A New Beginning (Prologue part 1)

I love you a Latte (One day I'm going to hurt you) HIATUS UNTIL NOVEMBER SORRY GUYS

A gentle breeze blows through the earth, rustling leaves and causing dandelion fluff to drift through an open window and into the unsuspecting face of -




"Bless you, honey." Mr.Hwang glanced at his wife in the passenger seat and burst into laughter.


"Keep your eyes on the road Nichkhun!" Tiffany pouted, grabbing a tissue to wipe the snot smeared across her cheek.


"Calm down, the building is right here." Nichkhun stopped the car in front of the empty building. Tiffany got out of the car and opened the side of the car door.


"We're here guys!......... Oh." Her enthusiasm was shattered by the light sound of snores coming from all of her sons, except for Seonho who silently looked at his mom with wide eyes. Cradling the 3-month-old in one of her arms, she nudged each of her sons lightly. The only one to make a fuss was Daehwi, starting to cry as he made grabby hands at his father. He picked Daehwi up and held him to his chest. The couple watched their eldest son Minhyun diligently help his other 3 brothers get out of the car


"Wow, such a responsible big brother!" Tiffany ruffled Minhyun's hair proudly and placed a kiss on his head. Minhyun happily took the chocolate on his head and popped it into his mouth.


"Thanks, Umma, why are we here?" Minhyun peered into the window of the empty building, barren and lacking anything to indicate a reason to visit.


"This is going to be our new cafe!"

"Cafe?" Jaehwan drowsily asked while he tried rubbing the sleep away from his eyes. He wrapped himself around Minhyun's arm as he looked into the empty building too.


"It's where people get... drinks and food?"


"You're right Seongwoo! Mostly hot drinks like coffee and tea but you'll see later on. Now let's take a look inside." Tiffany herded her children inside the building.


"But it's empty." Jaehwan blatantly stated the obvious as he let Minhyun pull him inside, still trying to recover from sleep.


"Decorate?" Daehwi had stopped crying and was observing the interior as well.


"Yes, we still need to decorate it."


"Can we put a giant teddy bear in the corner?" The question from Hynubin aroused discussion from the other brothers, more or less arguing what animal it should be.


"It should be a giant duck!"






"Bea-!" Seongwoo stood in between Jaehwan and Hyunbin before they started hitting each other.


"Calm down! We all know a giant peach is the best!"


"That's not even an animal!"


"Let's discuss that later, don't you guys want to see our new house?" Nichkhun was standing at a doorway by the back of the building.


"What was wrong with our old house?"


"Nothing was wrong with it Jaehwan, we just needed a change. Change in life is good......." His mothers' voice droned off as she ascended the staircase and disappeared through a doorway.


"Minhyunnie Hyung, can I have a piggyback up the stairs?" Seongwoo looked at his brother with puppy eyes.


"I want one!" Hyunbin interjected.


"I'm already holding onto him!" Jaehwan protested.


"I asked him! So get off of him!" Seongwoo was about to yank Jaehwan off but Minhyun stopped him.


"Relax, I can carry all of you."


"Really?" Seongwoo gave him a look of disbelief, suspicion evident on his face.


"You won't know if you don't get on."


"Me first!" Seongwoo mounted Minhyun's back, Hyunbin climbed on after and wrapped his arms around Seongwoo's neck.


"Whatever, Hyung's arm is comfier than his back anyways." Jaehwan huffed as the quartet trudged to the staircase. Nichkhun laughed at how cute they looked scrunched together. Daehwi tugged at his arm.


"Ahh Daehwi, I think your Hyung is holding enough brothers, we don't want to give him a bad back already like me! Let's go upstairs." They went up the staircase and opened the door at the top. Tiffany was setting Seonho down to sleep on a couch in the presumed living room, other than that it was-


"It's empty!?!?" Daehwi dramatically raised his arms and sighed.


"Does that mean we all have to sleep on the floor appa?" Hyunbin looked disheartened by the idea of never being able to rest his body on top of another mattress ever again.


