Can This Be Real?

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Jolene Tang, a Malaysian singer that's currently based in Taiwan is pair up with Ok Taecyeon of 2PM in a dating reality show "Saranghaeyo S3"

So how do they progress...can they be a couple for real...





 This is a fiction that I wrote a year ago...which was inspired from GWGM Taecyeon and Gui Gui.

Actually I wrote it for my reading pleasure....

Fans of Taecgui please don't read...


But if you must read....

Please be kind...

And don't be angry....



Thanks a zillion to: Min_Arisu for the pretty  poster.♡♡

Well, it's already more than halfway through. And I feel sad having no feedback or comments, and I know my writing is bad here. But I am motivated whenever there is a subscriber. Thank you all

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alyssa1238 1 points #1
Chapter 4: I love you story so hard to stop reading!!!!!
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Oh This is good ,hope more ppl recognize this *subs*