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opinions please?

by xxKidLeaderxx on

Up-Coming New Fan Fictions of MINE

by hyounnie on


by soshibubbles09 on


by Yoonyul_fan on

I Heart Jessica Jung So Much!!!!!

by TheDoktor on


by yeonyoungpark on

Thoughts about idol dating...

by lightwavesurfer on


by para on

Lessons that can be learned from Jessica Weibo

by lightwavesurfer on

[Song Cover] 3 OSTs... I Wanted To See How Many I Could Do At Once...

by TheDoktor on

Sica being in a relationship

by sicachucu on

Get Well Soon Maomao

by JungLoveSunny on

Is TaeNySic sub unit going to happen?

by lightwavesurfer on

When Boredom Strikes

by PJParalejas on

I'm no longer a Gorjess Spazzer

by lightwavesurfer on

Let's take time to appreciate Jessica's adorable weirdness

by dancingpasta on


by HeeSica09 on

Look at those eyes.

by dancingpasta on

Jessica Jung appeared in MY DREAM

by leesica on

Jessica Jung screwing your bias list over and over again

by lightwavesurfer on

Jessica Jung drawing ._.

by Soosicsari on

JeTi feels

by slowturtles on


by Jismusicfy on

JeTi's design for T-Shirt

by misscoak on

The conspiracy behind TaengStagram and SicaBo

by lightwavesurfer on


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