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i am jey
who is jey?
Hello there!
Welp, you can call me Jey,
the weird- 93-liner who constantly hangs out in Seoul and brags about being a dancer. Also a very proud member of the  Soccer Moms  Squad  <3 

I am currently deeply in love with BTS and Monsta X, so if you want to fangirl together, hit me up! ^-^

Also I am obsessed with applyfics, I do run plenty myself and also apply to way too many x'D So if you know a good applyfic, send me a link and I will surely check it out.
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Okay, here's a little overview of what I am currently up to. Below you will find my two main branches I work on. Applyfics and fics. I also write typical fluff but who's interested in that anyway? XD
Apps in process: 1
Applyfics that are still running: 2

Black Dragon
7-member boygroup debuted by BigHit Ent.
Sistergroup: Arora

Bachelors' Paradise
BTS members as bachelors in a program inspired by The Bachelor.
21 contestants fight to win the hearts of their beloved bachelors, but not all of the males are looking for love.
Season 2 will follow, staring Monsta X (probably).
Mainly BTS-centric. 24k upcoming, tho!

Just be friends
Jungkook x everyone
Jungkook is cursed and turns into a girl whenever his pulse gets too high. Of course Bangtan is taking advantage of it.

Dreamboy Factory
BTS, Block B
Jungkook-centric, OC x Jungkook/ U-Kwon
Jungkook works in Seoul's most expensive brothel: Garden Eden. And you're stupid lucky enough to meet him...and guess what: work with him!

Like a
OC x Jimin/ Taehyung/ Jungkook
Mirae lives together with her bestie Taehyung and they share more than just their room. But Mirae is completely into Jimin... until Jungkook happens. 
bachelors' paradise
dreamboy factory
the day i fished a markmaid
Currently working most on

Bachelors' Paradise
Black Dragon 
Dreamboy Factory
Once I've finished Dreamboy Factory, I will start the Dreamboy Trilogy.
Furthermore I will continue My boyfriend is a girl?! and Like a after finals (which pretty much means March/April).

There are some more projects I have in mind but let's see how these will turn out first. If you want me to continue another of my stories that is not listed above, send me a PM.