You’re Gonna Go Far


"We ain't angry at you, love.
You're the greatest thing we've lost."

In which Yunjin is experiencing an existential crisis as she tries to overcome a slump in her songwriting whilst tackling her own inner battles between being the artist she aspires to be and meeting expectations of her members and the general public.

Along the way, she meets someone who will aid her in her path and in everything else with any way they can.


It honestly feels weird to be getting back into fanfiction writing after years of not touching or reading anything related to fanfiction.


But, for whatever reason, I just have this idea in the back of my mind after listening to Noah Kahan's album 'Stick Season (We'll All Be Here Forever)', particularly the track that became the title of this story. I somehow connect the two dots – very uncommon and unrelated dots, if I might add – and figured that I would like to read a story about Yunjin and her character and her view of the world, especially her thoughts on music and how she aspires to be an idol who'll break all the stereotypical preconceived notions that comes with being one.


Therefore, this story was created. With that being said, I hope y'all enjoy the story!


Kind regards,




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