids were such a refreshing part of his day.


"You're so good with the kids Jonghyun!" A middle-aged man walked up to Jonghyun, holding a plate of freshly baked chocolate chip cookies. "You want one?" 


"Thanks, Eunwoo-ssi." Jonghyun gratefully took a cookie and bit off a piece.


"What did we say about calling me that? Hyung makes me feel younger and more beautiful." 


"No, you're perfect just the way you are." His husband appeared behind him and wrapped his arms around his waist, kissing his cheek.


"Yah! Moonbin, you're so gross... but I still love you." Eunwoo leaned into the embrace. Jonghyun became uncomfortable with the mushy atmosphere.


"You should be used to this now Jonghyun, you've been here for 4 years." Eunwoo let out a loud laugh.


"It's still weird...."


"You're just not used to dating someone." Moonbin quirked his eyebrow at Jonghyun's growing blush. "So you are dating someone?"


"No, it's not like that."


"Ooh, he's thinking about someone Moonbin." Jonghyun threw his hands over his face in embarrassment. "Come on, who is it?" 


"Don't pressure him, Woo."


"You're no fun." Eunwoo playfully smacked Moonbin's chest.


"I think I'll be going now." Jonghyun stood up. sneaking two more cookies off of the plate, they were always delicious.


"Look what you did, you're scaring him away again!" 


"As if, you'll be back here at the orphanage tomorrow right?" 


"Of course hyung." 


"Then take care." Moonbin and Eunwoo hugged Jonghyun. "And if anything happens don't hesitate to come here okay?" 


"Of course hyung." Jonghyun climbed into his car, waving farewell to them and the kids, and was on his way. 


His phone started ringing at a red light, he looked at the caller I.D and sighed, He pulled over to answer the phone or else he would be having another earful.


"Where are you Jonghyun!" His mother's voice boomed through the phone. Jonghyun pulled the phone away slightly to cringe at the volume. 


"I was just running a few errands." 


"Well hurry up and get here! Joonmyeon is starting a presentation soon!"


"Yes Umma...."


"Good! I'll see you in 10!" She hung up without another word.


"Might as well get there before she kills me.... literally." Jonghyun laughed a bittersweet laugh to himself, starting up the car again to reach its destination.




"You know Minhyun, haven't you considered hiring anyone else," Minki said as he pushed a cartful of dirty dishes to the back. "I can't believe it's just you and me against this lineup.'"


"Minki.....everyone called in sick today, can we just discuss this later." Minhyun frantically tried to make a drink while simultaneously taking an order. 1 person at the front definitely wasn't enough.


Minhyun shot a side glance to the clock on the wall. It was almost 3:30 which meant that his brothers were almost home.


"Hyung we're here!" All his brother's sidestepped through the door. Seongwoo cringed at the sight of the line going out the door. Seongwoo frowned at the sight of the line going out the door.


"Don't worry we'll save you!" They disappeared upstairs, appearing a few minutes later dressed up in their aprons. Seonho happily jumped onto Minhyun's leg and latched on tightly.


"Thank god, I'll just rest for a couple of minutes." Minhyun let his brother's take the 2 cash registers to deal with the lineup. He grabbed a muffin and took Seonho with him to the back to relax for a bit.


As he bit into the muffin, he let out a tired smile. He was thankful that his brothers came in the nick of time.


"Is hyung tired?" Seonho asked from his spot in Minhyun's lap. 


"It was a long day Seonho." Minhyun offered the muffin to his lips, who graciously took the offering. Seonho snuggled further into Minhyun's chest and let out a yawn. "And you're tired from school."


"Mmmhmm." Seonho was already beginning to doze off and soon enough, soft snores were coming from the youngest. Minhyun patted Seonho's back, feeling the urge to take his own nap, he closed his eyes.




"I can only imagine the suffering that hyung had to go through!" Daehwi let out an exasperated sigh and leaned on the counter, the line was finally gone giving them a minute or two to relax until another customer appears.  


"Any requests!" Jaehwan's voice boomed throughout the speakers, he had happily resumed his position as the singer after the line was short enough. A customer walked up to Jaehwan and whispered something into his ear. "Sure!" The customer gave him a smile and sat back down.


Coffee with no scent because it has cooled~

A cookie dried because there was no bite~


"Is that little boy crying?" Hyunbin motioned to the sidewalk. There was a little boy huddled in front of the cafe. 


"He looks lost, I'll go check." Seongwoo stepped out from the counter and walked outside. Daehwi and Hyunbin didn't pay attention to the scene as a couple of customers entered in sync with Seongwoo's exit.


"Hey." Seongwoo knelt down beside the little boy, feeling his own heart shatter at his muffled sobs. "Are you lost?"


"I w-want hyung." The little boy sniffled out. 


Before Seongwoo could say another word he felt a raindrop hit his nose, looking up he frowned at the darkening sky. "Wanna come inside? Your hyung will surely be able to find you." Nodding timidly, the little boy took the larger hand that was offered.


