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BTS Oneshots {s}

By samsaek_goyangi93 Updated
Characters Kim Seokjin; Jeon Jungkook; Kim Namjoon; Min Yoongi; Jung Hoseok; Park Jimin; Kim Taehyung
With 11 chapters, 2 votes, 37 subscribers, 2640 views, 76237 words

Partially Digested

By HotChocolate_Break Updated
Characters Kim Namjoon Jeon Jungkook Kim Taehyung
With 6 chapters, 2 subscribers, 170 views, 1 comments, 23818 words
Status [M]

Smoke Me.

By HotChocolate_Break Updated
Characters Kim Namjoon / Rap Monster, Jeon Jungkook, Kim Taehyung / V , Min Yoongi / Suga, Park Jimin/ Jimin, Kim Seok-jin/ Jin
With 68 chapters, 4 votes, 90 subscribers, 5220 views, 12 comments, 548849 words
Status [M], Completed

Meet Us In The Woods

By Kolsangel Updated
Tags  thriller   jin   jimin   bts   halloween   2jung   jhope   jungkook   suga   taehyung   jinkook   namjoon   jikook   jeonjungkook   yoonkook   kookie   vkook   namkook 
With 6 chapters, 3 votes, 107 subscribers, 920 views, 8 comments, 10760 words
Status [M], [TW], Completed, Members Only, Subscribers Only

To Puck a Gardenia

By MaddHatter2010 Updated
Characters BTS, EXO, and Super M
With 7 chapters, 6 votes, 196 subscribers, 1480 views, 5 comments, 24602 words
Status [M], [TW], Members Only, Subscribers Only, Crowdfunded

One time thing

By Luna_27 Updated
Tags  namkook 
With 9 chapters, 2 votes, 1 subscribers, 800 views, 8 comments, 5968 words

Jungkook's date doesn't go as planned and he needs a way out.

something about us; namjikook

By Kay_tea114 Updated
Tags  drama   collegeau   comingofage   comingout   jikook   namkook   namjikook 
Characters jeon jungkook, park jimin, kim namjoon (rm), kim taehyung, bts
With 1 chapters, 3 subscribers, 110 views, 3651 words
Status [M], [TW], Members Only

fallen in love with school flirt

By freakyhue67 Updated
Tags  namkook 
With 1 chapters, 2 subscribers, 110 views, 1 comments, 52 words
Status [M]

Red Raze

By RedThreads Updated
Characters min yoongi, park jimin, Kim namjoon, jeon jungkook, kim taehyung, kim seokjin, jung hoseok
With 19 chapters, 13 votes, 80 subscribers, 2650 views, 28 comments, 107592 words
Status [M]

Phantom of His Voice

By Fanfics26 Updated
With 1 chapters, 1 votes, 17 subscribers, 610 views, 1 comments, 1436 words
Status [M], Subscribers Only

Worst day ever...?

By Yeonjunkookie7 Updated
Tags  bts   jungkook   jinkook   jikook   taekook   yoonkook   vkook   junghope   jungkookxeveryone   namkook   gunplay   hopekook   jungkookcentric   gunkink 
Characters All of bts
With 2 chapters, 3 votes, 39 subscribers, 2700 views, 5 comments, 2156 words
Status [M]

Proofread, edit, and beta reader [open]

By CinnamonChocolate Updated
Tags  mature   adult   jin   yoongi   jimin   bts   bxb   18plus   jungkook   taehyung   namjoon   hoseok   taekook   vkook   namkook   vminkook 
With 1 subscribers, 260 views, 119 words
Status Completed

Hello readers and authors, I'm willing to edit your stories, correct grammer, proofread them and also work as a cowriter because I love reading and writing. I am having lack of inspiration and imagination but I want to write, so I decided that working as an editor would be relaxing and fun. Therapeutic.  My Grammer and vocabulary is pretty good and also I can give you suggestion in writing, when you have writer's block. But I'll give those suggestions only when you want to hea

Stalkers? No, Researchers

By Shunnybee Updated
Tags  taejoon   ot7   bts   taekook   vhope   namseok   junghope   namkook   littlespace   ot7bangtan 
Characters Jungkook, Taehyung, Hoseok, Namjoon, Seokjin, Jimin, Yoongi
With 67 chapters, 2 votes, 5 subscribers, 980 views, 1 comments, 21436 words

