Breaking the Silence (Edited)

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Sunggyu hasn’t spoken a word for nearly 7 years due to a traumatic experience. He depends on his family and his friends to get him through the days. They've all tried to break his shell, get the old Sunggyu to come back to them, but nothing they did even made a dent. But then someone new enters his life...



THERE IS A SEQUEL JUST SAYIN'!!! Harmonizing Voices


It will probably be a one-shot, maybe even longer but I'm still working on it~ if a similar story exists it's a pure coincidence. The story belongs to myself ^^

A little reminder: English is not my mother tongue!

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beatjuseyo 0 points #1
Chapter 44: I read this whole work within 24 hours. Great job authornim
Just finished re-reading this for the second time and I still love it as much as the first time I read it. Thank you for writing this.
1 points #3
i've been here from the beginning, and i returned to this site (i haven't been on here in over a year) just so i could come back and read this. forever my favourite fanfic. again, thank you. i can't get enough.
Chapter 44: I just finished reading the entire thing over the course of a few months and oh my god I loved it! it was amazing! I'm super excited to go ready the sequel keep up the good work authour-nim, I'll keep supporting you!!
I really enjoyed reading this fic ♡
Chapter 45: Eh, uhm. Hi!
I love your fic a lot, it's one the best things in this world. But saddly, I didnt knew that you have alredy publish it ;-;
So, I was wondering if I still can buy the book or it's alredy too late ;-;

*cries in spanish*
Jeronnamo #7
Chapter 46: so I've just finished reading this and I have to say that this is one of the best woogyu fics that I've read. the thought of sunggyu being quiet intrigued me. according to Woohyun irl he's "the one who talks a lot" I liked most about the story was the relationships. ironically Yadong's relationship is similar to mine (read betweenthelines). but I really loved Woogyu in this story. the push and pull was perfect. looking forward to reading the sequel.
kwihan #8
Chapter 1: OH MY GOD. The first chapter is so good. I had a hard time trying to find any good WooGyu fanfictions but here you are.
May God bless your soul.
Hima26 #9
Awesome. This is one of the best stories I've ever read.