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About Me

Twitter: @yffismydrug (created 11/23/2017)

I am a 27 year old female from the USA and I am into sooo many groups in K-pop hahaa! Sometimes I think too many...if there is such a thing! I love reading just about any type of fanfiction, even if it does not have my bias in the pairing. Being open to multiple pairing and plots is exciting for me, because I never know what I am going to stumble upon ^-^

I cannot wait to write more fanfiction with different pairings from different groups :D Expanding to different pairings is part of the fun to me! I hope at least some of the lovely subscribers I have on the 50 Shades trilogy will follow me on to my other stories I will be publishing. There is also a lot of excitement for new subscribers who will start following my stories (: I love getting to talk to all of you in the comments, on our walls, and personal messages! ^3^

One of my main goals I want to reach is eventually publishing a book. Either a small one or something larger...I just REALLY want to get one written and published. A girl can dream. Right? Maybe one day :P

Feel free to contact me either on my wall or in a private message (or in the comments section on my fics if you read them) (: I love getting to talk to people and talk about anything that comes up! Do not be shy! I do not bite ^_^