Missing Somebody

Was Seungwan, Is Wendy
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Wendy clutches the hilt and runs, following the trail with deep determination as the two other girls try to keep up.


“Wendy what are you doing running after the trail recklessly?! It could be dangerous!” Seulgi yells, but Wendy doesn't listen and continues to run, until the trail comes to stop in the middle of a street.


Wendy looks around frantically, body turning in all directions in hopes of finding any suspicious figure.


Irene, who manages to catch up just in time walks closer to Wendy, who is clearly infuriated.


“Wendy? Are you okay?” Seulgi asks cautiously. Wendy then throws the hilt in frustration with a loud grunt, the hilt clanging somewhere in the distance.


“What is that word you use?” she asks. Seulgi and Irene look at each other in confusion.


“What word?” they ask in unison. Wendy turns around, a confused look on her face. It very much contrasts to the frustration she just showed.


“You know, that word you use to express agitation or annoyance,” she says, expecting a direct answer from the two 21st century experts.


“?” Irene says unsurely, to which Wendy shakes her head.


“?” Seulgi says and yet again,Wendy shakes her head.


“Uhh...damn it?” Irene says and then Wendy snaps her fingers.


“Yes! That is the word!” Wendy says before yelling,




Irene slightly jumps in shock due to the volume of the yell and wacks Wendy on the head.


“Ow what was that for?!”  


“Don't scream like that!” Irene scolds, a hand over her chest. “And you should’ve said that before you threw that.”


Wendy rubs the top of her head as Seulgi snickers in amusement.


“A rat could squeak and she'd still jump, don't worry Wendy.”


Irene shoots Seulgi a glare before turning back to face Wendy.


“Anyway, we need to focus on the bigger picture at the moment. There's someone out there and they're dangerous. Someone else could go missing and judging by the blood trail, all of the missing victims are probably all dead,” Irene states, shivering at the thought of all those deaths.

Wendy sighs in frustration and runs her fingers through her hair, which Irene finds slightly attractive but she chooses not to be distracted.


“Whoever is here, they want me to be aware of their presence in this time period. I will make certain they are aware of the consequences of chasing after me,” Wendy says before taking Irene and Seulgi’s wrists.


“You both are staying close to me for the time being. Promiscuous woman, do not go home today. Stay with Irene and I.”


By the tone of Wendy's voice, Irene knows the situation is dangerous and unpredictable.


She just hopes it's not a Wisp. The last thing she wants is for a Wisp with incredible powers to go on a rampage.




Seulgi and Irene watch as Wendy scoops out huge chunks of ice cream with the spoon before shoving it into .


“Damn it!” Wendy grumbles, her words muffled by the cold cream in . She's trying to find any trace of her healing powers by sticking a needle into her skin.


Irene doesn't want to watch it any longer. She rushes over to Wendy and holds Wendy's arm back.


“Wen, I'm sure we’ll find a different way to get your powers back. Stop hurting yourself,” Irene says in concern. Wendy twitches her eye as she feels the sting in her forearm slowly disappear. Irene's eyes try to read Wendy’s, but they then turn away to focus on something else.




Wendy looks at her forearm, expecting to see small bloody red dots but all she sees in place of it is smooth milky skin.


“It..healed?” Irene asks, bewildered at the fact that Wendy was able to heal herself. There’s a peculiar silence before Seulgi walks closer to inspect. She's also curious as to how Wendy was able to heal herself.


“But...how?” Seulgi questions and observes Wendy's forearm. Wendy's confused too.


“Let me try it once more.”


Irene grabs a hold of Wendy's wrist.


“No more hurting yourself,” Irene says, receiving a wide eyed stare from Wendy.


“It is just a small poke, Joohyun. I am not weak. I was not taught so gently by my father, never worry,” Wendy responds. Irene backs away and takes a step back before Wendy takes a deep poke at her own forearm.


blood starts seeping out, but there is no sign of healing. Wendy tilts her head to the side as she looks at her forearm.


“I don't get it, you were able to heal yourself a few minutes ago,” Seulgi says as Wendy sets the needle coated in red on the table.


“An enigma indeed…” Wendy whispers, her eyes flickering to a dim. Irene walks over and sits down beside Wendy.


“We’ll find a way to get all your powers back, I promise,” Irene says with a smile. Her eyes travel Wendy's soft and delicate facial features that her eyes never fail to admire.



“So, it's really late and I should really go home,” Seulgi states and looks at her phone screen. Wendy stands up and looks at Seulgi.


“You're staying with me. It's not safe, not as long as a potential murderer is out there,” Wendy says, untightening her fist as blue particles appear out of thin air and start swirling around her hand before gathering one by one rapidly to form the wooden sword.


“Well at least you still got that ability,” Seulgi comments with crossed arms. Irene sighs and looks at the wooden sword in hand, wondering how blue particles can gather together only to form a dull wooden sword.


She finds it quite fascinating though. Where does the sword come from? How does Wendy make it appear?


“What in the world are you gonna do with a wooden sword?” Irene asks. “A gun would be much more effective.”


“Rules of time, Joohyun. Kill someone from the past with something from the same time,” Seulgi explains. 

Irene wonders how Wendy would have the capability to even hurt a person. Much less kill them. Her round eyes and childish curiosity makes her take the appearance of a helpless little girl.


But Irene knows Wendy isn't.


“Just rest for today, Wen. We’ll look tomorrow,” Irene almost pleads. “Please?”


Wendy stares blankly before clutching the hilt of her sword. It goes back to its former state; blue particles that scatter and disperse into thin air.


Her thirst for danger would have to be held back for now.




Seulgi decides to sleep in another room, away from the other two girls. Irene of course, wonders why Seulgi isn't scared of the situation.


“I am scared. I just have a bad feeling being around her,” Seulgi whispers.


“It's not like she'll hurt us. What's the problem?” Irene asks. Seulgi sighs and walks into the room.


“I don't know, but when I find out, I'll tell you. Goodnight, Joohyun.”


Seulgi shuts the door, leaving Irene in the dark. Irene retreats back to her shared room, where Wendy can be seen curling up under the blanket after taking a very needed shower.


“So she is sleeping alone after all?” Wendy asks and peeks her head out from under the blanket. Irene shuts the door and climbs onto bed.


“Yeah. She's been acting weird lately,” she says and lifts the other portion of the blanket so she can slip her body right under.


“She is afraid, I can sense it,” Wendy says and pulls the blanket up to cover half of her face. Irene does the same and they lay there, staring at the ceiling with an elongated silence.


“You forgot to turn off the lights,” Wendy says, breaking the silence.


“No, you forgot to turn off the lights,” Irene argues and turns to her side.


“Joohyun can you please turn the lights off?”


“Hey, you must have some sort of telekinetic ability right? I'm sure you can do it yourself.” Irene responds, resisting the urge to laugh.


If only Wendy could see the grin on Irene's face.


“Joohyun pleease!”


“Wendy I'm not very motivated to get up right now.”


Irene feels Wendy's weight on the bed shift and she can feel Wendy moving closer. With the assumption that Wendy is getting up to turn off the lights, Irene turns to the other side.



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