StressDealer: JUNGLEBOOK StressDealer: I NEED UR STALKING KIDS Jungkook: I do not 𝕤𝕥𝕒𝕝𝕜 Jungkook: I r e s e a r c h Jungkook: there is a difference😌


By BestStories Updated
Tags  mpreg   yoongi   bts   jungkook   namjoon   yoonkook   namkook   namgikook 
With 1 chapters, 1 votes, 2 subscribers, 630 views, 1 comments, 1655 words

Jungkook keeps distance from his boyfriend Yoongi, giving himself the chance to think. That's when his childhood long love Namjoon, who has a special offer for him, appears and Jungkook can't decline. What happens when the two males meet and Jungkook finds out he's pregnant.

Only Fools

By Best4Ever Updated
Tags  angst   bangtan   namkook 
Characters Namjoon, Jungkook, Seokjin, rest of Bangtan
With 4 chapters, 1 votes, 10 subscribers, 1050 views, 3260 words

A fairy falls in love with a human. A human grows up and forgets his childhood friend. A fairy is left behind, heartbroken.


By Ochie94 Updated
Characters Kim Namjoon, Jeon Jungkook
With 1 chapters, 2249 words
Status Completed

Days before their wedding, Jungkook is caught in a car accident which leaves his bones fractured and he has to stay at the hospital and need a long time to completely heal. Namjoon decides to cancel their wedding that summer.

A million ways to spoil a BunBun {NamGiKook}

By samsaek_goyangi93 Updated
Characters Jeon Jungkook; Kim Namjoon; Min Yoongi; Kim Seokjin; Jung Hoseok; Park Jimin; Kim Taehyung
With 1 chapters, 2 votes, 8 subscribers, 390 views, 11047 words
Status [M]

My Baby

By JiKookluver16 Updated
Tags  angst   oneshots   namjin   namseok   namkook   nammin   namgi   vmon   bottomnamjoon   omeganamjoon 
With 1 chapters, 8 subscribers, 1740 views, 2 comments, 911 words

Omega/Bottom Namjoon Oneshots for our soul.   because Namjoon deserves to bottom too X3

Show and Tell (NamKook/NamJin)

By mojo_jojo98 Updated
Characters Kim Namjoon, Jeon Jungkook, Kim Seokjin, Jung Hoseok, Min Yoongi, Park Jimin, Kim Taehyung
With 16 chapters, 4 votes, 57 subscribers, 3250 views, 11 comments, 33871 words

Four year old Kim Jungkook asks his appa to come to class for show and tell, and it's not just flowers blossoming in the spring time when

Kollege Soul Affair

By Agda_Raquel Updated
Characters Jeon Jungkook, Jung Hoseok, Min Yoongi, Kim Taehyung, Park Jimin, Kim Namjoon, Kim SEOKJIN, Red Velvet Ensemble, EXO ensemble
With 18 chapters, 2 votes, 22 subscribers, 1150 views, 7 comments, 88164 words

Dreams of a giant and a human

By Yeonjunkookie7 Updated
Tags  humans   bts   jungkook   namjoon   namkook   humanjungkook   giants   giantnamjoon   giantxhuman 
Characters Bts namjoon and jungkook as well as other bts members
With 10 chapters, 3 votes, 17 subscribers, 720 views, 10864 words
Status [M], Completed

LOOKING FOR RP(Roleplayer)

By JewELFishy1015 Updated
Tags  roleplayer   jinkook   jikook   taekook   yoonkook   vkook   namkook   hopekook   bottomjungkook   rppartner 
With 1 subscribers, 1170 views, 101 words
Status [M], [TW], Members Only

Boy Meets Evil

By ReGreenBlackMachine Updated
Characters RM, Kim Namjoon, Jeon Jungkook, Min Yoongi, Suga, Kim Seokjin, Jin, Jung Hoseok, J-Hope, Park Jimin, Kim Taehyung, V, OC
With 6 chapters, 1 votes, 5 subscribers, 370 views, 3 comments, 17114 words
Status [M]

One Shot Bar

By Rae_Regale Updated
Tags  angst   comedy   drama   fluff   friendship   horror   romance   yoonmin   humor   crack   bts   jikook   yoonkook   vmin   taegi   jihope   namjin   vkook   namkook   namgi   sope 
Characters Seokjin, Yoongi, Hoseok, Namjoon, Jimin, Taehyung, Jungkook
With 25 chapters, 1 votes, 252 subscribers, 3030 views, 49 comments, 61360 words
Status [M], Subscribers Only


