The Tragic Story of Tiffany and Jessica (Bonus Chapter 2)

I love you a Latte (One day I'm going to hurt you) HIATUS UNTIL NOVEMBER SORRY GUYS

The Jungs live happily in Seoul, a wealthy family from the parents' popularity and talent in designing clothes. Their fashion line, Blanc and Eclare was treasured by many. Proud of their passion, the parents' were nonetheless expecting their daughters to carry on the tradition.


"Jessica that's very nice!" The 12-year old's mom smiled at the drawing on her sketch pad, a chic floral black and white blouse. "Now let me see what your sister has drawn." Her mother disappeared down the hall, Jessica flinched at the sudden yelling that ensued a minute later. Her mother stormed out of Tiffany's room 10 minutes later, disappearing outside. Warily, Jessica walked into Tiffany's room.


"Tiff...." She knelt beside her sister, she was sobbing on the ground holding her cheek as if it had been hit. Her music sheets were sprawled across the floor.


"It's n-not fair........ I d-don't w-want to design c-clothes."


"I know......." Jessica didn't have any other way to say it. Their parents always hated how much the 11-year-old loved music over designing clothes. There were already several bruises on her arms from past incidents.


"Maybe one day, they'll see how much you really love music and they'll understand." Tiffany looked up to her sister hopefully through tearful eyes, "R-r-really?"


"Yes, they will."




But they didn't.


Tiffany always snuck out of the house to sing and perform, creating alibis to fool their parents. But it couldn't last forever, and the breaking point must've been when she went out and bought herself a guitar for her 19th birthday.


"This is unacceptable!" Their father grabbed Tiffany by the arm and harshly dragged her out of the house into the car.


"Where are you taking her!!" Jessica was flustered by the situation.


"You have 1 minute to get as many of her belongings as you can! Or else I won't hesitate to kick you out as well!" Shocked by the situation, Jessica could only follow the order, her father was a powerful man. She ran to Tiffany's room grabbing a large backpack, filling it with as many belongings as she could. Her father's loud counting forced her back to the car in under a minute.


"Good." One of their security men with restraining Tiffany in the car so she couldn't escape, she looked at Jessica helplessly. 


"Now security!" Two more guards appeared. "Keep a hold on my daughter, I can't have her following us."


"What!" But they already had a hold on her arms. 


"Tiffanfgtffgrgg" They muffled as she could only watch the car pull out the driveway and speed away. 


Their parents had covered her disappearance by reporting a fake death on a live broadcast instead, their fake tears while talking to a reporter sickened Jessica.


She later learned that her father had driven to a random city, throwing Tiffany onto the street with everything Jessica packed and left her there...


That was the last time Jessica ever saw her.....




"I never want to see your disgusting face again!" The father shouted through the open window as the car drove away. Tiffany stared blankly at her feet, she was left on a deserted road.


Something felt broken inside of her, the idea of being rejected by people she thought she could love and trust. But all she could do now was make a living off what she loved, that's why she was thrown onto the street right?


Gathering her guitar and the backpack that was thrown at her. She walked quietly through, after reading a sign, the silent nighttime streets of Busan.




It was tragic, she had thought to herself as she sat on the side of the street, strumming and singing to a nameless song. No home, no money, just her and a guitar. 


"Hey, that's some fine playing you're doing right there." She turned to the source of the voice, a man was looking at her thoughtfully. "You look like a wreck though." He looked over her dirtied clothing and messed up hair.


She could feel it coming, the insults. 


"Would you like to work in my cafe/" Tiffany had shut her eyes, bracing for impact. For widened them at the offer.




"Yes, and it looks like you need a place to live, I have a spare room."


Tiffany knelt at the man's feet, hugged his legs and cried.




"My son should be visiting soon for his break from school in America, I hope you guys get along well." The owner had whispered to Tiffany before she started her set. She gave a slight nod of her head and he was off to chat with some regular customers. 


After her short introduction and basking in the applause already given to her.  She started her set. 


She was halfway through the second song when it happened.


A man walked into the cafe, fair skin, strong build and thick eyebrows. He took a glance in her direction and they locked eyes, but her fingers and lips continued to play. 


"I love you~~~" She finished the last sentence of her song, keeping their eyes locked. She felt something warm burning inside of her.


It was love at first sight.




"Umma do we have relatives?"  Her two sons bounced on her lap anticipating an answer, while she was trying to feed the third. "Of course you do Seongwoo."


"Alive?" Minhyun questioned. 


"Hmmmmm." Nichkhun was an only child, his mother died at an early age and the father dying 5 years ago from cancer. And her family...... maybe even Jessica secretly hated her. It would be best to just keep it a secret. It won't hurt the kids at all. 


"No, we don't then." She said, trying to ignore their whines. "How about story time?"  They cheered at the idea, kids are so easy to distract.


"Once upon a time, there was a girl named Jessy." She told a story of an imaginary wonderful sister, one who always put herself first and tried her best to make the family happy.  


~15 years later~~


3 years ago her parents died in an unfortunate car crash.


2 years ago Jessica shut down Blanc and Eclare for the time being, realizing the only thing that caused her to push out designs so rapidly were the pressure of her parents.


1 year ago Jessica sold everything, deciding to keep the parent's large fortune tucked away and downsize to a nice apartment in a quieter part of Seoul. 


