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Icy Love

Taemin felt weird. He felt numb. It was 3:00 am and he woke up from a blurry dream. But he couldn't sleep again so he thought. And what he thought was weird. He didn't felt any anger for Jye Eun or Minho, there was an empty place in his heart now he didn't feel angry with them, how could he fill this place? With sorrow? With happiness? With love? Phewww......He got out of his bed and went to the bathroom to drink a glass of water. He was about to go back in his room when he heard a sob. Taesun was waiting him, in front of his room's door, sobbing and holding tightly his Teddy Bear (the one he got for his birthday)

-Taesunnie, what's the matter ?

He crouched down in front of his little brother.


-Oh, come there. Taemin murmured

Taesun jumped in Taemin's arms and buried his little face in his brother's soft hair.

-Can I......sleep in your bed?

-Yeah, come.

They entered in Taemin's room and went under the covers.

-Sleep well and if you need me, wake me up. Taemin whispered

-Yes hyung. Nighty night.

-Good night Taesunnie.

"Brotherly love already takes up a place in my heart, I still have an empty place"

When he woke up the following morning, he felt good. Hearing the soft breath of his brother, feeling his warm body against his. He got out of his bed and went to the kitchen for the breakfast.

-Morning mom, morning dad.

-Morning Taemin-ah, his mother gave him a kiss on the forehead.

-You've forgotten you're phone in the kitchen, and it kept buzzing, your friends are early... his father said and hid a yawn behind his hand.

-Oh thank you.

He took his cell phone and wondered who it was.

"Hey bro, wanna hang out with me after school, it's been a while since we drank a milkshake after school! Please!"

Yeah, it's been a while, Kai. It was one of his high school friend who didn't go to the same university as him.

"Sure! I'm already drooling on my milkshake!"

"If its' only on YOURS, I don't care! lol!"

-Mom, I'll be back a little later this afternoon.

-Ok, son.

"Friendship has already a place in my heart, I still have an empty place"

He ate his breakfast silently, lost in his thoughts, searching what was this hole in his heart. He took his bowl, his spoon and let them in the sink.  He get dressed absentmindedly and went to school, thinking about how to fill the hole. Anger is a no, Fear? neither. I feel something like jealousy, yeah jealousy......but not the normal jealousy I usually feel, a so much disturbing jealousy....a weird way of jealousy... bitterness too against Minho....because he kissed Jye Eun....and I I don't's too complicated for me....Taemin whispered on his way to university.

-Taemin! We're there!

-Hi guys!

-What's up? Bang asked cheerfuly

-Nothing special....

-Woo liar! Zelo exclaimed

-Ok, I've broken up with Jye Eun, my girlfriend.

Bang's smile faded and he patted his friend's shoulder.

-Sorry, Taem' but after all it won't be the last one, you'll find another nice one, Bang said with a warm smile



-Fighting! Taemin and Zelo shouted in unison

They went to their classroom and talked together before the teacher arrived and began his lesson.


Minho was the loneliest boy on earth, and sick moreover. TV, music, snow....anything interested him. Sleeping was the only way to escape his boring life.

"He was in a park, sitting on a bench, doing nothing just looking at the grey sky. When rain began to fall, he didn't move and stayed under it until his clothes became completely drenched. When an umbrella appeared above his head, it was a white one, a hand was holding it, he looked up, a boy smiled and said:

-Hello! My name is Taemin! Don't stay under the rain, you'll catch a cold. And you what's your name?

-My name is Minho and I know that you're called Taemin.

-Really? Did we meet before? I don't remember you....Taemin pouted

-What? But we've met just some days ago, you can't have forgotten me! Minho exclaimed

-Hyung, if I knew you, I would remember ! But I don't think we met before.

-Hey, don't forget me.....

-We are nothing to each other afterall. You're just a face I won't meet again, Taemin said with a sorry look

-NO! We were friends....

-You do not look like one of my friend....Taemin said while looking more carefully to Minho

-And I......I.....

-You? You're cold?  It's obvious, you're wet from head to toes!

-No! you....

-Really? It's very sweet of you, but I don't share your feeling.....Bye bye! Don't forget to take your umbrella the next time it will rain!!  

Taemin stood up and went away"

Minho woke up slowly from this dream (/nightmare?)

-I hate this kind of weird disturbing...

He felt better than the past day but he was still sick, he took his pills and other medicines and sat on the sofa.

-Nothing to do...being ill isn't cool...I should go outdoor it's funnier, sorry mom.

He took his jacket, his scarf and his gloves and went out of his warm house. It was really cold this day but Minho didn't feel the wind and the snow, he was thinking too much about some things. He found a little street seller and bought a hot chocolate. While drinking the hot beverage he was walking in the streets and then he sat in a little park where children were playing, it was Wednesday, children didn't have classes. He looked at the sky. Suddenly he had the unpleasant feeling to live his dream. Sitting in a park, looking at the sky....Except for the was the same thing as his dream.

