Sweet Summer Escapade


Kim Seokjin realizes how burdensome being an heir is. He believed that being in that position would prevent him from reaching his real dream. Hungry for freedom, he attempts to jump off the ship and find his true self.

Kang Seulgi is a writer who put up a book cafè to reach for her dream of publishing her stories. Her cafè has limited customers but she was happy about it.

What will happen if their worlds would collide in the middle of a hot and stingy summer?

Yo amazing lovely people! :) Five more chapters and SeulJin's story will be done. I hope you keep reading and supporting this story1 Saranghae!


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Ode2kdrama #1
Chapter 17: wow! What a lovely story.
Chapter 18: Ahhhh, what a well-written story! I don't ship Jin & Seulgi, but who cares! I love it! I really like your writing style.