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Puppy Love

ByLolo0cool updated
Charactershimchan jongup
With3 chapters, 3 votes, 29 subscribers, 640 views, 7 comments

a friend on tumblr said she needed some himup... so i wrote some himup

Exo scenarios

BykimNana1127 updated
CharactersSuho, Kris, Baekhyun, Chen, Chanyeol, Lay, Tao, Kai , Xiumin, Luhan, D.O, Sehun, you
With32 chapters, 3 votes, 61 subscribers, 3430 views, 26 comments

           Your Scenarios with your Exo Biases    Imagining if you're their girlfriends, Bestfriends, and wives... Featuring:  

Random EXO oneshots

ByExo_forever57 updated
CharactersYou, Sehun, Kai, Luhan, Baekhyun,Tao, D.O, Chen, Chanyeol, Suho, Lay , Xiumin, Kris (maybe)
With13 chapters, 5 subscribers, 130 views

Random oneshots about EXO that I write when I'm bored...

Right Now, It's So Nyuh Shi Dae

Byaznphoenix95 updated
CharactersTaeyeon Tiffany Jessica Yuri SNSD
With11 chapters, 16 votes, 3230 views, 14 comments

A collection shorts, mostly Taeny and Yulsic, some Jeti, and friendship with the other girls will also be prominent. Ranging from tragic to fluffy and to everything else in between.   

Oneshots for Unni

ByTaoris95 updated
CharactersMinho, Tika, Kris, Yongguk, (will add more as they come)
With10 chapters, 1 votes, 2 subscribers, 150 views, 10 comments

Unni, I'm writing this for you because you seem sad. Cheer up!

Dream Drabbles

ByHoneybeats03 updated
CharactersMostly SM
With3 chapters, 2 subscribers, 80 views

Sometimes i have daydreams that involve my otp's. I have many otp's, but who knows what i'll dream up. They're not really edited cause i write them down quickly (so i dont forget). Anyways, i hope you all enjoy. :)

VIXX 300 Theme Challenge

ByShiro_Darkness updated
With82 chapters, 11 votes, 72 subscribers, 4100 views, 127 comments

300 themes, all focused on VIXX. some , so non-pairings, some rated G, some rated M. i've got 300 themes to work with and a lot of ideas to write

Thread of One-Shots

ByCheesecakeLuverz updated
With10 views

Basically a lot of one shot I have made or is making.    1:The Last Hello {YoungKwang/YoungWoo} ~completed~ 2:My Secret Best Friend Crush {JeongSeong} ~completed~ 3:Explosions {KaiSoo} ~editing~ 4:Gone {BaekYeol} ~completed~ 5:Ask Him! {MarkHam} ~editing~


Bysadfug updated
With21 chapters, 14 votes, 5160 views, 66 comments

So i decided to just compile all my shot together. Enjoy as i fill up your kaiminzy thirst ^^

Got Love OneShot Request Shop~ [CLOSED; FINISHING REQUESTS]

Bywishing_on_a_star updated
CharactersYou and your bias~
With27 chapters, 3 votes, 33 subscribers, 940 views, 56 comments

One shots for you and your bias~

Wonderstruck~SHINee~f(x)~Collection of One-Shots

Bybananamilk10 updated
CharactersSHINee, f(x)
With2 chapters, 4 subscribers, 80 views, 6 comments

Lee Jinki(Onew) Song Qian(Victoria)

The Pick-Up Chronicles

ByPalmerPie updated
CharactersEXO and Some Really Bad Pick Up Lines
With4 chapters, 2 votes, 16 subscribers, 210 views, 1 comments

A series of oneshots in which EXO tries to get into each other's pants with the use of bad pick-up lines.

