Covid Update...Doing Better!

Hey everyone!

Wanted to give an update on how I am doing! So I tested negative yesterday (Sunday) which is great news! The cough and fatigue are still terrible, but those will slowly get better. Thanks to those who reached out, even to those I did not get to reply to. Honestly just did not have the energy to respond.

I went to work all last week (wearing a KN95 mask of course) after not having a fever for over 24hrs (followed my work policy and the advise of those in the medical field) and strugglebussed so hard. The amount of times I nearly fell asleep at my desk, found myself staring at my computer screen for ten minutes without doing anything, or completely forgetting how to do things I do on a daily basis...that was frustrating. Thankfully throughout the week that seemed to improve slowly though. 

Now, what people are probably wondering is, when will I update next? I have something happening in the family this Thursday so I most likely will not have anything ready by next Sunday. So, I am planning to post again starting on 06/12/2022. I will be updating 'Take Me Baby (Or Leave Me)' on that day and will continue to work on the next chapter for my WonKyu Oneshot Collection. That is the plan for now. Honestly, with the brainfog I still get...sometimes it has been more difficult to sit down and write because my brain just will not think of the words I want to use or I will space out without realizing and then completely forget what I wanted to write. I have been reading more to try and get my brain for focus for longer and it has been getting better (thank goodness I'm addicted to the MXTX danmei novels xD ). 

I am doing well, everyone still please be careful, and get tested when you can. Covid is not fun even when fully vaccinated. It was like a very very bad cold with around a 102 degree fever, constant coughing and congestion, body pains, fatigue, and overall just feeling like complete garbage.


Soon, I shall return!


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