Blade Runner

Channel Orange

“Oh, ,” Yoongi halted as soon as he left the classroom. Jennie stopped beside him and turned her head to see the boy’s retreating figure as he goes back inside the class. “I forgot to turn off my laptop, hold on a sec!”

Yoongi quickly went to the desk his laptop was placed at, closed it shut and puts it back into his backpack. Knowing that he and others would return to class later, he stacked his backpack on top of Jungkook’s and went out to be greeted  by a patiently waiting Jennie scrolling through her mobile phone.

Jennie looked up and noticed Yoongi was back, so she placed her phone back into her pocket and asked, “You good to go?”

Yoongi nodded, shoving his hands inside the pockets of his khaki-colored pants. “Now, where did we left off?”

“Oh, I was trying to tell you how I wanted to dye my hair again after graduation,” Jennie started to continue their conversation early on. “Brown’s cool and whatever, but I want to try out different kinds of colors, y’know. Like lilac, or maybe even silver.”

“Why not have different highlights in your hair?” Yoongi suggested. The two of them walked breezily through the hallway, keeping their voices to a minimum since their lower classmen are having regular classes now. “You can keep your brown hair you have now, but make it a little darker, and then you could maybe have lighter highlights to really emphasize the-“ Yoongi stopped in mid-sentence when he realized that he’s giving hair dying tips to a girl, which was so unlike him. “Um, you know what? Never mind what I said.”

Jennie giggled. “Why did you stop? I was actually getting some helpful advice from the beauty master himself.”

Yoongi rolled his eyes. “Oh, ha ha. For your information, I watch hair dye tutorials online and it just so happens that most of the people giving those tutorials were female. I mean, they do give really good tips at using the right kinds of products to use and using the right amount of conditioner- oh, come on! Don’t freaking laugh, it’s true!”

Jennie couldn’t help it. In her eyes, the boy doesn’t seem to be the type to watch Youtube videos of girls dying their hair in front of the camera, because it was too good to be true. Her laughter was concealed with the help of Yoongi’s hand covering , and before she could laugh some more, Jennie decided to put the boy out of his misery and stopped. Yoongi retracted his hand from the girl’s mouth and pinched Jennie’s cheek.

“Ow!” Jennie said as she started to giggle, rubbing her cheek in the process. “Geez, man, I’m sorry. You don’t have to feel bad for acting soft.”

Yoongi glared at her, unconsciously pouting his lips out of habit whenever he’s upset or annoyed. “I’m not soft.”

Jennie smiled, ruffling Yoongi’s black hair. “But your hair sure is.”

“Good conditioning is the key,” Yoongi advised, touching his own hair to feel the softness of it. “By the way, since we’re talking about hair now, I figured I should get my hair dyed as well.”

“Oh, cool!” Jennie replied. After a while, the two have reached the cafeteria, a place that is always swarming with students at lunch time, but considering the fact that they came here way earlier than anyone else and because they’re seniors who had finish their final exams, the school gave them the freedom they deserved. “What color are you planning to get?”

Yoongi thought about it for a moment before saying, “Blonde.”

“Blonde?” Jennie repeated, and then started to picture him with blonde hair. Her eyes widened. “Oh, my.”

Yoongi raised an eyebrow. “What?”

Jennie shook her head, feeling flustered all of a sudden. “N-Nothing. Are you sure you want to dye your hair blonde, though?”

Yoongi shrugged. “Well, I gotta let my hair grow out first, and then I’ll probably dye it afterwards.” He then made his way towards one of the refrigerators the cafeteria supplied for students to take any of the drinks inside and pay at the cashier which has no one stationed there currently. He opened the fridge, took out two ready-to-go iced coffees and walked back to where Jennie was standing.

Yoongi frowned when he hand out one of the drinks to the girl, but the latter just stood there staring into space. “Jennie.”

Jennie blinked in surprise, turning her attention towards the boy. “Hm?” She looked down at his hand and noticed the drink she needed to rejuvenate. “Oh! T-Thanks.”

“You okay?” Yoongi inquired, mildly concerned for Jennie’s sudden behavioral change. “You’re acting a little loopy.”

“Who, me?” Jennie asked, pointing at herself. “Oh, no, I’m fine. I just didn’t have enough sleep from all the Netflix binge-watching I did last night.” She was proud at herself for being born with convincing lying skills. Clearly, she wasn’t going to confess how she was left dumbfounded at the thought of Yoongi having long, messy blonde hair, because honestly, she thinks the boy looked ridiculously handsome with that color.

Yoongi looked at her unsurely, feeling as if her answer doesn’t quite fit, but decided to shrug it off. “Alrighty, then,” he said as he walked towards the table where the others were sitting at. Jennie let out a sigh of relief and followed suit.

Yoongi sat alongside Jimin, Taehyung and Jungkook at one side of the table while Jennie went and joined in Chaeyoung and Hoseok at the other side. All of them had drinks in their hands, and apparently, everyone choose the same drink as Yoongi and Jennie.

“I mean, it could be considered a classic, but I’m just saying that everyone hype up old movies like ancient space rocks discovered in freaking Jupiter or something,” Chaeyoung gave her opinion about the current topic of the conversation.

