I am back!

Hi everyone!

I know I have been going from my regular posting for quite some time now ^^'' I posted my Christmas oneshot and then disappeared for all of January and half of February now. Honestly though, it felt really good to have this break since I do not typically take many other than November. Feels like I really needed this time off to destress and enjoy other things because it is amazing how much time writing takes up. 

Now that I plan to be back, this is what I am kind of thinking to do. I want to post to 'Take Me Baby (Or Leave Me)' today and then it will only be another chapter or so until it is wrapped up. I want to post to my WonKyu oneshot collection soon as well as I have a chapter in the works. Then eventually find out what to post next. I am thinking of posting one of my completed works from NaNoWriMo.

I do not know what my posting schedule is going to be like though for March. I am going to Taiwan from the 8th-18th with my sister and friend and after that I will be staying with my friend for a week to make sure I am no sick and do not bring anything home to my parents. So March might kind of be a quiet period for me...I am not completely sure. 

But...just wanted to give everyone a little update since I have been nonexistant here for quite a while now. I have not quit writing or anything, just enjoyed some time off ^^

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