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Personal Message

Just shut up and be mine. ♫


AFF is all old stuff. You can find new fics on ao3 (click).

Please note: pretty much everything in my About Me is incredibly outdated. I'm leaving it for now as a screenshot of what I was like a decade ago.

About Me

Annyeong!  *waves*  OuO/~

The name's Katrina, but I mostly go by Rin, and sometimes Kat.
Honestly, though, you can call me whatever you want, it's cool. c:


I'm really lazy, and I actually have a life.
So on the rare occasion that I'm not busy with things,
I just sort of...


Yeah, that.
So don't expect frequent updates from this girl.


\^o^\ ~biases~ /^o^/

SHINee; 1Onew, 2Taemin
3Everyone else ♥
I ship: everything but minkey
(I ship girl!minkey)


Super Junior; 1Sungmin
3Everyone else ♥
I ship: kihae, kyuteuk, kangchul, yewook, kyumin, minwook, eunhae
(subject to change)

Crossover ships: kyutae, heetae


\*^*\ ~otp~ /*^*/

ontae ♥


Squishy is my master.

I proudly own two walls: Ysa's and Chrissy's.


♥~To all my friends:
Saranghae.  Aieru.  Wo ai ni.  Te amo.  Je t'aime.  Io ti amo.
Ich liebe dich.  Jeg elsker dig.  Aku mencintaimu.  Mahal kita.

I love you.


♥~These people are inexplicably precious to me:

In no particular order.  You know I love you all. ♥

Moose ~ my precious Andy-oppa
Addie ~ doggie...*runs*

Lulu ~ my umma
Katie ~ my appa
Paz ~ my twin

Vivi ~ my teddy bear
Tristan ~ my brony
Chrissy ~ my brosis

Jewely ~ my fellow tofushroom
Desirée ~ my asparagus
Grace ~ my starry friend
Sica ~ my creepy uncle
Moli ~ my Chinese-Canadian orenji
Vanessa, Amanda, Tammy ~ my daughters
Jessie ~ my niece
Valerie ~ my master
Nemo ~ fishy *^* /bats at

If you're missing, we don't talk often enough.
If we seldom talk and you're still on here, then you're especially special. ♥


I love making new friends, so come talk to me. ♥