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Infinite Possibilities!

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∞ Infinite Possibilities ∞ ║ A Graphics & One-Shot Request Shop

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Taking Requests for EXO short stories

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Request Shop~

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Addicted to Writing Fanfiction...?

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Story Update!!!

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Updates & Oneshots with Laulau95

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It's Been A Long Time Hasn't It?

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request open

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Melody of the Seoul. - Oneshots Compilation.

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New Song Inspired One-Shots

By unicorngirl7 posted

New Song Inspired One Shots - Your Suggestions.

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Writing Muse

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An Abundance of Bangtan

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More New Ideas

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Great, great.

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third year giveaway

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New BTS story

By AnnieWilson posted

Kpop | K-Hip Hop | Kwave Scenarios & Oneshots

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