Elle's Teaser Entries

ByElleJacobs updated
CharactersMin and other idols.
With26 chapters, 8 votes, 123 subscribers, 3210 views, 54 comments
StatusSubscribers Only


Kpop ♡ Oneshots [request - open | update - semi hiatus]

Bypabohun updated
CharactersYou | Bias
With9 chapters, 4 votes, 45 subscribers, 610 views, 26 comments
StatusSubscribers Only

A collection of kpop oneshot stories. Request if you want! [request - open | update - semi hiatus]

EXO Fluffy Oneshots {HIATUS}

ByKaiBy1418 updated
CharactersEXO and You
With48 chapters, 12 votes, 391 subscribers, 6540 views, 113 comments
StatusSubscribers Only

Imagine yourself being with the EXO members.... as your boyfriend or husband..     "Every person in thi

Because I Don't Know (One-Shot & Drabble Collection)

ByControlledFangirling updated
CharactersPeople. I don't even know.
With1 chapters, 10 views

Words from my brain to your eyes.Why, you may ask? Because why not. Life is too short not to do whatever it is I will be doing with this thing.  So yeah. This will be the place where I get down all the random ideas I have that I don't necessarily want to make into a full-blown fic. I have problems with continuing things I start.  I hope you enjoy! P.S.- The groups I will be writing about in this shizz will be mainly EXO, Vixx, BTS and maybe Infinite & SuJu idk.

ღ Bangtan Boys One-Shot Request Shop ღ [OPEN/ACCEPTING REQUESTS]

ByaSliceofLove updated
CharactersYou/OC + BTS Members One-Shots
With21 chapters, 8 votes, 72 subscribers, 920 views, 34 comments
StatusMembers Only, Subscribers Only

Requests for Bangtan Boys One-Shots Request Shop is officially opened!   STATUS

My Little Dream

Byjxstchanyeol updated
CharactersBaekhyun and Oc
With1 chapters, 1 votes, 55 subscribers, 320 views, 2 comments
StatusCompleted, Subscribers Only

What will you do if have a cold heart boyfriend? Will you call it a relationship when he never kiss you,hug you and there's no 'I love you' words ? Stay or leave ? But you know that you loves him more than yourself ?     p> Byun Baekhyun   p> Ryu

Writing Compilation

ByRandomnessOfMe updated
CharactersOCs/whoever you want
With36 chapters, 5 votes, 930 views, 18 comments

I'm not really sure what to call this. This will be a compilation of loose pieces of writing. It's basically just some ideas I come up with, and random oneshots that I have no idea where to put. Also, since I update this whenever I have ideas it'll never be stamped completed for as long as I continue writing :)

Heart and Seoul Fanfiction Shop: (Request Now!)

ByLovebisous updated
CharactersYou and your bias
With7 chapters, 1 votes, 13 comments
StatusMembers Only, Subscribers Only

Here, I will write fanfiction for every group in Kpop!  Whether if they're deceased or out of the group, I will write that one-shot for you! Please read it!   This is purely fanfiction, these events may not have 

✳ { MrsJeon ExoPink Oneshots/Drabbles Collection }

ByCookiezzz updated
Charactersexo { ot12 } apink { ot7 }
With3 chapters, 2 votes, 28 subscribers, 270 views, 13 comments
StatusMembers Only, Subscribers Only

— ❉ Mrs Jeon  Exopink  Collection

Baekhyun One Shots

Bydolliedollie updated
CharactersBaekhyun, you
With180 chapters, 67 votes, 570 subscribers, 43880 views, 385 comments

  One shots of Byun Baekhyun and you, other members of EXO also popping up in some stories. Some stories will be rated M  so your totally free to read them or not if you don't want to! ^^

EXO Oneshots

ByKim_Dania updated
CharactersEXO, You.
With22 chapters, 6 votes, 52 subscribers, 1560 views, 36 comments

  Hey! I decided to make a oneshot stories for you (you) and EXO!     1. Comment below if yo

SHINee One-Shot Collection

ByCrys_Marie2oo5 updated
CharactersYou Onew Jonghyun Key Minho and Taemin
With7 chapters, 2 votes, 3 comments
StatusSubscribers Only

One-shots involving the shining men of SHINee. Ratings will range from G to NC-17 and it will be like my last one-shot but won't necessarily consist of dreams that I've had. For those who enjoyed my last one-shot collection, you will enjoy this one as well.