"If that's the case then I want to sleep in the spot in that corner!" Seongwoo unmounted Minhyun and ran over to the upper left corner of the room.


"No fair, I want that corner!" Jaehwan ran over to the corner as well.


"Don't worry guys, you'll all have beds, and rooms too. We still need to bring our things from our old house." Nichkhun gestured to a hallway with several doors. They were about to check out the rooms before a foreign voice bellowed throughout the building.


"Hello?" A man's voice bounced off the empty walls.


"Who is that?" The Hwangs all shared a look of confusion.


"It's a monster coming to eat you!" Seongwoo made a hideous face and ran to his parents, pretending to eat their legs.


"Very funny Seongwooo.... I'll go check first." Their mom walked downstairs.


"AHHHH!" The high pitched scream worried them all. They ran downstairs to see a middle-aged man hunched over Tiffany on the ground. The alarmingly close distance between the two caused an uncomfortable Nichkhun to step closer just to intimidate the man to step back.


"Are you okay? I'm so sorry, I didn't mean to scare you. The man looked at Tiffany with worry etched across his face.


"Ahh it's fine, I didn't expect you to be standing right outside here." Tiffany got up and scratched the back of her head. "Anyways my name is Hwang Tiffany, this is my husband Nichkhun, and my sons Minhyun, Seongwoo, Jaehwan, Daehwi and........ where are the other two?"


"Seonho's sleeping and Hyunbin ran back upstairs."


"Ahh sorry my youngest son Seonho is sleeping, and Hyunbin isn't fond of meeting new people."


"Wow, so many sons! I wish I could have that many children." The man frowned. " My name is Kim Baekhyun and I just happened to notice your van parked outside this building, it's been empty for a couple of weeks so I was curious about who was buying it."


"Oh, do you live near here?"


"In fact I do, I own a cafe a couple of blocks down." Tiffany smiled at the fact.


"Really? We're going to open one up too!" Baekhyun's eyebrows perked up.


"That's great! My cafe's always overflowed with customers every day so it'll be nice to get rid of a few!" Baekhyun grabbed Tiffany's hand and smiled at her. " And I'll get used to seeing this beautiful face around more often."


"Uh I-"


"What are you doing here!!" Everyone turned to the door to see a rather angry middle aged woman glaring at Baekhyun. Her face turned red when she noticed a number of people looking at her and bowed down slightly.


"Sorry for the inconvenience, my name's Taeyeon and I always get frazzled when my husband goes missing."

Baekhyun walked over to his wife and grinned.


"These are the Hwangs honey, and they'll be opening a cafe too!" Minhyun didn't know if he was the only one that noticed, but he saw a flicker of anger flash in the woman's eyes before it turned back to being cheerful.


"Oh wow! A cafe too? Sounds great but we have to go, honey, the customers are out the door again." Taeyeon aggressively gripped onto Baekhyun's ear and dragged him out the door, leaving the confused Hwang's to look at each other.


"Aren't they an interesting duo?"


"Must be her time of the month." Mrs. Hwang slapped her husband's arm. " Don't say that!"


"What time of the month?"


"Yeah, what is that?"


"Do I get a time of the month too?" Tiffany glared at Nichkhun, giving him a "you started their endless train of curiosity again" look.


"WAHHHHHH" A crying sound came from upstairs.


"Seonho's hungry already?" Hyunbin came down the stairs holding his crying brother. Struggle evident on his face but he was able to give Seonho to his mom.


"Well, he's a growing boy-"




Hyunbin turned red at the loud sound of his stomach growling.


"When was the last time we ate?" Their parents looked at each other puzzled, swearing that they just at an hour ago.


"Actually all we had was breakfast."


"Oh my god Minhyun's right! We forgot to feed them! Isn't it 4 already?"


"Ha ha, don't worry, I heard there was a really good fried chicken place just around the corner."


"FRIED CHICKEN!!!!" All the kids yelled in unison, making Nichkhun laugh.


