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here's a coupon for free cuddles!

By platypelloid posted
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Looking for RP partner

By ssagagian posted
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(always open & ) my bubbly, bratty c*ck devouring lanky needs a dom. (& friends too, your muses gender doesnt matter!)

By xingbae posted
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anyone up for a married life?

By eximious posted
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looking for a dom (&friends! help my twinky !)

By xingbae posted
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Looking for literate roleplay partners?

By danielovich posted
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It's summer, I'm looking for rp partners!

By caravan posted
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By hana1485 posted
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discord or kkt rp ?? specifically exo, nct, bts, svt, etc

By lunepii posted
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kkt/ line rp. looking for male doms.

By iridescentbae posted
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By yutaco posted
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a nam to my jin, please. : )

By yeonghweoni posted
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So, doing this again (Updated)

By UminoHaiku posted
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Still open for freelance partners!

By bea_trix posted
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By chrystallee posted
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exo members, where you at?

By qingshang posted
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taekook rp!

By parasitic posted
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thank you, next

By paintpeach posted
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Click for Friendship.

By sciencefiction posted
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