"The kid looks so cute!" Daehwi approached the duo as they walked back into the cafe, leaving a betrayed looking Hyunbin to deal with the customers. 


"I think he lost his brother," Seongwoo informed Daehwi. 


"Ah don't worry, he'll be here in no time, what's your name?" 


"W-woojin." Woojin still kept his head down. 


"My name's Seongwoo. Do you like hot chocolate Woojin?" Woojin peeked up to Seongwoo at the inquiry. He replied with a timid nod.


"Let's go have some hot chocolate okay?" Woojin tugged at Seongwoo's arm, laughing at the younger's excitement, he led him to the counter show him how to make hot chocolate.




"Hi, have you seen a little boy this high, red sweater and blue pants." 


"No, I haven't sorry." The man grunted frustratingly at the unwanted answer, bowing slightly before exiting the store.


"Where did you go?" He muttered to himself as he entered another store to inquire, dashing in quickly to avoid the onset of the rain.





"How is that?" Seongwoo grinned at Woojin's nod, growing more open to him than he was 10 minutes ago. His tears had vanished after the countless promises of his hyung returning. 


"Is his brother even going to show up?" Seongwoo shot a glance towards Daehwi. Don't scare him he mouthed.



It was after another 10 minutes of watching Woojin happily sip his hot chocolate and asking random questions that the ding of the cafe door rang rather violently. 


"Hyung!" Woojin jumped out of his seat and whisked past Seongwoo, curiously Seongwoo peeked over his shoulder and almost dropped his own hot chocolate in awe. 


Bunny teeth, pale skin, broad shoulders, he swears he couldn't imagine anyone looking anymore perfect. 


"Woojin!" The man gathered Woojin into a hug, "Don't run off like that again!" 


"Sorry hyung." Woojin pouted at the light scolding. 


"But it's okay now that I found you." Daniel pecked Woojin's cheek, causing him to giggle. 


"Seongwoo hyung helped me!" Woojin pointed at Seongwoo, still standing in awe. He should've known he was ed the first time he made eye contact with the man. 


"Daehwi can you bring out the mop, Seongwoo spilled his hot chocolate and it must be because he's losing his mind or lovestruck." Seongwoo glared at Jaehwan who should've been singing. Hoping the death stare would cause something, Seongwoo smirked upon seeing Jaehwan cough violently as he attempted to resume his singing. Serves him right.


"Thank you so much. Did he eat anything? I'll pay you back." Daniel dug into his back pocket and drew out a worn out leather wallet, picking out a few crumpled bills and placing it into Seongwoo's hands. 


"It's fine, your brother's really cute." Seongwoo forced the money back into Daniel's hands. "How about you tell me your name?


"D-daniel." Quirking an eyebrow at the growing blush on Daniel's cheeks, Seongwoo looked down, realizing his hands still lingering on top of Daniel's, he withdrew them in embarrassment. He shifted his gaze around awkwardly. 


"I heard something about you losing your mind." Minhyun came out of the back yawning, a sleeping Seonho was wrapped around his chest like a koala. "Oh hello." Minhyun eyed the brunette stranger. "I'm Seongwoo's older brother Minhyun, what's your name?"  


"Kang Daniel." 


"That's a nice name, are you a friend of Seongwoo's?" Awaiting an answer from Daniel, he noticed the latter staring off into space. He turned around to see what he was looking at. 


Now Hiring It was the sign Minki slapped onto the display case after having to deal with three angry customers at lunchtime. 


"Were you looking for a job?" Daniel was suddenly struck out of his trance. "I was looking for a job...." 


"Great, you're hired." Minhyun let out another yawn, obviously still tired.


"What!?" 5 distinct voices rang out the same response at the same time, causing Seonho to awaken from his slumber. Only for him to fall asleep after 2 seconds again.


"Well Minki has been pestering me about getting another pair of hands to work, and you seem nice so you're hired." 


"I can't believe it." Daniel looked gobsmacked.


"You seem to be around Seongwoo's age too and I can assume you're in school, so you can start whenever you're free." Seongwoo looked at Minhyun suspiciously, he was normally a little stricter with availibility.


"Thanks." Minhyun watched Daniel's feet shift. 


"I have to go.." 


"That's fine." Minhyun looked down at Woojin. "He's adorable, I heard in the back that his name is Woojin? I hope you bring him in some other time."


Daniel nodded. "I'll see, bye." He held Woojin's hand as they left the cafe, the light rain had stopped. 


"You're welcome Seongwoo." 


"What do you mean?" 


"I just helped you get closer to your future boyfriend."


"I-i don't k-know what you're t-talking about." 


"Yes you do, now I'm going to take Seonho to his room, I'll be back." Minhyun walked upstairs with Seonho still attached to his chest.