-Ahjussi, what are you doing here alone?

-Eh? Minho looked down and saw a little boy.

-Why are you here alone? The little boy repeated

-Oh...This place is a good place to think. Minho said

-Think about what?

-Of a person that I really really love.

The boy smiled and sat next to Minho.

-My name Yoogeun, I'm 8! And you?

-Nice to meet you Yoogeun-ah, my name is Minho. And you what are you doing there? Are you playing with the other children?


-Cool! It's great to be together!

-Yeah, who is the person you really really love? Yoogeun asked

-A friend...

-Do you mean you were friend at the beggining and after you fell in love for your friend?'re clever for your age!

-I know! I have the best marks in my class! The little boy said proudly

-Good boy...

-Yoogeun-ah! Don't speak with strangers!

A young woman came and took Yoogeun's hand to lift him up from the bench. They were about to leave when Yoogeun exclaimed.

-But  he isn't a stranger! Minho-ah is my friend!

-Good morning Mrs, I just met your son some minutes ago but he is really nice. Minho said politely

-Oh....the woman just said,

she still looked suspicious about Minho.

-So, said goodbye to your friend Yoogeun-ah.

-Good bye!! If we meet another day, I want to see the friend you really really love!

-Sure! Good bye Yoogeun! Minho gave Yoogeun a wave and sighed.

-Aish...this kid seem to be so worryless.....


-It's finish! Let's go to the cafeteria! I'm starving! Zelo whined

-Yeah, let's go, I'm super hungry too! Taemin said

They entered in the school cafeteria for lunch and they were waiting their turn to take their dessert when a tall guy overtook them and took the last banana milk with a smirk on his stupid face.

-Tss... this guy is so unpolite! Bang hissed

-He stole my banana milk, Taemin said with a glare for the guy.

"Anger for this guy can't fill the hole in my heart, how can I fill it?"

-Oh guys, I can't stay with you after school, I have a high school friend to meet, is it okay? Taemin  asked

-No problem! Bang said


Taemin felt better in university with his friends, far from Minho and Jye Eun. The school day passed and when lessons ended Taemin bid goodbye to his friends and went in front of the university's entrance, his high school friend, Kai, was already there.

 -Hi! Wouah! It's been a long time! Taemin greeted Kai

-Yes, Let's go! Or you will drool on the street!

-Tss....dirty guy! Taemin hissed playfully

They sat in a little café and ordered 2 milkshakes.

-I didn't ask you what you were doing now, Taemin said

-Oh yes, I'm studying law in the law school near the stadium.

Taemin's heart dropped inside of him.

-Really? is it interesting?Taemin asked

-It is but you have to like it or it's the most boring thing in the world! Kai laughed

Taemin laughed but in his head he was shouting:


 When he thought about this law school, Minho's face popped out in his head.

"Taemin, my boy, why are you thinking about him, Key hyung is studying in this school too, and you didn't think about him!"


Minho didn't came back to home for lunch, but he didn't care, nobody was at home and he wasn't hungry. He had walked the whole day in the city, doing thing he didn't dare or even thought to do before. Now he was walking back home because he was cold in spite of his warm and thick coat.

-I will rest on a café with a hot chocolate in my frozen hands.

He seached some minutes a café when he saw him. Taemin. With another boy, talking and laughing, just on the other side of he road. But Taemin saw him and his eyes widened. Minho's heart skipped a beat but he continued his way and looked away.


Taemin's heart began to pound crazily, he almost choked with his milkshake when he saw Minho on the other side of the street, he couldn't get his look out of him, but the tall boy looked away and went away. Taemin wanted to run after him but it would seem embarrassing.

-Taemin, are you daydreaming? Kai asked, amused

-Eh? Oh yes! Nothing important! Do you know older boys in your school?

-Older than me? erm...not many...a guy called Leeteuk a little cause his mother knows mine but we are not that close...why?

Taemin remembered Leeteuk was a friend of Minho.....

-Just to know ! A friend of mine, Kim Kibum is in the same school as you, so I wondered

-Kibum....No sorry..I don't know him.

-Nevermind, I'm super sorry, Kai, I have to go!

-No problem! See you soon!


Taemin walked calmly until he arrived in the corner of the street where his searched feverly Minho in the crowd. He was nowhere so Taemin just got back home but he had the answer he needed.

"The empty place I had in my heart is now filled for him"


~~~ Author Time ~~~

End is coming closer! Ehehe! I hope you liked this chapter!  There is a lot of new second characters! Bang and Zelo, Kai and Yoogeun! ^^

I don't really know Bang, Zelo  ( from B.A.P, their songs are so great!!)  and Kai, but Kai from EXO has not officially start his career! ^^ Yoogeun is a little boy SHINee had to took care when they made Hello Baby !  


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