Chapter 2 (Betrayal at its Finest)

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"Good, you made it on time," Taeyeon noted Jonghyun running into the meeting room with a minute to spare. He was never found of getting into the business of the cafe but she forced him to nonetheless. Better than taking a gunshot to the head any day. 

"Your brother worked hard on this so don't you dare object." Joonmyeon was at the head of the table, pulling down a projector screen and organizing a couple of papers in front of him. 


As the minute went by the meeting room filled with other businessmen and politicians. He smiled at Dongho taking a seat beside him. It was good to have his old friend back but he could never act to close with him or else his mother would get suspicious. 


Seeing the room full, Joonmyeon cleared his throat to grab everyone's attention. After they quieted down, he began.


"Good afternoon everyone, my name is Kim Joonmyeon and I'll be your presenter today." They gave him a soft applause. 


"I have a proposal to make for the Kim Cafe's, a new location that I believe will surpass the others in popularity." Joonmyeon flipped his slide, showing a collage of several of the cafe locations.


"As you can see, the majority of our locations are enlisted in city areas, and while they do bring in customers for their quick access, none of them have an appealing scenery." Shots from inside the cafe's were shown, showing roads and dull buildings as the view.


"However I have found one location that isn't too far away from the city but also provides a splendid background for customers." Joonmyeon flipped to a photo of a large building on a hill. It was littered with kids running around it, a smiling couple was in the corner. Jonghyun felt his heart drop. 


It was Eunwoo and Moonbin's orphanage. 


A couple of oohs and aahs filled the room, the applause that followed clearly showed everyone's appreciation of the location, Jonghyun didn't bother to clap.


"As you can see the backdrop showcases the beautiful mountains in the distance, the thriving plants and trees provide a fresh look. There is also a lake right behind the building that would make for an enjoyable area to relax." The next shot zoomed closer in on the building.


"The building occupying the area currently is an orphanage, but I can assure you with enough money, the owners will hand over the location willingly." Everyone nodded in agreement, except for Jonghyun who huffed in annoyance. Dongho looked at him concerned in contrast to Taeyeon's threatening glare. 


"That is indeed a nice location Joonmyeon." Taeyeon smiled at her son proudly. "I'm sure it will bring attract many customers."


"I agree, this location looks promising."


"We should start working on it as soon as possible." 


"I'll add 100 million won to the budget." The businessman were giving compliments and putting up offers, Joonmyeon grinned wider in satisfaction with the good reception." 




"Jonghyun don't you dare." Taeyeon whispered the threat quietly to her son, who slammed his fists on the table and stood up. The people in the room looked at hi confused as an uncomfortable silence engulfed the room. Dongho placed a hand on his shoulder but it was shrugged off.


"I think the idea is terrible." Jonghyun protested.


"Don't you see the benefits of this place, it's not a bad idea." Joonmyeon shot back. 


"Why don't you try a different place, who would want to take down an orphanage." 


"Why do you care so much for just a broken down old orphanage?" Jonghyun had enough of it, he walked out of the room.


"Kim Jonghyun come back right this second!" Taeyeon yelled at him as he walked out, Dongho ran after him.


"Are you okay?" Dongho inquired, unknowing to Jonghyun's concerns.


"It's nothing, can you leave me alone for now? I'll call you later." Dongho let go of Jonghyun's arm and let him walk away. 


The reporters waiting outside of the office for Taeyeon were shocked watching Jonghyun storm out, they were so surprised that they didn't know if they should stop and interview him. 


Confused murmurs rang into the air. Jonghyun ignored them all and got into his car. 


"This is so dumb." He drove off.




"M-minki *cough* don't." Jisung let out a shaky protest watching Minki, about to intervene as Dongho chased after Minhyun to the balcony. "Let them *cough* handle *cough* it."


"Minhyun please listen." Minhyun's back was turned to him. 


"What is there to hear? I saw what I saw!" 


"Minhyun, I was offered a lot of money.." 


"Money's all you care about?" Minhyun turned to him, anger and betrayal evident in his eyes. "If you wanted more damn money, why didn't you just ask me?!?" 




"You know about everything Dongho! Why are you working for her?" 


"Minhyun I-" 


"Stop saying my name! I want to hear the truth!" 


"I'm not supposed to say it.." 


"Is that how it is then? You're doing this all because of a few extra thousand won? Pathetic!" Minhyun turned around and proceeded to walk away, forgetting he was on a balcony, he almost toppled over the edge if Dongho didn't catch him in his arms.


"Minhyun. I'm doing it because.........," Dongho whispered his answer into Minhyun's ear. The words that escaped his lips died down into the atmosphere. Never reaching the ears of the nightingale, who would've spread the gossip into the night with its songs.





The room was dimly lit, a of sunlight cascaded against the right side of their cheek. They swirled the wine in their glass for a couple of seconds before taking a sip. Turning around at the sound of the door opening, they sighed at the boy looking lost at the entrance. 


"Do you need anything Jihoon?" The said boy fumbled with the stack of papers in his hand. He adjusted the circle framed glasses on his face and gestured towards the stack.


