Piercing the Silence (Prologue part 3)

I love you a Latte (One day I'm going to hurt you) HIATUS UNTIL NOVEMBER SORRY GUYS

Tiffany looked back at her son's sleeping in the backseat and smiled at them. The cafe was closed for the day and they had spent it in Lotte world. It was an enjoyable experience for the whole family and the boys' energy was well spent.

The ride back was supposed to be 2 hours, but there were unprecedented construction and traffic that caused the van to be pulling up by their cafe around midnight.

"They're knocked out cold Nichkhun." Tiffany picked up a normally light sleeper Seonho but even he was snoring lightly in spite of her touch.

"Not me." Minhyun's voice groggily came from the backseat, he got up instantaneously and loaded Hyunbin and Daehwi in his arms.

"You're always ready to help." Tiffany placed a kiss on Minhyun's head, he tucked the chocolate into his pocket.

"Thanks, Umma, I'll eat it tomorrow." Minhyun carried his brothers up the stairs, Nichkhun was behind him carrying Seongwoo and Jaehwan.

Minhyun assisted all of his brothers in getting ready for bed, it was amusing to see them half awake, sliding into their pj's and lazily brushing their teeth with their eyes closed. Nichkhun went downstairs and came back up with Seonho.

"I'm going to settle Seonho down for bed, then I'm going to help your Umma with a few things downstairs for the cafe tomorrow, so just get your brother's into bed quickly okay?" Nichkhun gave Minhyun a hug, a completely different from the typical good night kiss but Minhyun was fine from it. He ushered all of his brothers to bed after his dad disappeared downstairs.

Minhyun lay in bed and listened to Seongwoo and Jaehwan's light snores. He couldn't help thinking about back to the incident with Baekhyun, his mother had refused to talk about it and continued to live with a smile plastered on her face that was meant to outshine even the saddest moments. But Minhyun couldn't help but feel guilty whenever fear flickered in her eyes when a male customer unintentionally got too close to her.

And then he heard it.


The sound of glass shattering followed by muffled yelling lured Minhyun out of bed, he warily eyed his brothers, unfazed by the sound and living happily in their dreams.


His brother's started to stir awake.

"What's happening?" Jaehwan sluggishly rubbed his eyes.

"Nothing, just relax."

"Are you sure?"

"I'll go check Seongwoo, but stay in bed." Minhyun left the room and he saw Daehwi walking to the steps.

"No!" Minhyun quickly grabbed Daehwi from the staircase and dragged him to his room.

"But I can hear Umma screaming hyung."

"It's nothing, stay in bed and Hyung will make sure she's okay." Minhyun gave a reassuring nod to Hyunbin who looked at him wordlessly, but eyes still filled with the same uneasiness.

Minhyun tiptoed down the stairs, and slowly peeked his head around the corner. He had to bite his tongue from yelling.

He saw his dad restrained against the wall by several men dressed in black, his face was already bruised and his shouts were being muffled by a rag. His mother was being dragged out of the cafe, thrashing around and yelling incoherent words to try and free herself. Minhyun couldn't hold back anymore. He'll save them this time.

"Get away!" He grabbed a nearby coffee pot and slammed it onto one of the men's heads.

"Ow!" The man grabbed his head in pain.

"What a brat! Let's kill him!"

"No! We can't sidetrack from the intended target, anything more could get us caught."

"If you say so boss, then I'll keep the brat down." One of the men tackled Minhyun down, restraining all of his limbs and smirked at him.

"Say bye bye to your parents you spoiled brat."

"You wouldn't dare!" Minhyun spat into the man's eyes, he punched Minhyun's face in retaliation.

"You are a bad kid! Good thing you'll lose your parents!"

Minhyun glanced to the side and saw Nichkhun almost pulled directly out of the cafe as well.

"Now go cry in the corner." The man hastily got up and kicked Minhyun's head, shoving him into a corner and running out to help with Nichkhun.

"Hyung?" Oh no, the only thought that ran through his mind as he looked up to see all of his brother's huddled at the doorway.

"Where are they taking Umma and Appa!!" Seongwoo freaked out at seeing his parents being pulled towards a van outside. Minhyun could feel the pain stabbing him all over his body, but forced himself up to shove his brother's back to the staircase.

"Just go upstairs! Hyung will deal with it!" Minhyun dashed outside and saw Nichkhun being forced to his knees on the ground.

"What are you doing to my appa!" Minhyun was about to attack but was thrown aside when he got into range.

"Hmm which one do you want, the revolver or the pistol?" One of the men spun the said firearms in his hands and let out a short cackle.