"HAHA!" Jaehwan had appeared behind Seongwoo and was laughing into his ear. "You should've seen your face when he walked in!" 


"Shut up." 


"No, HAHAHAAHA!!" Jaehwan's maniacal laughter rang Seongwoo's eardrums, such a close range was so deadly for his health. 


"Leave me alone, go back to singing." 


"No, HAHAHAHAH!!" Seongwoo groaned. If he was lucky Jaehwan should be done laughing in 20 minutes.





"I'm heading out." Minhyun was at the door holding a basket of food and medicine. 


"Are you visiting Jisung hyung?" 


"Can we come too?" They all surrounded Minhyun at the door.


"No, you can't." All his brothers whined. 


"Why can't we?" 


"Because he said he was contagious so I'm not going to risk any of you getting sick." 


"And what? You think you're Superman?" 


"No, but I know I'm not going to get everyone sick on purpose just so that I can close the cafe down for a day and have a movie marathon." 


"Come on, sneezing in everyone's face was an accident." Jaehwan held his hands up in defense. 


"I didn't say your name." 




"I'll be going now, dinner's in the fridge and make sure you call me if something happens." Minhyun hugged his brothers and walked out. 


Jisung's apartment was approximately a 5-minute walk. The setting sun painted the sky a warm pink. He let himself into the apartment with the set of keys Jisung gave him.


Jisung was laying on the couch watching T.V, the floor was littered with used tissues.


"I brought cold medicine and oranges," Minhyun called out, placing the basket on a nearby chair.


"Thanks," Jisung called out weakly without turning around.


Minhyun walked around the couch to get a full view of Jisung. He grimaced looking at all the spots over Jisung's face.


"You don't look too good, how bad is it?"


"I took him to the doctor a couple of hours ago." Minhyun almost jumped at the sight of Minki walking out of the bathroom. He always forgot that Minki lived in the same apartment building. "Apparently it's a bad case of the measles. He should be better in about 3 weeks."


"That's not good." Minhyun frowned. "Don't worry I'll still pay you for the time off."  


"You don't have to." Jisung croaked out.


"It's fine, I have money to spare. And I just hired someone else so don't worry about me struggling." Minhyun threw in the last bit to shut down any more protests.


"Who are they?" 


"His name's Daniel, I hired him partly because Seongwoo looked head over heels for him." 


"Oh *cough* really? Took that kid *cough* long enough to find *cough* someone." Jisung stopped talking due to a fit of coughs, Minhyun reached out to pat his back.


"Don't." Minki called out from the kitchen, "He's very contagious." 


"Mrs.Kim!"  The sudden shouts brought Minhyun's attention to the T.V, it appears Jisung was watching the news. 


"Your son was seen storming out of the office today!"  Reporters swarmed Taeyeon as she was standing outside of her office, Minhyun smirked at the sight of her distressed.


"He was just having a bad day it was nothing." Taeyeon placed a pair of sunglasses over her head to avoid contact with the camera. 


"Mrs.Kim, it's rumored that there was an argument." 


"Gunhee, whatever they're saying is just an attempt to take a shot at my fame, it was nothing." Taeyeon quickened her pace, obviously not in the mood for an interview.


"But-" Suddenly a man stood in between Taeyeon and the camera. 


Wait a second, Minhyun squinted at the screen, the black combed hair, the broad chest, no way was that.


"Mrs.Kim would not like to be interviewed right now."  The man had spoken up, causing Minhyun to almost pass out in shock. 


It was Dongho's voice. 


All he could hear was ringing, he watched as Dongho continuously held back the reporters until Taeyeon got into her car.


"Let's go Baekho." And with that, his back was turned to the screen. He ran into the car that pulled up beside him and it sped off. 


Minki was beside Minhyun's side, switching the T.V to another channel. 


"You're okay with this!?!" Minhyun half shouted at Minki, startling him.


"Minhyun *cough* calm down *cough* *cough*." Jisung was interrupted by another fit of coughs.


"Okay with what?" Minki looked at him pissed off that he just got yelled at. 


"With Dongho?"  


"Are we talking about his job as Taeyeon's bodyguard or..."


"What do you mean he's working for Taeyeon!!" Minhyun started ripping up the used tissues on the ground in anger.


"Can we discuss this outside Minhyun, Jisung needs to rest." 




They all turned towards the door. 


Their standing exactly like Minhyun had seen 5 minutes ago was Dongho.


"I'm home guys, oh! Minhyun you're here too!" Dongho ran up and reached out to give Minhyun a hug. "I missed you -oof!" He was taken aback by Minhyun's shove. 


"Don't touch me." 


He ran off to the balcony.





Next time on I love you a Latte (One day I'm going to hurt you)


"Are you ready?"


"Yes, Jihoon I'm always ready."





Hi guys! 


I'd just like to point out that I went back to  the last part of the prologue and altered a part with Dongho so that what happened in this chapter would make some sense :) 



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