WenRene Book of Joy, Bear and Squirtle

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Here lies a WenRene book, hopefully to be filled with a lot of wonderful tales. Enter at own risk. (One-shots collection)





1. Fate Conduit (14/5/2017)

It's easy right, when you find a game machine that can give you a second chance in life with the only person you has ever loved?
Or so Joohyun thought.

2. Between the Lines (22/5/2017)

Wendy is knee deep in books and Joohyun is looking for an adventure.

(Inspired by my conversation with my friend, Minty. We are both literature students and the literature section in our school's library is almost always empty.)

3. Rebel With A Cause (30/6/2017)

Playgirl Wendy Son may have something she treasures more than her bad girl reputation: Irene Bae.

4. Someone Else's Angel (16/7/2017)

Who said you can't befriend your ex-girlfriend after you broke up? Irene Bae more than believed this was the case...until she accepted to star in Seulgi Kang's music video because she got a wind that the singer may be the new apple of Wendy Son's eyes.

5. Piece by Piece (18/08/2017)

'Piece by Piece' tells the story of heartbreaks through songs. With Joohyun as the producer, so many people have been healed as they hear the soothing voice of DJ Bear and DJ Tablo but no listeners know that PD Joohyun has an incurable heartbreak herself.

6. In Loving Memory, Us (15/9/2017)

Joohyun sits in a book event and reads out loud an ordinary love story, just like any other love stories out there. Except for the fact that it is hers.

7. Then There's You (17/11/2017)

They are in different years, different majors so there's no reason they should meet right? But fate (or some grand mess) still brings them together to share a class for one whole semester. Even better, they're in the same group for weekly group project.

8. Long Live the Queen (24/12/2017)

Irene thought she will never be a queen, but she does. She is careful and guarded with the people around her and never thought she would fall in love with a girl whose hair is the colour of star,

but she does.

2017 Story Rant


9. Ex - Girlfriend Tag (21/2/2018)

Wendy, a popular YouTuber wants to make a live video to answer the Ex-Girlfriend Tag with her ex-girlfriend, Irene Bae.

What could go wrong, right?

10. For The Sake of Wendy

Irene is willing to sacrifice anything, if it means she can save Wendy.

Or Seungwan.

11. Family

Family is not just for those bounded by blood. Or maybe it is - when it's not theirs.

12. Hear Me Out

Soulmates can communicate telepathically now, unless if they choose not to. Wendy makes a choice and Joohyun is stuck in the past.

13. I Don't (Miss You)

In the world where people lost themselves, love could still be found.


The sleep-deprived student in her final year who started the collection then could never have imagined having her story featured at the front page amidst all the great writers in this site. I can never thank you enough for all the kind words, upvotes and subscription. February is a good month :D
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