"Calm down guys, I'll go grab the car keys and we'll be on our way.




A month later~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~


It is an important day for the Hwangs, as they tidy up the cafe for its opening in a few minutes.


"Can I put the sign-out Umma?"


"Yeah you can sweetie, here's the sign." Tiffany placed the now open sign in Daehwi's hands and turned back around to her mic stand. Adjusting it perfectly to match with her stool, she took a step back and smiled at her finished product, Nichkhun snuck up behind her and s his arms around her waist.


"Ahh good old times, just like the first time we met isn't it?" The couple paused for a minute and thought about the first time they met. Tiffany was working as a singer in a cafe, singing with her guitar when a rather glum Nichkhun walked in that day, she looked up to meet his wandering eyes and it became the start of a classic tale of love at first sight.


"Eww, Umma and Appa are being gross again!" Jaehwan stuck his tongue out and scrunched up his face.


"They're only hugging, Jaehwan." Minhyun tried reassuring him.


"It's still gross!"


"Actually Jaehwan, can you get Hyunbin to come down. He has to get used to the workers." Nichkhun frowned thinking of the events 30 minutes ago.


"Tag you're it!" Hyunbin giggled as he ran away from Jaehwan, who was chasing after him around all the tables, he didn't notice the stranger walking into the cafe and crashed into them.




Hyunbin looked up and his eyes widened at the sight of someone unfamiliar, glancing over him with a look of concern.


"Are you o-"


"AHH!" And there went Hyunbin, screaming and running up the stairs. It took Nichkhun a good 5 minutes to assure Eunbin that she didn't do anything wrong. He warned the other workers to be cautious when dealing with Hyunbin, so they made sure to at least offer the child a warm smile after he was finally dragged downstairs by Jaehwan.




Everyone's attention was alerted to the front door, a man who seemed to be a foreigner timidly poked his head through the door.


"Hello! Don't be shy! We just opened!" Nichkhun gestured for them to come in.


"Welcome to Ma...Ma..."




"Matcha Mocha!" Seongwoo stomped his foot at frustration in the poor execution of his perfectly practiced lines.


"Aww such a cute kid!" A Japanese accent accentuated the customer's words as he knelt down to be leveled with Seongwoo. "Since you seem to be in charge, what do you recommend that I order?"


"Try our specialty, the Matcha Mocha, with its wonderful blend of espresso, hot chocolate, and matcha. It's 100% guaranteed to keep you coming back for more!" Seongwoo did a small fist pump for the delivering his lines without an error.


"You must be a smart little kid to have such a wide vocabulary!" The customer beamed at Seongwoo.


"He wouldn't stop practicing that same thing over and over again." Jaehwan snickered at Seongwoo's scandalized face.


"Nevertheless, I'll take one Matcha Mocha." The customer happily said to the cashier. The customer eyed the microphone stand as he sat down with his mocha. "Can you play a song for me?"


"Sure what song would you like?-"


"Umma, can I sing?" Jaehwan was looking up at Tiffany with hopeful eyes, arms gripping the mic stand tightly.


"Can you play this?" Jaehwan handed his mom a sheet of music.


"Sure, go ahead Jaehwan." Tiffany placed the music on her stand and adjusted the mic stand for him.


"Any song works." The customer smiled warmly. With the strike of a first chord as a queue, Jaehwan nervously shifted and began to sing.


Dreams that I can never have again

That was really sweet

I think you are just like the dream

Dream that I get to keep thinking

about all day - that was really sweet

That's yoUUu.-


Jaehwan yelped and ran behind his mother after his voice crack.


"Aww, it's okay Hwannie." Tiffany turned around and rubbed comforting circles over her son's back.


"He always cracks at that note." Seongwoo's comment was quickly drowned out by the customer's clapping.


"Amazing! It's fine, everyone's voice cracks I'd love to hear your son sing again but I have to go." Jaehwan turned bright red at the compliment. "By the way, this mocha is delicious!" The Japanese man called out as he left the store.