“It’s not about how old the films are, it’s more of the impact they have towards other directors who takes inspiration from older movies and implementing similar styles and themes into their movies,” Taehyung argued in defense of how Blade Runner is considered one of the best sci-fi films ever produced. “I mean, Ridley Scott is a great director, and he even said that Blade Runner is his most personal, and complete film.”

“Yeah, I get what you’re trying to say, but I’m looking at this through the eyes of modern cinema here,” Chaeyoung counter-argued, using hand gestures to prove her point. “What the general public wants to see nowadays are better-looking movies with better editing, better acting and better plot design. I agree that Blade Runner is an awesome film despite having seven versions-“

“Damn, there are seven versions?” Jungkook jumped in, clearly surprised. Chaeyoung nodded her head in response. “Daaaamn.”

“Exactly. My point is that old movies should be respected and acknowledged for their influence in the coming years of cinema, but I can’t stand the fact that every movie critic I’ve read on the internet is so biased,” Chaeyoung explained, taking a sip of her iced coffee before continuing. “Because like, there are so many movies in the 21st century that can later be classics in the future.”

“I watched the whole Dark Knight trilogy last night in one sitting,” Hoseok raised his hand to speak, gaining everyone’s attention. “I know I’m a bit late, but I thought those films have exceeded my expectations no other movie has ever done before.”

“Oh, Christopher Nolan!” Jennie chimed in, smiling happily. “I really love his movies, because it’s so mysterious and he always makes me feel like a detective trying to solve hard puzzles. Well, except for Interstellar, that movie was fine. The special effects were amazing, though.”

“Has anyone watched Pulp Fiction yet?” Taehyung asked, to which everyone except Jimin raised their hands up. “Ah, Jiminie, you haven’t watched it. That’s good; a Quentin Tarantino flick would be too violent for you anyways.”

“Yah, I’m not a little kid anymore. Blood don’t scare no more,” Jimin glared at Taehyung.

“I remembered watching Django Unchained back when I was still in middle school,” Yoongi reminisced. “That movie was freaking insane.”

“I guess you guys haven’t watched A Clockwork Orange,” Chaeyoung smirked. “If you ever need any recommendations for disturbing movies, you know where to find me.”

“Guys, I you not, she’s not even joking,” Jennie warned the boys. “I watched this movie called Antichrist with her. I’m begging you, for the sake of your spotless souls, don’t watch it.”

“I don’t have a soul, therefore I’m eligible to watch whatever that movie’s about,” Yoongi said nonchalantly. “Anyone with me on this one?”

“Me!” Jimin raised his hands excitedly.

“No, Jimin, NO!” Jennie begged, her eyes widening and both of her hands waving feverishly in panic.

“Too late, he has succumbed to the devil’s temptation,” Chaeyoung chuckled at the scene. Her eyes wander off to the two approaching figures walking towards their table, easily recognizing who they were. “Oh, there you are!”

Everyone their heads around as their eyes fell upon two females; one had straight, dark brown hair with bangs, her face looking foreign while the other had wavy black hair with big eyes and plumped lips.

“Sorry I’m late! I was at Jisoo unnie’s house, she took a really long time getting ready,” spoke the girl with bangs, flashing an apologetic smile to Chaeyoung. When she noticed the unusual presence of four boys sitting at the table, she was left surprised. “Oh! Hey there, fellas!”

“Hey, Lisa,” Jimin responded with a kind smile.

“Lalisa, what’s good?” Taehyung responded, forming a gun with his hand as he winked at her.

Yoongi only nodded his head in acknowledgement.

“Hello to you, too,” Hoseok responded with a bright smile.

“H-Hey…” Jungkook stuttered, giving the girl a shy look.

Jisoo, who was standing beside Lisa, smirked as she saw how flustered Jungkook was. She walked up to him, wrapped her arm around his neck and playfully strangled him. “Aww, look at this baby. Is that how you should act in front of your ex-crush?”

Chaeyoung’s ears perked up. “Ex-crush?”

“Remember the little love notes I keep getting under my desk back in freshman year?” Lisa grinned. She pointed her index finger at Jungkook. “He’s my little secret admirer.”

“Ooh… is that so?” Chaeyoung slowly turned her head towards the boy. She gave him a devil-like smile. “That’s cute.”

Jungkook couldn’t explain how stuck he was in this tight corner. He looked at his friends, a pleading look on his eyes, but they were too busy holding their laughter.

Taehyung spoke up with a mischievous look on his face. “How’s being an international playboy coming along?”


Oh, hey there! Been a short while since I've made an author's note, so heh. This is awkward.

I would like to apologize for my sudden unannounced hiatus from the past few months. I've started college since the beginning of July, which is so far filled with a good amount of homework and assignments. The thing is, I moved to Australia in the hopes of finishing my bachelor's degree here. It was tough at first, me being homesick and all for the first month of being a country I've never set foot upon, but I've grown accustomed towards the change of environment. I still miss Indonesia immensely. I'm hoping to come home as soon as possible, even if it's only for a short while.

So yeah, that was my excuse. Please forgive this irresponsible author!

See you on the next update!

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