Channel Orange

“Okay, so, what you want to do is level out all the sounds right here in the mix so that it wouldn’t sound like a bunch of loud, random noises being played together,” Yoongi tutored the curious Chaeyoung about the steps in mixing and mastering on an audio software, his index finger pointing at his laptop screen.

Chaeyoung nodded understandingly. “Should I make the beat sound louder than the instrumentals, or vice versa?”

Yoongi shrugged. “Well, in my case, I usually layer my beat and 808s on top of the melodies, so you should try doing that.”

“Ah, okay. Got it,” said Chaeyoung with a proud smile. She then turned her head towards Yoongi. “Wow, it’s actually a lot easier than I thought.”

“You were taught by an amazing producer right here, so that’s hardly even a surprise,” Yoongi smirked as he offered a high five to Chaeyoung, a gesture in which the latter accepted.

“You should’ve let him hanging, Chaeyoung-ah, he doesn’t deserve the high five,” Jimin teased from behind the two, earning a hard pinch on the cheek from Yoongi, causing him to groan out in pain. “Hyung, what the hell!”

“Jiminie, you sorta deserve that,” Taehyung chuckled at the scene. He sat on top of a table facing the front of Yoongi and Chaeyoung whilst casually eating Honey Chili-flavored Doritos. Chaeyoung caught sight of the delicious looking snack, so she motioned her hand at Taehyung signaling him to hand the chips over. Taehyung nodded as he drew his hand out, watching Chaeyoung grab a handful of the seasoning-covered, triangular shaped chips with glee. “You know, if you ever feel like wanting to shake your hips, Hobi here is willing to help.”

“J-hooooooooope!” Yoongi hollered unexpectedly, earning him a few stares from his classmates, including the stares from his circle of friends. Noticing the unwanted attention, he shrugged nonchalantly. “I just feel like yelling out his stage name.”

Jungkook, being the silent observer he was in the group, let out a chuckle before turning his eyes to Chaeyoung. “Taehyung’s right. He isn’t called ‘Gwangju’s Dancing Machine’ for nothing, y’know.”

“Plus, he has his own little dance studio in his apartment,” Jimin said proudly, nudging Hoseok’s side playfully. “He and I usually come up with choreographies for our weekend dance classes.”

“N-Nah, I’m not that good, seriously!” Hoseok laughed sheepishly, not expecting the number of compliments from his friends. They knew what a killer dancer Hoseok can be when they have little get-togethers at the latter’s place and music from Yoongi’s playlist comes through the Bluetooth speakers set up in his dance studio. Yet, he remained humble as always.

Chaeyoung didn’t believe that Hoseok was just ‘good’ at dancing, judging from the way the other guys complimented him, so she said, “I don’t see the reason why I should be missing out on getting dance lessons from Gwangju’s finest.”

Yoongi smacked Hoseok hard in the stomach with his hand, smirking. “You hear that?”

Hoseok glared at the older boy as he rubbed his belly lightly, but when he averts his attention back at Chaeyoung, he flashed a bright smile. “Tell me when you’re free and I’ll try my best to teach you good.”

“Oh, dear lord, that sounded so wrong in my ears,” Jungkook cringed, looking at his hyung with a weirded-out look across his face. Without any warning, Taehyung slapped the boy behind his head.

“Yah, you’ve changed a lot, Kookie!” Taehyung complained, shaking his head in disappointment. “What happen to the sweet, innocent boy who’s always so shy and introverted?”

Jungkook rolled his eyes. “That innocent boy has grown up, hyung. I suggest you should do the same.”

“Wow, this little kid talks back too now, huh?” Taehyung gasped, placing his hands on both sides of his cheek. “It’s official; you’re not the person that I used to know.”

Chaeyoung sat there in silence, clearly amused at the strong chemistry the boys had with one another. It didn’t come to her thoughts that Jungkook would have annoyingly eccentric friends due to his quiet nature, but then again, there were a lot of things she didn’t knew about him. Not even one night filled with random chatter and boxes of cigarettes can satisfy her curiosity towards Jeon Jungkook.

And it occurred to her; how will their little secret stay as a secret before they eventually confess it to their friends?

A tap on the shoulder sent her back into reality. Chaeyoung turned her head around, and smiled at the girl behind her with tired eyes and messy brown hair. “Look who finally shows up.”

The girl nodded without uttering a single word before yawning loudly, smacking her lips at the end. Yoongi saw who it was and decided to be nice by standing up and giving his seat to the girl. The latter muttered a soft ‘thank you’ as she made her way around the table, finally sitting beside Chaeyoung and laying her head against the girl’s shoulder.

