Noah is a Star of Earth ✩

Kang NoAh
Jey-chan  Jey  2
Name.  Kang NoAh
- The invisible boy.
- Egocentric brat.
Age/DOB.  22/15.04
Occupation.  Thief
Face Claim.  KNK Heejun/ JBJ Sanggyun.
Appearance. Noah's special ability of being invisible can be compared to his overall appearance. Even though he stands at a height of 1,88m and has a rather slim body which fits Korean beauty standards a lot, he knows how to combine body language and the lack of flashy clothes effectively. Years of practice and experience have taught him how to fade into groups, stay undercover and strike the moment he needs to strike - like an assassin. If he wants you to notice him, you'll know by the way his inviting smile will charm you in a hot second while the next one he's gone and you don't even know if he turned invisible with his skill or just by turning around and fading into the broad mass of people. Or because he'll bid you farewell with your wallet in his hands.

Kang Noah is probably the most competent and at the same time most incompetent criminal in Seoul. He's a thief, out there to steal your grandmas' handbags and they won't even know nor notice when it happens because this guy has a gift. The gift of being invisible if he wants to. Sneaking into a building? Easy. Stealing whatever he wants? I kid you not, he could walk out that store armed with a huge TV screen and people would back off screaming, believing it's a ghost sneaking out with a TV (not saying it happened, but... okay, it happened). Faking any kind of official documents? He gets access to any PC just by stalking officials while invisible. He could do so well if he wasn't already completely swallowed up by the underground world of Seoul. 
Enough of what ifs and what nots, this is Noah:

Forewarned is forearmed

Noah is like a teenager: noisy, curious, unable to keep a secret, not given to sublety, and prone to misbehave in public. Once one accepts Noah's basically adolescent nature, the rest of his personality falls into place, and what at first seemed thoughtless and silly appears charming and energetic. People who don't know him yet may be overwhelmed by the sheer exubertant friendliness of Noah, especially  when they don't know he'll smile at them while stealing their wallets. Sit next to Noah on a 'plane and he will immediately address you by your first name, ask "So - how do you like it in South Korea?", explain his recent break-up in intimate detail, invite you to a cup of coffe, offer to lend you money for your uber and wrap you in a warm hug on parting. This does not mean he will remember your name the next day. Noah is friendly because he knows that friendliness nowadays is what takes people by surprise. However, a wise traveller realises that a few happy moments with Noah do not translate into a permanent commitment of any kind. Indeed, permanent commitments are what Noah fears the most. This is a guy whose most fundamental social relationship is the casual acquaintance.

I'm Different

As befits a guy born to a couple of adventurous, religiously fanatic Korean-Americans, Noah retains a strong flavour of intransigent non-cooperation. Noah is proud to be Korean - it's the best country in the world - but he will still explain that he, personally, is not like other Koreans. He is different. His parents are from the US. Noah is proud to be different from other Koreans and maybe the rest of the world (minus all the other Korean-Americans growing up in SK /coughcough). It doesn't matter that he speaks not a word of any other language besides Korean and has never been outside of Seoul but he knows how to make that amazing Mac'N'Cheese and that's what counts. Maybe the only difference between Noah and other people is that he spent a lot more time at the dentist in his teens to have spectacularly straight teeth. 