"He's having none of it!" Minhyun tried running at him again but was tackled to the ground by the same man as before,

"I guess the brat needs to learn his lesson twice!"

"UMMA! APPA!" Minhyun's arm desperately reached out towards his parents. as if his motion would magically pull them back towards him, but he was immobilized.

"Minhyun! Don't worry I'll be okay!" Nichkhun tried to reassure him.

"I guess both guns will work." With a smirk, the man pointed them both at Nichkhun's head and pulled the trigger.


Minhyun was finally able to get off the ground and ran to his father. Tears rolling down his face as he tried to shake him back to life. "You won't get away with this!" He ran to the group of men who were now trying to shove his mother into the van.

"Let her go!" The men laughed watching the child's attempts by tugging on his mother's leg and kicking at theirs.

"Foolish kid, this should take care of you." The blunt side of a gun was smashed against the corner of Minhyun's head, sending him sprawling across the ground. One of them kicked the side of Minhyun's limp body before they got his mother into the car.

"Minhyun! Please watch your brothers-!" Tiffany was cut off by the car door slamming shut.

"This is for good measure." Minhyun could faintly hear one of the men say from the car.

BANG! A gunshot came from within the car.

"And one more for that brat." Minhyun saw a gun being blindly pointed back towards their cafe.

BANG! The bullet pierced through the last standing pane of glass in the cafe, but what followed next pulled Minhyun into a greater state of panic.




No! What happened to Hyunbin! A swarm of thoughts was flooding Minhyun's mind, but his body was fatigued in contrast and he felt himself slowly fading out.

"Hurry!" An unknown voice rang throughout the air. Before he knew it, Minhyun felt a pair of arms pick him up and load him onto something. He was being pulled away faster than he knew it.

"Is he still breathing?"

"It looks like he's going to die soon!" Minhyun felt the pace of whatever he was on quicken.

"We have to hurry!"

"Where are they taking Minhyun hyung!"

"Bring back Minhyunnie hyung! He has to help us save Hyunbin and Appa!" Whoever was dragging Minhyun away was ignoring his brother's scream.

"Umma.....Appa........Hyunbin......" Minhyun's quiet whispers faded into the night silence.

The last thing he saw was the abundance of building lights coming to life, likely awakened by the loud commotion from the cafe.

"His eyes are closing!"

Minhyun out.


"Everyone's asleep!" A little boy shook his friend awake among the 4 other sleeping children in the room.

"Really?" The other let out a tired yawn and let the other drag him out of bed.

"How do you think Noona would feel if she ever caught us?"

"Don't be so worried Minki, I'm sure she wouldn't mind it, who doesn't love a good midnight stroll."

"Can we do the usual Dongho hyung?"

"We always do the usual Minki." They crept out of the side doors and let the cooling temperature seep into their skin.

"And here is your carriage prince Minki." Dongho gestured towards a red wagon by the entrance and MInki let out a cringe.

"Don't call me that! it feels weird, you're older anyway."

"But you're as sassy as royalty, so get in and let's be on our way!" Minki grumbled and climbed into the wagon. He lied down and adjusted his body into a more comfortable position before signaling Dongho to start pulling it.

And off they were, exploring the streets of Busan as the clock struck 12. The duo traveled in silence, the only sound being the tires of the wagon sliding across the cement.

Minki looked sadly at one of the houses. "That's a big house over there hyung...."

"You like it?"

"Do you think a family lives in there?"

"Most likely."

"If someone ever bothers to adopt us, do you think we'll get to live in houses as nice as those?"

"Maybe not as big, but the loving home that they'll provide is worth enough." Minki picked a rock from the side and threw it at Dongho's head.

"I'd rather hear you tell me yes."

"You just want to be adopted right Minki?" Minki gazed at the ground sadly.

"I think we're too old hyung, whoever comes into the orphanage always chooses the younger kids."

"Don't worry, someone out there is meant to bring us both loving homes."

"You don't sound scared about it hyung."

"It's the silence of the night."

"The silence?"

"Isn't the silence nice? It soothes away all of my fears-"


"What was that Hyung?" Minki bolted upward. Shivering at the distant sounds of people shouting.

"Let's investigate!" Dongho quickened his pace and followed the source of the noise.

"Hyung stop!" Minki shouted just as a van whizzed past Dongho's face.

"You idiot! You almost got me run over!"

"But you're the one in the wagon, I was closer."



"Look!" Their attention was refocussed and Minki pointed towards a building a few yards away.

"Is that a boy laying on the ground?"

"Hurry up and go check!" Dongho ran towards the body on the ground.

"Hey! You're going too fast! It's going to make me fall!"

"Geez sorry."


