Does he really love? Yes? No?

Icy Love

-You're just jealous because I kissed her? But you know I can give kiss to anybody! Minho said with a scornful voice

And while saying this words, Minho grabbed Taemin's shirt collar and kissed him. For 3 seconds Taemin was too shocked by what was happening to react, his eyes widened and then he got out of Minho's grip.

-Are you mad? Taemin yelled

-No, just sick. Minho smirked

Taemin wiped his mouth.


He entered his garden and slammed the house door behind him.

Minho looked at the door and left the street.


- I'm back!

-Aish, I dislike when you're outdoor with your flu, it's cold! His mother said with a reproachful look

-Sorry, I had something to do. When do you think I will be able to come back to school?

-2-3 days I think, his mother answered

-Aish, it's too long! I'm bored at home!

-I know but I can't skip work ....

-I don't ask you to babysit me! It's just that I don't have any friends to see...

-Don't leave this house till you feel better!

-Mom! I'm not going to die! And I'm 21, please stop acting like if I was 9!

-Ahaha! sorry my TALL son!

Minho pouted and took a bite of the biscuit he was holding.

He came upstairs in his room and sat on his desk chair. He thought about what happened 20 minutes ago.

-Why did I do this stupid thing? Kissing Taemin!

He sighed loudly and lay on his bed.

-It's what I dreamt every day since I fell in love with him but ....Aish!!! Not like this!


Taemin was lost. Lost in his thought, shocked by Minho's kiss. When his lips met the older boy's he immediatly remembered his dream.

"I love you. [...] I don't care about what you've asked, I love you since the first time we met"

Taemin shook his head, trying to push the memory aside, Minho was an idiot, he should only kiss Jye Eun, she was his girlfriend! Him, he was just an old friend.....But no, Minho gave kisses to everybody he wanted romantic, tsss.

-Jye Eun-ah you're so lucky to have, I mean Minho you are so lucky to have Jye Eun...Aaaah...I'm losing my mind now.

-Taemin-ah! A call for you! Taesun yelled from the ground floor.

-I'm coming!

Taesun gave the phone to Taemin and stayed near him to listen the conversation, but Taemin murmered:

-Goo play with Mom.


-Tss tss, go.

Taesun pouted and left Taemin.



-Key hyung?

-How do you feel?

-Eh? Hyung, I don't understand....

-Minho kissed you, I saw it! My poor Taemin, I'm sure you feel so shocked!

-How do.... do you know? Taemin stuttered

-You forgot your mittens so I was about to give it back to you, and when I was walking toward your house, I saw Minho-ssi kissing you! This bastard is a ...a....a bastard!

-Key hyung, calm down, yeah I'm shocked but don't shout like this, I'll become deaf!

-But, he kissed you, do you think he would kiss you without having any feeling for you, do you think he really loves her? I mean Jye Eun...

-WHAT? Are you kidding me? He can't love me! He has Jye Eun now, and moreover I'm...a boy!!

-So what? A boy can love another boy and the kiss he gave you, it's fishy.

-Hyung, seriously, you're really talking nonsense!

-I'm sure it's fishy....

Taemin could hear his hyung pouting.

-Do you want me to talk to him? Key asked

-No, you said you barely know would be embarrassing!

-Ok, ok....but when I will see him at school I will shot him a death glare, he will be scared to death! But this lazy guy doesn't even come to school !

-Don't blame him too much, he is sick. Taemin said with a soft voice

-Aww...really? Don't defend him, he stole your girlfriend!

"Yeah, why are you defending him Taemin ?" Taemin thought

-Yeah..but I feel like it's not the most important...

-Eh? What do you mean?  

-I feel bad for losing Jye Eun fact a part of my mind.......don't care at all! It's so weird, I should be completely desperate.

-You mean, you don't care if Minho-ssi stole Jye Eun from you?

-Not completely,

-Eeeeeh.....this is weird indeed.. Key said

-I gotta hang up, bye hyung.

 -Bye Taemin.

Taemin hung up and sighed.

-Taemin-ah, who was it? Taesun asked

-Kibum hyung, do you remember him?

-Of course I do! I'm 6 now, I'm a tall boy and I remember Key Hyungie !! He is nice with me when comes at home he brings me lollipop!

-Yes, it's him, Taemin smiled and Taesun's hair.


Minho's phone buzzed, he took it and read the message.

"Oppa, I would love to spend time with you tomorrow, but (un)fortunately, I'm almost recovered from my little cold, and I'm not sure my parents will let me stay at home! I send you a virtual kiss, catch it or its little pixels will escape from your phone!"

Minho smiled and caught the virtual kiss.

"Nevermind! I'm happy to know you're almost healthy! But I let the kiss flee, send me another one!! please!"

He opened his messages list and read Taemin's messages. When they were still friends.

"If you can wait  until 13h, I'll come with you!" 

"Sorry hyung I can't come but Jye Eun will come and replace me! You will see, she is a great cook and very caring! see ya!"

 "Hyung, come back home quickly, it's cold!" 

And he remembered what he thought some time ago.

"Yah! don't whine like a girl! Just be is friend, it's still great!" 

-Bravo Minho, you aren't his friend anymore, and moreover you're lying to a lovely and charming girl. You're still loving Taemin and you're dating his girlfriend...pitiful. Minho murmured to himself while facepalming.

His phone buzzed again.

"Kiss, chu, bisou, Kuss, beso! Catch them all ! ;)"

He smiled but let the virtual kisses this time. He didn't deserve to have them.

-Should I tell him what I'm feeling? No..that's weird....yeah, it would free me from my, he wouldn't understand why I'm going out with Jye Eun.....yes, there is a chance, a super little one that he will understand me...Yes? No?

~~~ Author Time ~~~

Ehehe! I won't hide you that I had so much difficulties to write this chapter! uhuh! I was writing a sentence, 1 hour later another one, 30 min later another one etc... pheww! It's the chapter with Taemin's and Minho's doubts! ahah Yeah you can doubt my dears... End is coming closer....=^-^=





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