"Just getting the documents together" 


"Were you looking for anything else?"  They sat the glass down and motioned to the boxes packed at the side of the room. Every box was neatly labeled.


Jihoon shook his head, "I' shall prepare the rest then." Jihoon was about to leave. "Jihoon wait." He stopped and turned back around.


"You don't have to act so formally, there's no one here." 


"But what if they find out? No one knows you said it would risk everything." Tears shimmered in Jihoon's eyes.


"Oh Jihoon, you only know it's for the better, the readers are getting suspicious, I think you should head off." Jihoon nodded, "I'm sure there's a-lot you need to do before we leave for Seoul." 


He left the room after sending a small smile.


The figure circled the room, glancing at the letter on the desk, it was already bizarre how they were selected as a candidate for the mayoral election. Staying involved in Korean business and politics while building positive relations with many politicians must've brought them to this moment.


They wonder how the arrival in Seoul will turn out while enjoying another sip of their wine.




"Did you two make up?" Minki watched Dongho carry a limp Minhyun into the room. 


"I don't know, he passed out after I told him. From exhaustion or stress, I'm not sure." The hoots of an owl interrupted the silence that had overcome them. 


"I already helped Jisung go to bed, he was exhausted." Minki said as he walked back to the living room, picking up the tissues from the floor, Dongho followed and placed Minhyun on the couch, "You guys pretty loud did you think he's okay?" 


"I....hope." Dongho gazed at Minhyun sadly. 


"Don't feel so down, he'll get it one day, just know that I'll always understand you." Minki bit his lip as if he was forcing back unspoken words that threatened to come out. "Do you want to carry Minhyun home?"


"I don't think I can, I'm already drained from today." Holding back all those reporters was exhausting. 


"Okay, then let's go back home." Minki's apartment, more or less owned by Dongho as well, was located a floor above Jisung's. 


They left Jisung's apartment after Minki cleaned up and Dongho placed a blanket over Minhyun. 




"Hello Mr.Cha, I am a representative on behalf of the Kim Cafe and-"  Moonbin deleted the voicemail without hesitation. 


"Them again?" Eunwoo asked from his spot by the stove, he was currently cooking two large pots of black bean noodles to feed the kids. 


"They won't quit it, that was the 3rd call today." Moonbin let out a huff of air, Eunwoo could feel his anger through the tenseness in his husband's hold on his waist. 


"Don't worry so much, I'm sure soon enough they'll realize that we don't want the offer and they'll let it be." Eunwoo turned over a pressed a quick peck to Moonbin's lips. 


"I hope so..." Moonbin snuggled closer into Eunwoo's side, trying to fight away all of his worries. The sizzling of the pots filled the comfortable silence until another kid related commotion would happen.


But it was a knock at the door that interrupted them.


"I'll check it." Moonin unraveled himself from Eunwoo and approached the door, puzzled at who he saw through the peephole, he opened it anyway. "Jonghyun? You never come at dinner-" 


Moonbin was muffled by Jonghyun's body as he was pulled into a tight embrace. "I'm sorry hyung." Moonbin could already feel the damp spot on his shoulder, he didn't want to look at Jonghyun's face yet. 


"It's fine, you did nothing wrong." Moonbin moved his hand up and down Jonghyun's back languidly in an attempt to comfort him. 


"It is my fault." 


"What is? There is nothing you could ever do to make us unhappy." Moonbin could tell Jonghyun's knees were getting weak, as his weight was slowly getting heavier on him, he carefully stepped backward to sit Jonghyun down on a chair. He looked into his tearful eyes worriedly. "Tell me, what's wrong." 


"T-they want t-to take the o-orphanage." Jonghyun pulled Moonbin in for another hug. 


"Jonghyun?" Eunwoo appeared at his side, he had finished cooking and set the pots on the side to cool. "Is this about the orphanage?" The younger gave a weak nod. 


"Oh, Jonghyun." Eunwoo joined into the hug. "You know we would never give it away, no matter how much they want to give us."


You don't know what extent she takes to get what she wants  The words died on Jonghyun's tongue and a choked sob escaped instead.


"Hyung? A few kids were standing a few meters away, worried.


"Don't cry hyung." They were all gathering Jonghyun in a hug, in spite of being unaware of the cause of his tears. 


"See Hyunnie, the kids don't want you to be upset over it either. It's not a big deal." Moonbin withdrew himself from the group hug in favor of retrieving a few tissues. 


They stayed like that for who knows how long, Jonghyun let himself bask in the warmth and love of the people surrounding him, if only he could feel this at his house, he can't even call it his home. The kids separated one by one as Jonghyun's tears softened and all who was left was Jeup. 


"Hyung said healing kisses always work!" He pressed a peck to the last tear on Jonghyun's cheek and ran off to play with the other kids. 


"See we all care about you, and you shouldn't worry about us either." Eunwoo sat beside Jonghyun. "But it's getting late...." Eunwoo bit his lip as he glanced at the clock on the wall, it was evident he didn't want Jonghyun to leave. 


And maybe it was evident in the way Jonghyun pulled Eunwoo and Moonbin into another hug that he didn't want to go.


"Can I stay the night?" 