"Wasn't that a great way to start our opening?"


"It was, you sang great Jaehwan." Nichkhun patted his son's back.


"But I messed up....."


"But your singing was great nonetheless, the customer loved it." Hushed whispers came from the workers behind the counter. Nichkhun looked at them with a quirk of his eyebrow. "Did something happen?"


"YES!" Sekwon slapped a hand over Yoonah's mouth and rolled his eyes. She gave him a fierce side glance before pushing his hand away.




"Calm yourself, Jesus Christ!"


"Shut up Sekwon, but anyways, Kenta is so hoooooot and he was famous for something but I can't remember what it was."


"Pfft, what a fake fan."


"You don't even know him Sekwon!"


"That sounds cool! Maybe he's a j-pop idol?" Tiffany clasped her hands together in excitement.


"Let's check online later honey."




And just like that, another customer slowly walked in, unaccustomed to the building and name.


"Welcome to Matcha Mochi!"


"It's Mocha, Seongwoo." Seongwoo groaned and stomped his foot again.


And that's just how the day went. A customer walked in every few minutes, listening to Seongwoo's greeting that had a 79.65% perfection rate (He forced Minhyun to keep track of his stats). Usually grabbing the recommended Matcha Mocha (can't say no to a kid) listened to Tiffany singing and playing the guitar (Jaehwan got too nervous after his mistake) and left.


Some of the customers lingered for a few extra minutes and interacted with the Hwangs, mostly trying to talk to the kids, and by kids, most of them tried to interact with Hyunbin, who stared back at them with fearful eyes. Minhyun ended up staying beside Hyunbin to ease the anxiety of being around people.


Baekhyun showed up a few hours later, a couple of customers were sitting at tables and sipping their drinks.


"Hi,hi,hi,hi,hi." Baekhyun went around and greeted everyone.


"And hello to you lovely Tiffany." Baekhyun grabbed Tiffany's hand and gently kissed it.


"Erm Hi Baekhyun."


"BAEKHYUN!" Taeyeon was already storming in 20 seconds after Baekhyun entered. "Hi, Tiffany!" She flashed a gummy smile towards the other. "Sorry to leave so quick but Baekhyun keeps forgetting about all our duties at the cafe."And with that, she was fiercely pulling his ear out of the café.


"They really are something," Tiffany muttered to herself as she adjusted her music stand.


"That man acts weird umma!"


"It's not nice to call people that Daehwi, I'm sure he's just friendly."




Daehwi brought the "now open" sign back inside as they closed up the café for the day.


"Do you think 6 pm is too early to close?"


"Well, we only started today so we can extend it if we get more customers." Nichkhun waved farewell to their cafe workers and led the whole family upstairs.


*^*Later that night*^*


"Honey look!" Nichkhun called to his wife as she was washing the dishes. Their kids who were watching TV were also curious and gathered around him.


"Remember that Japanese customer?"


"Kenta something right?"


"Yeah, anyways look!" Nichkhun gestured to his laptop screen. There was a selfie of the said person on the screen, smiling brightly while holding his Matcha Mocha up, Nichkhun scrolled down to show his blog.


Hello, Taka's!


Sorry I haven't posted in the last two weeks TT I've been enjoying my stay in my favorite country, South Korea!

I was going to visit the popular Kim Cafe again in Busan today but a new café called Matcha Mocha had just opened a few blocks away from Kim Cafe so I decided to give it a try instead.

The place was very cozy and who I assume are the owners were very nice and welcoming! They also have the cutest children ever and one son can sing really well!

On recommendation, I decided to try the café's specialty, the matcha mocha, and it was delicious! I highly suggest visiting this place and stay tuned next week for my visit in Paris!


  Takada Kenta <3


"OH MY GOD!" The kids were all startled by their mom's shouts. They were concentrating hard on the writing and trying to understand what it was saying.


"I can't believe our first customer was some famous food blogger."


"Do you think it'll draw people to our café?"


