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recommend otps for my upcoming k-otp project

By murgirl posted
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(5 second Poll Included) Help Me - Moriarty and Kpop Crossover Fic

By Demitria_Teague posted
Tags  crossover   fantasy   poll   shinee   exo   humor 
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LKChoi X Minerva Belle: Impress Poetry Contest

By LKChoi posted
Tags  contest   crossover   poetry 
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Alice in the Pokemon Train to Stranger Squad: OK or Nah?!

By bubblegumball posted
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Percy Jackson And Kpop Of Doom

By Kampfkuchen posted
Tags  crossover 
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Welcome to Boylove!

By Boylove posted
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New KakaoTalk and Kik.

By SeokkieKitten94 posted
Tags  crossover   jrock   kpop   fanfiction   requests   kakaotalk   kik 
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Whip It/VIXX Crossover fic

By ilivefororeos posted
Tags  crossover   vixx 
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First Fanfiction Write

By HetaliaKPOP posted
Tags  anime   crossover   japan   kpop   manga   southkorea   shingekinokyojin 
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Should I, Or Should I Think About It Some More?

By hahahaharlequin posted
Tags  crossover   idea   headcanon 
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IF I were to make a Roleplay!

By KW_BeautifulHangover posted

Useless post

By shun-kun posted
Tags  crossover   infinite   exo 
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Looking for a beta-reader

By SilverKitten posted
Tags  2pm   blockb   crossover   exo   bap   betareader   bts 
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Clarity || Yoo Seungho & Kim So Hyun || First Crossover

By Uchihaxxx posted
Tags  crossover 
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Kpopxanime crossover

By Rikkichan posted
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Shingeki no Kyojin/ EXO Crossover

By KumihoGirl posted
Tags  crossover   exo   exok   exom   snk   shingekinokyojin 
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JeTi x Elsanna (Frozen) Fanfic

By snsd17 posted
Tags  crossover   jeti   fanfic   frozen   elsanna 
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crossover!stories recommendation

By yvnhyeong posted
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By yoon_miyoung posted
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New Fanfic Idea!!! Calling all Babies and L.O./\.E's!!!

By zRebel posted
Tags  crossover   love   baby   himchan   bap   nuest 
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