"Of course you can Jonghyunnie."




 Minhyun awoke to the soft sounds of sizzling. He stretched as the savory smell of bacon filled his nostrils. 


Wait but he's not the one cooking breakfast, confused he opened his eyes and realized he was bundled up on Jisung's couch. He slipped out of the couch to see who was cooking in the kitchen. 


"Seongwoo?" He was surprised to see his brother standing by the stove cooking.


"You're finally awake." Seongwoo turned around with his spatula, Minhyun would've for the ridiculous amount of stains on the apron if he wasn't so baffled by the situation.


"What time is it? Aren't you supposed to be at school? Who's at the store?" Seongwoo raised his spatula as if it would command Minhyun to stop talking.


"You're asking too many questions. It's 9 am, it's Saturday, Minki hyung opened the cafe with Jaehwan and Sungwoon hyung came early as well." Seongwoo turned back to his pancakes, grumbling that he burned the most recent one. 


"Oh, Sungwoon's better already? Did the others come in?" 


"No, I think they're coming in later." Seongwoo poured another spoonful of batter into the pan.


"Wait..." Minhyun sat at the kitchen table to recollect his thoughts. "Did you..." 


"Yes, Minki hyung told me everything." Seongwoo flipped the pancake over. "You're probably overworked, it's fine to give yourself some time off like right now." 


It hurt Minhyun, keeping the secrets of their parent's death to himself. As he watched Seongwoo slip the plate of food in front of him. The bacon, eggs, and pancakes were assembled into the perfect smiley face. It was saddening to see Seongwoo give him a small smile, displaying a pity that failed to understand what Minhyun knew. 


"I'll go wake Jisung hyung up, you better brush your teeth before you dig in!" Seongwoo skipped out of the kitchen, at least someone was happy. 




The next day Jonghyun was back at his house around noon, he was ready to face whatever the consequences were for storming off. 


"Hyung's home!" A little girl ran down the hall as her brother stepped into his house. 


"Chaeyoung be careful you might fall!" His father, Baekhyun was standing at the other end of the hall. Arms crossed and posture positioned in the way as if it was ready to scold his daughter if she did fall.


"I missed you!" Chaeyoung hugged Jonghyun. 


"I missed you too." Jonghyun picked her up and cradled her in his arms. Baekhyun's face hardened as his son walked towards him


"You have a lot of explaining to do." Baekhyun placed a hand on his hip. "Why weren't you home last night?" 


"You already know." 


"Yes I do I just wanted to make sure, your mother wouldn't stop yelling about it when she got home." Baekhyun turned around, it only then did Jonghyun notice him in an apron. 


"Are you cooking lunch?"


"Yes, your mom took her anger out on a maid and fired them on the spot." Jonghyun grimaced, getting fired was somewhat common in their household but Taeyeon's firing tactics were 'unique'. Baekhyun seemed uneager to continue on the topic, he turned back to whatever his pot was cooking. Not before ending off with a "You should go change." 


Jonghyun stayed back, Chaeyoung had already gotten distracted and was playing with a doll. he watched Baekhyun cook while humming. He always wondered why his father never pursued a career in singing. 


"I'm glad you didn't come home last night," Baekhyun spoke up after a few minutes, aware that Jonghyun didn't leave. "She looked ready to kill you." 


"Where is she now?"


"She went off to another meeting with Junmyeon in the morning. She seemed calmer so you might want to straighten things out with her or your brother." Baekhyun yelped as hot water spurted out of the pot onto his hand, he turned to the sink with a huff. "Now get changed, the smell of your sweat is starting to ruin my cooking." Knowing his father was joking, Jonghyun laughed and went upstairs.



He always liked his dad more.




 Jihoon was looking out of the plane, as the vast blue ocean he saw for the last 12 hours was finally approaching a hint of land.


The green fields became buildings and it soon transformed into vast cities.


"Do you like the view Jihoon?" The voice beside him spoke up, it was evident they had woken up from a long nap.


"It's nice." He said. 


"We're going to land soon." Jihoon gazed out the window without a response for a few minutes.


"Aren't you worried?" After minutes of pondering, Jihoon looked back at them concerned. What if they revolt against you because almost no one knows you." 


Jihoon opened the laptop in his lap, flipping to an article and pointed to a face on the screen. "I've seen a lot about her, everyone loves her, do you really think you can win against her?" 


"I'm sure I won't go down without trying." They patted Jihoon's hair reassuringly. "And even if I lose, I'll be fine, you always wanted to move to Korea right?" 




"Exactly, no matter what happens this is a win-win situation for us, is my schedule ready?" 


"Of course I finished it." Jihoon switched to another page, showing a long chart. "Your schedule is already packed. is it true that there are interviewers waiting in the airport?"


"Yes Jihoon, I hope you're ready for the spotlight." They laughed at the look of discomfort on his face. "Don't worry if you don't like it, you can walk behind me."


The plane is preparing to descend, please seat yourselves and prepare for turbulence. The speaker overhead informed.


"Well then." Jihoon paused as a short rush of turbulence lurched in the airplane. "Are you ready?"


"I'm always ready Jihoon."




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