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Jessicajung Blogs

Jessica's gonna be on a Chinese food travelogue show

By TheDoktor posted

Jessica Jung (part 3)

By Anakyl posted

Oneshot Ideas?

By ingJessicaJung posted

Blanc & Eclare scarves: 1989 Camel + 2014 Pink

By BlackSymphony posted

I seriously love Jessica

By lightwavesurfer posted

Nah, AJ, that's not at all inflammatory to OT8 Sones

By twoderpsonekeyboard posted

Jessica Jung (part 2)

By Anakyl posted

When your ultimate bias makes an Instagram account on your birthday

By xFallenAngelxx posted

Jessica Jung

By Anakyl posted

OMG Jessica 2.0 (SinB of GFriend)

By strix04 posted

Blanc & Eclare scarf: 1989 Black together with a signed potrait

By BlackSymphony posted

that winter,the blow wind

By TaengSic_96 posted

Jung Sooyeon

By LeeEunJungie posted

Sica, Don't Cry~

By Geeky4ever posted

I miss Jessica jung when I watched this video

By Staggerymusica posted


By YYP1998 posted


By lightwavesurfer posted

Jessica Marie Claire HK December 2014 Interview

By JeTidalwavesurfer posted

Sunny Missing Jessica :(

By aom_alex posted


By baekgu13695 posted

Missing Jessica Jung

By fckyou_SMent posted

JESSICA is SMent Christmas Gift to Fans and ot8!? LEGIT!??

By aom_alex posted

SONEs and OT9 | SNSD

By YielWu posted

Cold Hands, Warm Heart

By Ninzz127 posted

Tiny Bit of Whatever

By JeVriendin posted