By Sik-plai Updated
Tags  yoonmin   jin   yoongi   jimin   jungkook   taehyung   namjoon   jikook   hoseok   taekook   yoonkook   namjin   namkook   2seok   sope 
Characters yoongi, jimin, hoseok, namjoon, jungkook, Jin, taehyung
With 8 chapters, 1 subscribers, 190 views, 1 comments, 2724 words
Status [M]

Bottom Namjoon One-shots

By KimNamjooon516 Updated
Characters Kim Namjoon
With 2 chapters, 5 votes, 25 subscribers, 1710 views, 1 comments, 8271 words
Status [M]

Just be friends

By Jey-chan Updated
Characters Jungkook, Rapmonster, J-Hope, Jimin, Suga, Jin, V, Halla
With 24 chapters, 56 votes, 539 subscribers, 18900 views, 308 comments, 114775 words
Status [M], Completed, Crowdfunded

Taking a Chance on You

By SMfairybender Updated
Characters jimin jungkook
With 11 chapters, 4 votes, 29 subscribers, 1410 views, 7 comments, 51307 words
Status [M]

I Could Never Stop Loving You

By SMfairybender Updated
Tags  angst   death   fluff   happy   character   bts   grief   bangtan   jungkook   namjoon   namkook   bangta   coping   jungkookxn   namjoonxju   lovelett 
Characters Jungkook Namjoon jungkookxnamjoon
With 4 chapters, 3 subscribers, 730 views, 1 comments, 2696 words

A collection of letters Namjoon writes to Jungkook to help himself cope. or Namjoon's most heartfelt and fondest memories.

Where You First Promised Tomorrow

By Mermaidsky43 Updated
Tags  action   angst   gang   sad   violence   taegi   namkook 
Characters Jungkook
With 1 subscribers, 230 views, 823 words
Status [M]

BTS Mpreg Moments

By InfiniteWoonique Updated
Tags  yoonmin   mpreg   jin   oneshotcollection   ot7   yoonjin   yoongi   jimin   bts   yoonseok   bangtanboys   rapmonster   jhope   jungkook   suga   taehyung   namjoon   jikook   hoseok   seokjin   taekook   vhope   yoonkook   vmin   taegi   sugamon   sugakookie   jihope   namjin   vkook   jinmin   namkook   kookmin   jinhope   hopekook   namgi   sope   hopemon 
Characters Jin Suga J-Hope RM Jimin V Jungkook
With 28 chapters, 38 votes, 1761 subscribers, 22940 views, 80 comments, 63433 words
Status Completed, Subscribers Only

This is a collection of mpreg one shots with BTS pairings Mpreg + fluff=good combo


By -thesunandmoon- Updated
Characters Kim Seokjin, Min Yoongi, Kim Namjoon, Jung Hoseok, Park Jimin, Kim Taehyung, Jeon Jungkook, and Seven (Han Hyo Joo)
With 25 chapters, 13 votes, 56 subscribers, 2850 views, 28 comments, 101164 words
Status [M], [TW], Members Only

Fools Fall

By Iranka Updated
Characters yoongi | jungkook | namjoon | seokjin
With 1 chapters, 3 votes, 14 subscribers, 1110 views, 5 comments, 8482 words
Status Completed

yoongi never really, truly expected jungkook to like him back, but when said boy comes home with a lovesick smile on face, rambling about the ‘cute boy with the dimples’ he met today, it really drives it home. yoongi can't pretend any longer, can't keep living in his delusions. so he just smiles as best he can and wills his feelings away.

Unconventional Love

By ashori_ajol Updated
Tags  boyxboy   minjoon   romance   oneshots   oneshotcollection   shortstory   bts   taegi   sugamon   jihope   namkook   btsromance   vmon 
Characters BTS
With 2 chapters, 2 votes, 11 subscribers, 1250 views, 3 comments, 25385 words

My series of oneshots and short stories revolving the wonderful (but rare) ships of BTS. Ranging from different AUs, from video gamers to the not so typical ABO verse, welcome to my collection!  Im a er for rare ships and unfortunatly, there isnt much fanfics going around about them (especially centered around our dimpled leader Joon). So I thought that I might as well do something about it!