Chaeyoung chuckled. “Morning, Jennie.”

“I like how you unironically took out the ‘good’ in ‘good morning’,” Yoongi pointed out. “But, yeah. Morning, Jennie-ssi.”

“Please… don’t use honorifics…” Jennie mumbled, still in her sleepy state. She slowly sat up straight and rubbed the tiredness out of her eyes, then greeted the rest of the boys that were surrounding the table. “Oh, hey there… Morning, guys.”

Jungkook nodded in acknowledgement, while Hoseok, Jimin and Taehyung greeted her back.

“You want me to buy you coffee or something?” Chaeyoung asked softly, poking Jennie’s cheek several times.

Jennie nodded in agreement whilst stretching her arms out. “Yeah, that would be fantastic. To the cafeteria, then?”

Chaeyoung nodded. She stood up from her seat and was about to leave with Jennie until she remembered the four males standing around her in silence. She turned to them and said, “If you guys wanna come along, that’s fine.”

“Mhmm. Why don’t you join us, bros?” Jennie joked, but then immediately regret saying the word after hearing it flow right out of and how utterly cringeworthy it sounded. “Yikes. That was so not me.”

“Then why’d you say it in the first place?” Yoongi asked flatly, which caused snickering from everyone in the group except for Jennie, who eyed him with a raised eyebrow.

Jennie pointed her index finger at him. “Yoongi, right?” The latter responded with a casual nod. “Ever heard of irony?”

Yoongi shrugged. “The thought occurred, yeah.”

“Okay, good. I called you all ‘bros’ regardless of my gender and my little to no acquaintance with you and your friends over here. No offense to any of you, I think you guys are awesome people with awesome personalities if we get to know each other a little better,” Jennie said reassuringly to Hoseok, Jungkook and Taehyung who were standing behind Yoongi. “But yeah, I guess you didn’t understand my sense of humor, since you are too busy trying to come up with ways in swooning me over, aren’t you?”

Silence. No one spoke after that. Yoongi himself was mute, but not because he was surprised; but rather he was impressed.

He chuckled. “You’re really something. I’ll give you that.”

Jennie smirked. “Thanks. I’m glad that you agree at the fact that you’re scheming up a plan on getting me into going on a date with you.”

By this point, everyone was puzzled. Chaeyoung asked in utter confusion, “Wait, what?”

Yoongi shook his head. “I didn’t say that. I only asked why are you trying to be funny, when in reality, you’re not. I don’t know how you come up with such crazy conspiracies, but props to you, though. Because it further establishes that you somehow had awful experiences with men in your past, and you rule out that every single guy who tries to make any form of communication with you is trying to get into your pants.”

Ominous tension began to hover over the two individuals, staring at each other’s eyes as if waiting for the next final attack to come in formation. But then, they started laughing.

And when everyone thought they couldn’t get any more confused; boy, were they wrong.

As Jennie finished composing herself, she reached her hand out to Yoongi. “Kim Jennie. I’m sure we’ll get along well.”

Yoongi smiled, and shook her hand. He noticed how soft they were, so being the straightforward person he was, he said, “You have nice hands.”

Jennie giggled. “Yup. We’re already acquainted.”

Jimin decided to intervene. “Um, guys. Can we stop the and go to the cafeteria now?”

“Race you there?” Taehyung and Jungkook said simultaneously. They looked at each other, then at Jimin. Before everyone knew it, the three boys sprinted out of the classroom.

Hoseok sighed. “Boys will be boys.”

“You’re a boy too, Hoseok,” Chaeyoung giggled. “Oh, wait. Can I call you by something else? I’d rather have a nickname for you, to be honest.”

“You can just call me Hobi like the others do,” Hoseok suggested.

“Hmmm. Nah, that’s already been used.” Chaeyoung thought for a moment before saying, “I’ll just call you Hoseok, then. Sounds manly.”

“I’m a man now, ey?” Hoseok gave his empty arm out to Chaeyoung. “Well then, perhaps it is time to this fine looking lady to the dining hall, hmm?”

Chaeyoung laughed, circling her arm around Hoseok’s. “Jungkook’s going to flip when he sees us like this.”

Hoseok grinned. “You wanna spare him the torture, or let him suffer with burning jealousy?”

“The first one, because I’m a nice person,” Chaeyoung said as she pulled Hoseok out of the classroom with Yoongi and Jennie conversing casually behind. “Come on, let’s go!”

Hoseok eyed the girl from the side, nodding his head in affirmation as he thought, ‘She is definitely a keeper, Kookie. She definitely is.’

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