"Hypocrite," Dongho muttered under his breath as they got to the boy.

When they got to the boy on the ground, Dongho scooped up the boy in his arms and placed him in the wagon, Minki had already scooted aside.

"Is he still breathing?"

"It looks like he's going to die soon!" Minki tried patting away at the blood on the boys face. "But his eyes are open slightly."

"Let's get him back to noona. Maybe she has some medicine for him." They both heard faint shouts coming from in the building, sounding like they were directed at them, they ignored it and just ran.


"What is he saying Minki?"

"I can't hear it!"

"Hey! Just hold on!" The buildings surrounding them suddenly came to life as their occupants turned the lights on.

"Hyung, his eyes are closing!" Minki suddenly felt the boy go limp under his hand.

"Hyung he passed out!"

"That's not good! We're almost there at least! "

They were sprawling through the gates of the orphanage 3 minutes later. Dongho picked up the boy bridal style and ran inside, Minki following close behind.

"Noona!" Dongho barged into a room and turned the lights on.

"Dongho? What on earth is going on?" The woman removed the eye mask from her face and blinked her eyes rapidly to adjust to the light.

"This boy is hurt!" Dongho laid him out on the bed.

"Oh dear! Let me get the first aid kit!" The woman jumped out of bed and disappeared for a moment before returning with a kit.

"Now, I'll take care of him, you guys can go to sleep."

"Can you bring him to us when you're done noona?"

"But it's late Dongho."

"Please, I just want to see if he's okay."

"Okay fine, but just go to bed please."


"Do you think he'll be okay?"

"I'm not sure, I hope so." Dongho waited for Minki to ask another question but realized the other had fallen asleep immediately after asking.

Dongho laid in bed and stared at the stars out the window. The boy was brought in when the clock read 12:50 am

"Here he is Dongho, I guess you want him to rest beside you."

"You're the best Yoona noona!" Dongho exclaimed quietly as to not wake the other children in the room.

"No problem... but we'll have to discuss how you found him in the morning." Yoona disappeared after laying the boy down beside Dongho.

Dongho studied the boy's face, letting his fingers graze the cut on the boy's cheek

"Wow." The word escaped Dongho's lips as he admired the boys sleeping face.

"Don't worry." Dongho carefully wrapped his arms around the other boy's waist and snuggled his nose into his neck, he didn't even know why he was doing it.

"I'll make sure you don't get hurt ever again."


A handful of streets away~~


"Appa! Hyunbin!" Jaehwan was having a mental breakdown on the ground as he watched his Appa get put in a body bag and Hyunbin be pushed into the back of an ambulance. "Please save Hyunbin at least!" He begged one of the medics in desperation, who could only offer him a sympathetic smile.

"Let's take a few deep breaths Jaehwan."

"No Hyung! Umma and Minhyun Hyung are missing too! Why should I calm down!" Jaehwan was screeching at Seongwoo's face.

"I-is Appa d-dead? Daehwi sat beside his Appa in the half open body bag and looked at one of the police officers putting him in, tears were streaming down his face. The police officer made an unreadable face and pulled Daehwi off the ground.

"He's just in a better place now."

"N-no! A-appa always s-says the b-best place is h-home!"

"Is this your brother?" A police officer came out of the cafe holding Seonho, he was crying from being held in foreign arms.

"Yes." Seongwoo took Seonho out of the officer's hands.

"Let's get you kids somewhere safer." Seongwoo followed diligently and sat in the back of the police car.

"No please! 1 more minute!" Jaehwan pleaded from his spot on the ground.

"It's late kid." The officer dragged a flailing Jaehwan by the collar into the car and made sure Seongwoo had a restraining hand on him before getting Daehwi.

"A-appa!" Daehwi watched the body bag get loaded beside Hyunbin in the ambulance.

"Okay kid let's go-."

"H-he's gone h-hyung!" Daehwi ignored the officer and ran into the car himself, he sat on Seongwoo's lap and cried into his chest.

"Where's Minhyun and Umma?" Seongwoo bit his lip nervously, he couldn't handle keeping his brothers emotionally stable when there were tears rolling down his face too.

"Don't worry, we sent out a missing report, they'll be found soon."

"Do you think they have any relatives?" Seongwoo could hear officer's talking outside.

"I hope they do, I'd hate separating them in an orphanage or a foster home."

And then Seongwoo realized.

They don't have any relatives.

His wails filled the police car as it drove away.................




Next time on Coffee for Two (But what matters more is you)

His feet pounded the pavement as he ran.

He just wanted to get away.

"Pronounced dead around 1am upon arrival at the hospital, ******************************************."

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