25 Letters to You

By nayunns Updated
Tags  namkook 
Characters Jungkook, Namjoon, Seokjin, Hoseok, Jimin, Taehyung, Yoongi, etc.
With 1 chapters, 190 views, 753 words
Status [M], [TW], Members Only

When Tae Is Away, Kookie Will...

By yffismydrug Updated
Tags  fluff   yoongi   jimin   bts   bangtanboys   bangtan   jungkook   taehyung   namjoon   hoseok   seokjin   taekook   namkook   btsfluff 
Characters Jeon Jungkook, Kim Namjoon, Kim Taehyung, Kim Seokjin, Min Yoongi, Park Jimin, Jung Hoseok
With 1 chapters, 5 votes, 19 subscribers, 2960 views, 5 comments, 9815 words
Status Completed

When Taehyung leaves for the day and Jungkook is only left with Namjoon...what could they possibly get up to? All Jungkook wants is some company for the day, and he is determined to have fun no matter what.   ---------- Again, Jungkook’s shoulders slumped down and a pout crossed his lips. He let out a long sigh and cast his eyes down to the floor before replying, “Everyone else is doing

Love, Jungkook

By bbmochi Updated
Tags  boyxboy   bts   jinkook   jikook   sugakookie   vkook   junghope   namkook 
Characters Jeon Jungkook Kim Taehyung Park Jimin Kim Namjoon Jung Hoseok Min Yoongi Kim Seokjin
With 2 chapters, 3 comments, 2475 words
Status [M]

Can't Help It

By BtsMuse Updated
Characters Kim Namjoon, Jeon Jungkook,
With 1 chapters, 5 votes, 25 subscribers, 1490 views, 1 comments, 1463 words
Status [M], Completed

Save Me

By cacklingjasmine Updated
Characters rapmonster rm kim namjoon jeon jungkook other mentions of bts members
With 1 chapters, 9 subscribers, 1510 views, 1 comments, 3003 words
Status Completed

*Spy/Operative AU* When he saw his leader fall over the edge of the cliff, he lunged forward and grabbed him by the hand without a second thought...    

Namjoon's 4 Monster Boyfriends

By Kinsoo Updated
Tags  comedy   drama   fantasy   minjoon   romance   supernatural   mpreg   sugamon   namkook   jinhope   vmon   monsterau 
With 7 votes, 240 subscribers, 3560 views, 11 comments, 7362 words
Status Subscribers Only

Namjoon dealing with his six drastically different housemates who are living with him in his huge mansion. He barely knows them and has to defend himself from fourof their bewildering, increasing affection for him. TL;DR, a dragon, a werewolf, a mermaid, an ice fairy, a dullahan and an incubus wreck havoc on this poor vampire boy and his house.  

Hunt For The Crown

By Kinsoo Updated
With 4 votes, 116 subscribers, 2030 views, 5 comments, 5109 words
Status [M], Subscribers Only


By everita Updated
Tags  yoonjin   bts   vmin   sugamon   kookiemonster   vkook   namkook 
Characters Jungkook, Namjoon, Yoongi, Seokjin, Taehyung, Jimin, Hoseok
With 15 chapters, 11 votes, 81 subscribers, 4700 views, 22 comments, 34669 words

Jungkook isn't the best student in his class. Actually, he's the worst. With his basketball career on line, he embarks on the mission to improve his grades. Of course, with the help of no one else but the genius medical student Namjoon. Namjoon has his own problems, including the sudden appearance of Seokjin, his boyfriend's new best friend, who is not only good looking but also very nice. Too nice. Follow them on their journey of gaining knowledge and ,perhaps, even falling in love.


By savagelilnugget Updated
Tags  minjoon   yoonmin   yoonjin   bts   hogwartsau   jikook   namkook   namgi 
Characters min yoongi, kim seokjin, kim namjoon, jung hoseok, jeon jungkook, park jimin, kim taehyung,
With 5 chapters, 2 votes, 4 subscribers, 670 views, 1 comments, 15773 words

A collection of BTS oneshots all taking place in the Hogwarts setting. Multiple pairings and a whole lot of bangtan lovin's. None are  connected unless otherwise stated. crossposted over on my archiveofourown if you prefer to read it here