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Jessicajung Blogs

OMG Jessica 2.0 (SinB of GFriend)

By strix04 posted

Blanc & Eclare scarf Black 1989 together with a signed potrait

By BlackSymphony posted

that winter,the blow wind

By TaengSic_96 posted

Jung Sooyeon

By yangski posted

Sica, Don't Cry~

By Geeky4ever posted

I miss Jessica jung when I watched this video

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Jessica Marie Claire HK December 2014 Interview

By JeTidalwavesurfer posted

Sunny Missing Jessica :(

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Missing Jessica Jung

By fckyou_SMent posted

JESSICA is SMent Christmas Gift to Fans and ot8!? LEGIT!??

By aom_alex posted

SONEs and OT9 | SNSD

By YielWu posted

Cold Hands, Warm Heart

By Ninzz127 posted

Tiny Bit of Whatever

By JeVriendin posted

This hurts A LOT!!

By Soshi1590 posted

Jessica, please come back :'(

By forgottenfreak posted

Everyone's making Jessica posts, but me and Coiste wrote ours two days ago, and it's horrifically accurate now.

By Eeneo- posted

About SNSD Jessica and the Day Kpop World actually Tumbles on Me

By pinboo posted

[UPDATES] Perks of Jessica Jung

By Destined-Love- posted

Jessica kicked out of SNSD

By AnneOnym posted

Jessica Jung Got Kicked out from GG?! :o Dating?! Engaged?! Marriage?! What?!

By Pikacu256 posted

Rejoinder on Jessica leaving Girls' Generation

By DarkUlrich posted

Here Are The Facts About The Jessica Situation... and my thoughts on them...

By TheDoktor posted