The Idol Marriage Life

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People may ship BTS V with so many girls, but they don't know that he actually belongs to someone popular as him. Kim Taehyung is taken. Oh let’s make it clear, Kim Taehyung or known as V is actually married to Blackpink’s maknae LaLisa. Since they were kid, their grandma agreed to match them. So, when Kim grandma felt she was too old and sick, she decided to speed up their wedding plans.

Of course CEOs of Both parties initially didn’t approve of their wedding plans. V and Lisa are still too early to involve in romance. Their careers can be ruined and people will leave them. But their parents managed to persuade and ensure their relationship wouldn’t be smelled by media. They will keep it a secret and promise that Lisa will not get pregnant for the next 5 years.

Can they go through this unilaterally planned marriage? How their closest friends respond to this? Will public disclose their relationship? And most importantly do they end up falling in love after living together?




Blackpink Lisa




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choco_lottie 0 points #1
Chapter 5: heol~~ I feel like I got hit by a truck. please update soon tho <3
purple_peony 0 points #2
Chapter 5: OMG! I can feel you Lisa... I'm also speechless and so touched by Taehyung's proposal... Thanks God Lisa agreed with it.

Thanks for this update author-nim... Awesome as always.
EverythingMaryWrites 0 points #3
This is too cute for words. But uhm poor Kookie and Irene :'')
gjiyong 0 points #4
Chapter 5: I'm sorry kookie but Lisa is Taetae. Author-nim, thanks for your hard work. You're amazing. Saranghae
Dragonknight1120 #5
Chapter 5: when v said I'm selfish......Gosh...prove it taey!!!!!!!...prove Lisa how selfish you are...haha
joreenmae #6
Chapter 4: Omggggg
Chapter 4: Interesting!
Chapter 1: This is so cuteeee!!!
gjiyong #9
Chapter 4: Omg omg omg!!!!! Author-nim I'm screaming in the middle of night. Taetae proposed!!!! Oh god this is so precious. Wonderful job author-nim. I love it. Fighting!!!!
143iloveyou #10
Chapter 3: Oh ni taetae :((