"Hopefully a few, I don't think my heart would be able to take any more than that."


"What does it say Appa?" Daehwi gave up trying to read it.


"It says that our café was very good."


"Must be my great speaking skills!" Seongwoo proudly gave himself a pat on the back.


"Whatever you say." Jaehwan rolled his eyes.


"It's late kids, let's get ready for bed."


"But it's only 9 'o clock!" Seongwoo protested.


"Speak for yourself." Nichkhun motioned towards Seongwoo's brothers. Daehwi and Hyunbin managed to slump asleep on the floor, Jaehwan let out a loud yawn and Seonho's soft snores could be heard from the baby monitor. The only one who seemed mildly awake was Minhyun.


'' Fine," Seongwoo grumbled and dragged Jaehwan to the bathroom to brush their teeth. Minhyun gently pulled Hyunbin onto his back and carried Daehwi to get them changed and ready for bed as well. After 10 minutes Nichkun go up too


"Shouldn't we go to bed too honey?"


"I guess we should Nickhun, go ahead, I'll just finish the dishes."


"Make it quick honey....."




Thankfully for Tiffany's heart, there weren't many customers the next day, but the amount gradually increased throughout the week into the next. And then.


Next Monday came.


"I don't think my heart can take this!" Tiffany clutched her chest and took a step back as she could see a crowd standing outside of the cafe before it was supposed to open in 20 minutes.


"Mrs.Hwang, I don't know if we can handle this either." One of the workers, Jaehoon gestured to their group of 4 eyeing the people outside.


"I'll get Nichkhun to help today, I'm sure Minhyun can handle watching his brothers." So Tiffany quickly ran back upstairs where her husband and their 6 sons were eating breakfast.


"There's a crowd outside! You have to help, Nichkhun!"


"Are they attacking us Umma?"


"No they're not Jaehwannie, they all want to buy from us."


"Who's going to watch the kids then honey?"


"I'm sure Minhyun is capable of watching over his little brothers? Right Minhyunnie?'' Tiffany ruffled her son's hair and cleared some things off the counter.


"If your brothers want to go downstairs, make sure you take all of them down and keep them in sight." Nichkhun quickly followed his wife down the stairs and out of their view.


` ` ` 30 minutes later ` ` `


"Hyung I'm bored!" Jaehwan whined from his spot on Minhyun's shoulder, all of his brothers were wrapped around Minhyun in one way or another while they watched TV.


"Can we go downstairs now?" Seongwoo sighed and sunk further into the couch.


"Okay but only for a minute." Minhyun carried Seonho and they all followed him down the staircase, they peeked through the little crack in the doorway to see a lot of people in the cafe.


"I see a lot of people!" Daehwi gasped.


"W-we d-don't have to go out r-right?" Hyunbin's voice shuddered at the thought of dealing with so many people.


"It's fine Hyunbin, let's go back upstairs guys." Ignoring Jaehwan and Seongwoo's whines, they all went back upstairs.




"Please take one of our flyers and share it with your family and friends." A group of girls happily took the flyers from the worker's hands and left the cafe.


"Kenta wasn't kidding! This Matcha Mocha is delicious!"


"That guitar player sang so well!"


"We totally should come back tomorrow!"


"I want to see their kids just like Kenta said!"


"Maybe they got shy of, maybe we'll see them tomorrow."


The group of girls continued in their bubble of happy chatter as they walked. They stopped and glanced at someone who was staring angrily at the cafe, crumpling a piece of paper in their hands.


"Geez, what's their problem?"


"Maybe they hate waiting in line."


"Whatever, just leave them."


When the group was out of earshot, the person teared up the promotional flier of the Matcha Mocha that was in their hand.


"They're not getting away with this." They ripped the paper in half, tossed it onto the cement, and stomped on it as they walked away.



























Next time on Coffee for two (but what matters more is you):

"Ow ! You son of a ! This should stop you!" A gun was withdrawn from their pocket and they pointed it towards him.


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