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Personal Message

I'm just here to post stories~~ and probably rambling~~~

About Me

I'm an introvert girl, who love lots of (mostly, rare) pairings in lot of fandoms
I create fiction work for the sake of my OTPs and share my love for OTPs with lot of people.
I am not a fast updater. It may takes a long while for me to post an update of a story. Even longer if I lost my muse and life pulling me away from my stories.

My current fanfics projects:
-> Katekyo Hitman Reborn - Anime (the Last Breath#, Answer Me!^, His Brother#)
-> Yuuri!! On Ice - Anime (Family Dilemma^, Yuuri!! in fanfic*, Folktale*)
-> Seventeen - KPop (Hansol & Music^, Uri Maknae Hansollie^, Wedding Stories:Hansol Pairing^, Debts^, More Popsicles^, Abandoned Love*, Closed Eyes*, Kisses*)
-> BTS - KPop (Panic*, Wedding Stories:Namjoon Pairing^)
-> EXO - KPop (Family of Three^, For the Rest of Our Life^, Dog and Cat^, My Neighbour*, Crazy Honeymoon*, Not A Fairytale*)

^currently working on updates
*not posted yet

Completed works aren't in this list. Check my stories list to see all of my works.




NB : Take a look at my twitter account @ochie94ochie