She still designed clothes, but she worked freelance, sending in designs to different fashion lines and if they were accepted, she'd receive whatever amount of money the clothes made. 


"Ugh." She tossed the sketchpad to the floor, she hated having an artists' block.


"I wonder where you are Tiffany...." She looked out the window longingly, maybe her sister if living happily, maybe she died, she really doesn't know. But all Jessica wants to see is her bright smile, 15 years and the memories have started to fade away. It doesn't help that the parents had burned down every photo with Tiffany. 


"Maybe the internet can offer some inspiration." She went online, scrolling through random websites to see if any background, color, the picture on them could spark an idea for a piece of clothing in her mind. She stopped at one blog that was posted around 6 months ago. 


Hello, Taka's!


Sorry I haven't posted in the last two weeks TT I've been enjoying my stay in my favorite country, South Korea!
I was going to visit the popular Kim Café again in Busan today but a new café called Matcha Mocha had just opened so I decided to give it a try instead.
The place was very cozy and who I assume are the owners were very nice and welcoming! They also have the cutest sons ever and one can sing and play the guitar very well.
On recommendation, I decided to try the café's specialty, the matcha mocha, and it was delicious! I highly suggest visiting this place and stay tuned next week for my visit in Paris!


                                                Takada Kenta <3


She glanced at the photo that was attached to the bottom.






It couldn't be.


It was too good to be true.


But there she was, laughing happily about something in the corner in what appeared to be a stolen shot of the cafe. 


"Sis...." Jessica brought a hand to to cover the tears. She knew where she was going tomorrow. 


She called the clothing brand she was helping, notifying them of a two-week delay in designs and started packing her bags. She was finally going to see her again.




The drive to Busan was exciting, she bought a van because she always carried around a lot of things when visiting her clients. 


It's going to be a good day, she thought to herself as she hummed happily to the songs on the radio.


But there just had to be construction happening on the freeway, battling through the traffic, Jessica found herself arriving in Busan at 11 pm. 


"I guess it'll wait until tomorrow." She pulled into a nearby motel which luckily had a vacant room, she snuggled into her sheets and fell asleep. Exciting dreams of the moment she'd be able to see her sister.




"Haha, this girl is feisty." One of the men dressed in black laughed as Tiffany struggled in his hold. She bit harshly on his hand.


"Ow! That hurt you !" He smacked her face. She retaliated quickly. Headbutting his head, she wasn't fazed by it. Taking the opportunity, she quickly got out of his hold and kicked the van door open and jumped out. Sprawling across the gravel before recovering. She ignored the stinging all over her body and ran.


She just had to make it into a building and get help, then she'd be safe.


There was a nearby motel, she just had to get close enough.




Tiffany fell to the cement yet again.




She screamed in pain, they had shot both of her legs.


"You sneaky little , you're going to pay for that." Three of the men had jumped out of the van to retrieve her and threw her back into the van. A punch to her head knocked her unconscious.






Jessica's eyes opened at the gun shots.


"What's that noise." She got out of her bed slowly, after checking her phone for the time. She glanced out the window.


There was nothing.


"Maybe I'm hallucinating, she laughed to herself and got back into bed. Tomorrow was going to be a good day anyway.




Her phone rang at 8:30 am, Jessica groaned as she tried slapping it away. She was still cooped up in her motel bed.


Wait that's not the alarm, her hand shot out of the sheets and grabbed her phone. She pressed answer and held it to her ear.


"Hello, are you by any chance Jessica Jung?"


"Yes I am, and who are you?"


"Local Busan police, do you happen to be in Busan?"


"Yes, I'm staying in a motel."


"Perfect, we've got your location and we'll be there shortly."


"Wait for wha-" They had hung up leaving a baffled Jessica.


"Weird......" She got out of bed and got herself ready, who knew what they wanted.




"Ms. Jung I'm really sorry."


"No, she can't be dead!" Jessica slammed her hands on the table. "I was supposed to see her today!"


"She's not technically dead, she's missing but has been presumed dead."


"Then she's still alive! I know her if she was strong enough to live on the streets than she's strong enough to live through this." In denial, Jessica fumed as she prepared to exit the motel.


"Wait, she has 6 sons." Jessica stopped and turned around. "I have nephews?"


"Yes you do Ms. Jung, since you're the only relative we can track down, we're putting them under your care, is that okay?"


"I-i-i-i." Jessica was at a loss for words, 6 nephews?!? "Yes, I'll do it."


"Thank you, Ms. Jung, we're going to head off to meet them but please calm down first, they're already upset and you might make it worse." So after 30 minutes of intense pacing and sipping chamomile tea. She was calm enough to head off to meet them.


~2 years later~


Jessica was seated on a park bench, crying in frustration. The court wasn't allowing her nephews to stay together after she dies and it was upsetting. She knew it would hurt them to be separated.


"Are you okay Miss?" She looked at the random stranger who had sat beside her.


"I'm fine." She wiped her tears away.


"No, you're not." He watched the tears reappear in her eyes. "Need help?" He placed a comforting hand on Jessica's shoulder. She doesn't know what came over her, but she was spilling the whole story to the stranger.


"Hmmm, I can help."


"There's no way you could."


"Trust me." He looked her straight in the eye.


"Money has its ways."  






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