Channel Orange

“So... how’s life?”

Jungkook and Chaeyoung were both climbing up the stairs towards the rooftop, taking their time and not using an excessive amount of energy in putting one foot on one step and placing the other onto the next.

Hearing the generic question made Chaeyoung laugh. “You know, if you’re feeling awkward, just say it.”

Jungkook smiled sheepishly, scratching the back of his neck. “Yeah, well. The silence was killing me. Sorry.”

“No worries,” said Chaeyoung as she skipped one step of the stairs. Finishing her cigar then flicking at a random direction, she turned around and started climbing backwards so she could face Jungkook. “Ask anything about me, and try not to make it cliché .”

“Um…” Jungkook wasn’t too worried about coming up with a question, but more Chaeyoung’s well-being. “You’re gonna trip over if you keep doing that.”

“Not really a question, but fair enough,” Chaeyoung shrugged casually, not missing a single step as if she had a third eye hidden behind her head. “I’ve been doing this since I was a little kid, so chill. I’m kind of a natural at this.”

“Secretly praying that you fall as you said that,” said Jungkook teasingly. “Oh wait, did I just said that out loud?”

Chaeyoung shot him an icy glare and stopped for a moment to kick her right leg at the boy who dodged it effectively. “.”

“Wow there, missy. Mind your language,” Jungkook smirked. “You’re the student council president after all.”

“So? Doesn’t stop me from swearing,” Chaeyoung went closer to Jungkook’s face then harshly blew her breath on his face. That’s when she noticed the height difference between them due to her standing one step above Jungkook, so she made use of this and ruffled his hair like he was a small child. “Wipe that smirk off your face, pretty boy.”

Jungkook couldn’t help but grumble annoyingly at how Chaeyoung treated him and quickly fixed his hair, not forgetting to push the girl aside as he went up the stairs quickly once he saw the door which leads to the roof. It always remained unlocked whenever he goes through here.

Before Chaeyoung could say anything, she saw Jungkook waiting patiently as he open up the door for her. The unexpected gesture made her smile, her cheeks silently going red. She walked to the very top and walked past Jungkook while avoiding his eyes.

Seeing this made the latter chuckle, stepping onto the roof after closing the door behind him. “A ‘thank you’ would be nice.”

Chaeyoung shushed him by throwing her body at Jungkook, causing him to stumble to the side. As payback, he did the same thing to the girl and they continued doing their little act until they decided to stop. They laughed wholeheartedly, getting caught up at the moment.

Then, they fell silent. Their heads turned to the scenic view of the vibrant and breathing city that never sleeps, unconsciously leaning towards the edge of the roof as Chaeyoung and Jungkook breathe in the air of Seoul simultaneously. It was peaceful; there were no other words to say. The tall office buildings in the far distance, the distant honks of cars, the occasional laughter of strangers down below the streets, the cold breeze drifting through the night – it felt right. It felt appropriate.

Jungkook was the first to talk after several minutes of silence. “Graduation’s in a few months.”

Chaeyoung turned her head to Jungkook, a frown visible on her face. “Oh, wow. I just… realized that.”

Jungkook chuckled, placing his chin on top of his arm. “Time flies when you’re having fun.”

Chaeyoung never wanted high school to end. To put it simply, she just couldn’t bear the separation and the ‘i’ll miss you’s and goodbyes that will later be exchanged by her closest friends and teachers she admire throughout the three years spent with them. She wasn’t much of a crier, but when it comes to emotionally important events in her life, she’ll shed a few tears before putting up a strong front. Chaeyoung doubt she’ll get through her graduation ceremony without crying a river.

She sighed. “Is it wrong to say that growing up ?”

It was Jungkook’s turn to look at Chaeyoung. He tried not to get distracted by the way the evening light shined upon her young, pretty face.

“I remembered being amazed by adults and how free they are at navigating through their lives, not knowing what it actually feels like to have responsibilities weighing you down,” Chaeyoung smiled bitterly, looking back at Jungkook. “, you know?”

“Yeah,” said Jungkook but he was so mesmerized by the girl’s beauty that his mouth suddenly has a mind of its own. “You’re really beautiful.”

This caused Chaeyoung to laugh, shaking her head in disbelief. “Nicely done, man. Nicely done.”

“Do you have a boyfriend?” Jungkook asked suddenly.

Chaeyoung raised an eyebrow, grinning. “What’s up with the question?”

Jungkook shrugged, trying to act casual. “Was just curious, that’s all.”

Chaeyoung further answered the boy’s question. “I used to have one. Dated for a year, and then broke up after our anniversary.”

“Oh,” said Jungkook, nodding his head. “Why? Did he cheat on you?”

“No, but that would’ve been really dramatic, now would it?” Chaeyoung giggled. “He moved to the States. It was his parents’ decision so there was nothing he could do.”

Nodding his head again, Jungkook asked, “And this happened during…”

“Middle school,” Chaeyoung had to think about it for a moment before adding, “yeah, it was during the 8th grade if I’m not mistaken.” She playfully nudged Jungkook’s shoulder. “Why? You jealous?”

Instead of receiving a ‘no’, she saw Jungkook smiling.

“I’ve always wanted to have a girlfriend.”

Chaeyoung blinked a few times.

“You’ve never had a girlfriend?”

Jungkook shook his head. “Nope.”

“Well, have you ever kissed a girl before?”

Again, Jungkook shook his head. “Mm-mm.”

Chaeyoung looked at him in astonishment. “Oh, wow.”

Jungkook chuckled. “Yeah, it’s pretty pathetic.”

“Um…” Chaeyoung clearly didn’t know what to say. “Girlfriends can be nice.”

And then, Jungkook smiled. “I bet you’d be a pretty good one.”

She doesn’t know what’s worse. Jungkook’s flirting, or her uncontrollable heartbeat.

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