Winner at Heart

Like a few others, Noah believes that he's the most important person on the planet. The difference is that he has proof. People approach him all the time when they need some help with...issues that require his special ability. What more evidence is needed?
The collective energies, derring-do and go-getting spirit of this risk-taker ades virtually every aspect of Noah's life. He's an outlaw, like Wild West gunfighter Jesse James, or entrepreneurs like Steve Jobs. And like many others he has fantasies of one day going into business for himself. It is this "can do", "go for it" mentality that has created so many self-made millionaires. It's just natural it'll be the same with Noah.
Being Number One is very important to Noah. To him it's not how you play the game that matters. It isn't even really whether you win or lose. It's whether you look like you win or lose - more specifically, win- Winning is central to Noah's psyche. Noah often keeps quoting some American whose name he has long forgotten: "Winning isn't everything. It's the only thing." Noah believes himself to be the only human being that is truly capable of winning. He's always being called in last minute to bail someone out of the soup. Having God on your side is good. Having Noah on your side is better. To Noah, they're the same thing. Winning is important to Noah because it makes him feel good, and good is the Noah thing to feel. He spent a small fortune on books, drugs, and various forms of psychotherapy in order to feel good. The Noah reaction to any kind of personal adversity or crisis is an upbeat one. He looks at the bright side, whether or not there is one, and if possible accentuates the positive. "If life hands you lemons, make lemonade", he will chirp as he examines the smashed wreck of his car or the hurricane-ravaged ruin of his home. Feel-goodism affects all aspects of his life. The most extreme form of anxiety (and probably only one) Noah ever feels is the belief of conspiracies. Some see conspiracies behind every event, from the Kennedy assassination to the collapse of the Twin Towers, or the FBI becoming less menacing since they installed "No Smoking" signs. Surely things don't just happen by chance. Someone must be pulling the strings. Who really runs the world - a conspiracy, obviously. But that was last week. Noah is a great believer in giving people a second chance, or even a third or fourth. This is in part because he is a forgiving guy, but also because he has a short collective memory.

Money makes the world go round

Noah doesn't only think time is money. He thinks everything is money. This may be true, but in an egalitarian society of self-made men and women, what use is a noble family? How far can a spiritual nature take you in the bull ring of technology and commerce? How valuable are clean hands and a pure heart in a fiercely competitive world? Noah thinks of everything in terms of money because money can be quantified. In the game of life, money is the most effective way to keep score. Noah is quite open about his obsession with money. He cheerfully asks and tells others what their possessions cost and how much they earn and has conversations like "What did they pay you for your work? Well, I guess I got a better deal than I thought!"
What comes with money? Shopping! Shopping is Noah's favorite thing to do. His love aiffair with shopping is more than the natural by-product of a materialistic society. Shopping isn't a chore, it's recreation. It's a pleasure, an amusement, a way to spend time. He'd make a date with his friends to go shopping and happily return home empty-handed.

Humor and Language

Noah has a strong taste for slapstick in various forms. He often substitutes riposte and banter for irony and whimsy (which he tends not to understand). For this, the themes are universal and drawn from the well of truisms, such as Groucho Marx's "I've had a awonderful evening- but this wasn't it" to Bill Cosby's "A word to the wise ain't necessary. It's the stupid ones who need the advice", and Roseanne's "My husband said he needed more space. So I locked him outside." 
Noah's speech is remarkably straightforward. He tells as it is. Linguistic subtlety, innuendo, and irony that others find delightful puzzle Noah, who takes most statements at face value, weighs them for accuracy, and rejects anything he doesn't understand. He calls a spade a spade, or possibly "earth-reorientation equipment" if he worked for the government, and has trouble with complex metaphors. 

Don't you dare spy on me

Frenchmen worry about their livers. Germans worry about their excretory abilities. Noah worries about his hair. When you ask him what he notices first in a potential mate, the answer will always be "hair". Having good hair is more important than having a college education or a happy family. His bathroom cabinet is filled with shampoos, conditioners, cream rinses, spray-on detanglers, colourants, setting gels, styling and holding sprays. This means that his hair contains more chemicals than a laboratory. Noah is very wary of visitory peaking into his cabinet and finding out about his hair obsession. He thinks that they have a habit of opening it just to take a peek. He's an ingenious host who detects prying dinner guests by filling his medicine cabinet with marbles, which fall noisily into the washbin when the door opens.


As you know by now Noah was raised by a pair of 2nd generation Korean-Americans that returned to South Korea for several reasons that Noah never asked about but he's sure one of them is religion, that's at least the only explanation he has for being named Noah. The little family never had a lot of money, thus Noah was unable to attend fancy schools, any kind of hakwon or even attend university after graduation. He soon learned what it meant to be able to survive on the streets, leaving him with his most efficient skill: thievery. 

