It's summer, I'm looking for rp partners!


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Thanks for clicking on this, please don't let this flop rip. 

So I'm a freelancer looking for some new 1x1 rp partners, I hope this will interest you enough to hmu! 
First things first, I'm only interested in doing hetero pairings (straight only). I do however rp both girls and guys but I'm mainly looking for guys for my female muses since I'm quite picky with female partners for my male muses. 

If you're wanting to faceclaim a female for one of my male muses: YOUR MUSE CAN NOT BE A SUB. She must be a dom/switch. And if she cannot handle a challenging character, then rping with my male muses are not for you. 

Again, I'm mostly looking for guys to rp with my female muses since I have a higher inspiration to write as my girls. 

Dark themes and angst are my favorite. I love the heartbreaking dramatic . Romance intertwined is good, and same for . But I will not back to back with you, so do not expect that. With that being said, I will only be accepting those over 18. If you're not 18 or older, please do not respond to this ad. Even if we don't , if we do something dark themed I'd prefer someone already of age. 

3rd pov, semi lit - lit/para rping. Au only. I'm mostly literate but semi depending on the situation and I would want the same from my partner. 

Ghosting: do not disappear on me without letting me know what's up. That's so rude and I don't want to be waiting around for nothing. It's really not that hard to just tell me you don't want to rp anymore, because I'll accept it and move on with no hard feelings against you. I prefer longterm partners. Please don't make me waste my time building a really great plot and then have you dip out before we've even made a dent in the rping.
I also prefer ACTIVE partners. I have 3 current partners who have gotten busy with life and have really slowed their responses, so I'm looking for active people to rp with. If you can't reply AT LEAST once a day, or every other day (unless something comes up), then please don't respond to this ad. Me personally, I can hand out multiple replies in a day but I know everyone does not have as much free time as me. Just keep me updated with what's going on with your reply schedule. 

If you've made it this far, hopefully I didn't scare you away. I'm only available on LINE and KKT so please dm me your ID for either platform as well as your faceclaim. I'll get back to you asap!



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