Was Seungwan, Is Wendy

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Irene doesn't know what to do with a girl who thinks a showerhead is some sort of water demon--and a girl who claims to have come from the Silla Dynasty.

With near-death experiences from teaching Seungwan how to get used to a time period so unfamiliar, Irene learns happy times don't last, things aren’t as they seem, and she is brought into a world of swords, arrows, and Seungwan's eyes.







Seungwan wields a sword and Irene wields a pen.



jessie here, Ive returned with a new story I decided to write for my own entertainment and hopefully, you'll find it entertaining as well. ALSO, any smiliarities this story has to another is pure coincidence.

Thank you to the talented sakuretta graphic shop for this beautiful poster, I love it a lot and you can visit the shop by clicking on the banner 

There is violence in the story. If you are uncomfortable with characters in violent situations or violence in general, please do not read, thank you.


im currently doing some editing because im re-reading the story again to check for silly mistakes :]
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