Unfortunately, this skill means a lot of trouble and not seldomly he got a good beating for being caught in the beginning of his life as a lawless. One not so beautiful day he got his in so much trouble, someone was pointing a gun at his forehead. Noah thought he was done for good and instantly regretted stealing that stupid car of that even more stupid and very ominous looking thug when confusion and terror spread on the thug and his companions' faces. Noah didn't understand why they reacted like that but opted out as soon as he noticed they wouldn't mind... for whatever reason they all of a sudden didn't anymore. When he got home he finally came to understand - when he washed his face and looked into the mirror, there was nothing to be seen. Nothing. He was shocked at first but very soon discovered how to control his power of turning invisible and back to visible. He never wondered why he got the skill and instead took it as a present of god, becoming a believer since he somehow got proof for supernatural things.

His skill came very handy for his so-called profession and it would have been perfect if there wasn't this one little flaw with his skill: he turns invisible but with the right gadgets such as thermal cameras you can still spot him. It's one of the reasons why there's a handful of peope that know about his special gift and keep calling him to work for them, offering great rewards and even greater threats. At least he came to get himself a name in the underworld industry. 

Noah knows of his role in this huge game of the stars or whatever you wanna call it, he calls it the "nope I'm out fight". He doesn't understand how he could be useful in a fight huge like this. There's people shooting laser beams from their eyes or spitting fire. Noah is just... Noah. He can disappear all of a sudden. And probably ambush you and steal your watch. But for once, Noah can't see how he can win this fight and a loss might cost more than he is willing to pay. So, he keeps avoiding everything connected with the upcoming war like the plaque and will ignore all the visions and calls for help as long as possible.

Friends? Whose friends? Definitely not mine.

Noah doesn't do friends. Relationships in general are very hard for him to keep up with. Even his parents only hear from him once in a year if they're lucky and that very probably might be the one time in the year he desperately needs some money.  If there's someone he'd consider a real friend because he regularly talks to that someone then it'd be the only plant in his apartment called Tony. Say hi to Tony.
Power.  Invisibility.
Alternate.  Teleportation
Description.  Noah's skill is easily explained. He can turn invisible whenever he wants and turn back visible as he pleases, too. Humans might be tricked but machines and animals are quicker in tracking Noah down - his scent, body warmth, weight, it all stays and even though a dog might not see him, it might still catch and bite him because and motion sensors and thermal cameras are able to detect him in an instant as well. Honestly, it's a very little quirk he has. He bets the other superpower people don't see him on the same level as them. At least he doesn't think he can compete with them. But maybe that's the key... being underrated and overlooked.
-he doesn't have a passport
-he thinks all people coming to SK speak Korean but stubbornly don't do it out of prejudice
- The Noah Dream: automobile, along witha a house and a garden
- his car is his castle
- There is nothing more antithetical to Noah's beauty ideals than growing old. He'll forever try to look something in his 20s and is scared of ever wrinkle possible appearing on his face.
- Noah is a savage: he talks loudly, chews with his mouth open, cuts others off at intersections when driving, and takes the last doughnut without a second thought.
- irresolvably conflicted about the government: wants it to mind its own business, but also wants it to help him and do more for him
- owns a gun for worst case scenarios

How does your character feel about their destiny? Hold on a minute. You need Noah's help to save the world? Of course, you do. They all always want Noah. Because he's the man to bail you out when things get terrible. And yes, he'll help. Beware, though. It's going to be expensive. Noah's services are never for free. Wait again! You want him to fight against people with special quirks like him? Oooooooh, he just remembered, he has that one veeeeery important appointment. BYE!
Do they believe in fighting for the world or against it? Fighting against it? And against everything he built up for himself so far? Are you nuts?
He sure thing sees saving the world to make it through another day as a huge challenge he'd love to take... if it wasn't for the enemies being superhumans that want him dead. So, he'd like to save the world but doesn't really think he CAN.
What price would they be willing to pay to achieve their goals? Hands down, he'd not sacrifice himself. Never. Actually... he'd be very confused why he'd have to pay anything when the one being paid should be him. After all he's the one risking his (probably not willingly, but he'll still bring it up).
Final Thoughts.
Would you be okay with your character dying during the course of the story? 
I'd be okay with it, but with Noah's mentality being very much about surviving, no matter what, I don't think he'd get himself killed that easily/quickly. 
Questions? -

Scene Requests? Noah trying to rob another Star of Earth, then noticing that it's a Star and fullout go "NOOOO! NO!NO!NO!NO!NOOOO! NO! NOOOOOO!" because he can't believe that he can't avoid his destiny forever.
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