lf: friends, plot partners, fwbs, you name it! ☆ (always looking)


i'm hypnotizing you, you will open this!!!! (please?)


because i have the tiniest attention span when it comes to these things, i will try to make you not waste too much time either! 

it's been a year since i last was around. i tried twitter the last few days and ... well i mean, are we surprised that it got me absolutely nowhere? that was the norm before i left and i'm not surprised to see it's still the norm to this day!

SO! i thought i could give it a shot here. but if this gets me nowhere, you never read this and i am definitely not dumb for wasting my time <3 

i'm looking for what the title has already told you, friends, plot partners bc i miss writing, fwbs bc i miss flirting, and everything else in between. i won't do a big list of what things we could do together because, isn't that the fun of meeting each other? figuring out what we're into? i can, although, tell you that:

  • i am of age, twenty-three, and i would appreciate if minors wouldn't interact w this post!
  • i live in europe currently, and my timezone is in between +0 and +1 (back and forth due to personal reasons)
  • i am bit of a chatterbox but only when i am extremely comfortable, but i do tend to match energies so if you give me one liners, you get them back.
  • if you want to become just friends without anything else, that's completely okay with me, don't think we have to be anything but platonic, i AM looking for friends first and foremost <3
  • i like reading a lot, i spend a lot of free time gaming too, i'm a er for bad reality tv, obsessed with anything space related, and much more!
  • i am panual and single, i am not looking for anything serious and i tend to be multiship. however, i do not mix ships and i don't talk about them in general to any partner/fwbs i may have. 
  • flirting, ting, ts and all in between are more than okay and welcomed, but i would prefer to talk kinks and what i'm comfy with 1x1 instead of in this post! (there's only a few things i won't do, i'm open to pretty much anything) 
  • plotting is welcome as well, i'm semi-literate (although, leaning to fully literate a lot more lately) but i can easily mirror your writing style if you want!
  • i don't care about your faceclaim at all, but if you do care to know, i'm mostly rosé or joy and i know those are basic but those are my most comfortable fcs! 

i think, that's pretty much it! currently i only am on discord and kakao but i am not opposed to being anywhere else, as long as you don't waste my time <3

if this peaked your interest in any way, please reach out and i will get to you as fast as possible <3


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